Do you genuinely think these thugs would not be out in the streets of Glasgow causing violence if there was a yes vote? And you WILL read this; don’t ignore it because it is from a no voted. Do you genuinely think this these thugs would sit in their houses and become respectable people? Did you think all riots and racism and sectarian abuse would stop with a yes vote? Did you think my father would stop being an alcoholic the minute we became independent? Did you think my friend would stop calling me Catholic Bitch and ask me if I had been molested a child by a priest? You know what the absolutely hilarious thing is: there was a 75% turnout in Glasgow. How much do you want to bet that these thugs out on the street yesterday didn’t even vote? Also, I didn’t know that Glasgow was the entire of Scotland. Do you see riots happening in Argyll and Bute, Orkney, Inverclyde, Eilean Siar, Shetlands, Scottish Borders, Edinburgh, Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen City, Dundee, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, West Dunbartonshire, East Dumbartonshire, Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire, West Lothian, East Lothian, Midlothian, Perth and Kinross, North and South Ayrshire, Moray, the Highlands, Fife, Falkirk, Stirling, Clackmannanshire, East Ayrshire, Dumfries and Galloway, and Angus? Yes, that is the other 31 councils that voted in this independence referendum; three, of which, were a yes majority. Don’t you ever be so arrogant as to think you will stop entirely the benefit stealers, the alcoholics, the junkies, the murderers, the tax evaders, the wars and the povery, and bring us into a new Utopia! Don’t brandish no voters as thugs. We are not skinhead racists. We are lower class, working class and middle class. We are students, we are from the NHS, we are traders, we are business people, we are teachers. We are just like yes voters. We wanted to protect our country as much as you did so don’t you dare … don’t you fucking dare call us all thugs and say we have brought shame on our nation. That is not all 2,001,926 no voters. That is 300-400 thugs that just want to be violent for the sake of it.

Listen to some of us: we don’t want to reject our independence. I’m sure we would love our independence but right now we are not ready for it. We are not strong enough to stand on our own. Give it time and maybe independence will be right for us in a few years. This is not the end of the road. Stop the divide between yes and no. Don’t make it us and them. We are not only better together as Britain. We are better together as Scottish people. Please stop making yes voters fear for their country and lives and please stop making no voters fear for their country and lives.

Valderrama said politicians need to stop taking Latinos for granted. Both parties “know for a fact they can’t win any election without the Latino vote,” he said. Referring to immigration reform, he said candidates “continue to dangle the carrot in front of us” but once they are elected to office, “we keep getting pushed later and later later. That can never happen.”

fuck yes

fuck the democrats. fuck the republicans. fuck liberals. fuck conservatives.

you can all go straight to hell with your bullshit rhetoric.

but watch the “hispanics” get in line come election day

(TPM) Chunks of Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke’s jobs plan appear to have been plagiarized from the plans of a trio of Democratic candidates who ran in past cycles.

Buzzfeed reported on late Thursday that Burke’s “Invest for Success” economic plan is a near perfect copy of parts of the economic plans by 2009 Tennessee gubernatorial candidate Ward Cammack (D), the 2008 plan for Delaware Gov. Jack Markell (D), and 2012 Indiana Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg, who ran against now-Gov. Mike Pence (R).

Burke campaign spokesman Joe Zepecki told The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that Eric Schnurer, who the campaign said had written the plan, had been fired after the plagiarism accusations came to light.

"We terminated [Schnurer] immediately after this was brought to our attention by Buzzfeed," Zepecki told the Wisconsin newspaper over email. "No member of the Burke for Wisconsin campaign staff or the candidate had ever seen the jobs plans of the candidates named in the story."

Zepecki said also said that the lifted paragraphs were not plagiarism because Schnurer himself wrote them for the other candidates.

Doesn’t seem to be a huge deal. Basically just a lazy staffer. But you can expect this to make an appearance in an attack ad. I’d agree that “plagiarism” is too strong a word, since it’s absurd to say you’ve plagiarized yourself, but the media seems unwilling to make that distinction. I doubt Walker or the Kochs will show more restraint.

The bigger news should be (but isn’t at the moment) the fact that Scott Walker’s jobs plan has been a complete disaster. The latest jobs report out yesterday puts Wisconsin at 33rd in the nation for job growth. The national average is 2%, while Wisconsin’s limping along at 1.3%.

“Based on the ‘gold standard’ numbers released today, Wisconsin continues to lag behind on job creation under Governor Walker,” Burke’s campaign said in a statement yesterday.

Between Walker’s plan and a plan constructed from common Democratic principles, I know which one I’d pick.

The arrival en masse of personal technology in the workplace is causing waves. “Historically many IT departments have treated people as tech automatons who should do what they are told,” says Bob Tinker, the boss of MobileIron, which helps firms manage mobile devices.


Now, however, IT teams are facing a challenge to their authority. Much of what workers are demanding, including the right to use their own smartphones and tablets for work, to mix business and personal data on them, and to personalise them with their own apps, is anathema to IT departments used to running digital dictatorships. Often it is senior executives who insist on being allowed to use their own technology for work, which makes it hard for IT folk to say no. “This really is the end of the nanny state of IT,” says Doug Neal of CSC, a consultancy.

I have been predicting this to happen for many years, but have had difficult challenge to get people at IT departments really understand this - in spite of that each of them usually sits with their own personal tool which is not allowed by the company regulations. Since they work at the IT department as well as usually being managers, they don’t have to follow the rules that they enforce on the rest of the employees…

I know that the middle class of this country is collapsing. I know the gap between the very, very rich and everybody else is growing wider. I know there is profound anger at the greed on Wall Street and corporate America, anger at the political establishment, anger at the media establishment. The American people want real change.