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Our bubbled mainstream media got a serious crash-course in reality this week with the revelations that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio don’t hate gays, and that Bruce Jenner, who is in the process of transitioning into a woman, remains a Christian Republican.

During a two-hour interview Friday night, Jenner said to a noticeably puzzled Diane Sawyer, “I’ve always been more on the conservative side.” Still in shock, Sawyer then asked if he’s a Republican. Jenner responded in the affirmative, ”Yeah. Is that a bad thing? I believe in the Constitution.” Jenner also said he was a Christian and not a Barack Obama fan.

The left-wing Huffington Post is even more confused than Ms. Sawyer. The Daily Caller’s Betsy Rothstein notes that HuffPo has saturated its site in overnight Jenner coverage without once managing to reveal his identity as a Christian Republican.

Newflash: Jenner didn’t get a brain transplant.

The Koran (which I have read and studied thoroughly) and (which all muslims align themselves with), contains 109 verses commanding hate, murder and terror against all human beings who refuse to submit or convert to Islam. Read those verses of violence here.

My life has been threatened repeatedly by muslims in response to my publication of those verses from their Koran. Why would I want to rent or sell a gun and hand ammunition to someone who aligns himself with a religion that commands him to kill me?

I understand that not all muslims are terrorists. I also believe there are as many Muslims who do not know what is in their Koran as there are Christians who do not know what is in their Bible.

….The ATF informed us when we received the license that if we feel any reason for concern about selling someone a firearm, even sense that something is not right about an individual, or if we are concerned about that persons mental state, even if they pass a background check, we do not have to sell that person a gun.

—  Jan Morgan, the owner of Gun Cave Indoor Shooting Range in Hot Springs, Ark., banned Muslims From Her Shooting Range.
Liberal Democrats Believe… 40 – Lynne Featherstone

If you vote for a Liberal Democrat, what do you get? You get someone who’s going to fight for civil liberties and for freedom, you’re going to get someone who’s going to fight for fairness, for the NHS, you’re going to get someone who cares about the planet, you’re going to get the sort of party that you would want to stand up for those who need to be fought for.

The Lib Dems have taken lowest-paid out of tax, we’ve given pensioners a rise – that’s probably not your end of the market, but at my end of the market, and what I’ve done in government, is things like changing the world, which is what I went into politics to do.

I’m the originator and architect of same-sex marriage – it’s a Liberal Democrat policy – I’m the originator and architect of the campaign against female genital mutilation – never been touched before – and I’ve been fighting for disability in the developing world. And I would say to you: first, vote for a party you believe in; and secondly, get involved in politics and change the world yourself.


Lynne Featherstone (Twitter @lfeatherstone) is Minister of State for the Home Office, and previously has served in government for International Development and for Equalities. She’s one of the Liberal Democrats with the most distinctive records in government, having led on equal marriage for same-sex couples and against female genital mutilation. This was her answer to why a first-time voter should vote Lib Dem in an LBC woman politicians’ debate. She is seeking re-election as MP for Hornsey and Wood Green.


I am particularly grateful to Lynne because it’s down to her and Nick Clegg dragging the Coalition to support equal marriage that I married the man I love, six months ago today. You can see more about that here [soon, when it’s finished uploading!], and how after twenty years of waiting it took the Liberal Democrats in government for us to do it.

The Royal Museum for Central Africa is organising a pop-up event in Matonge. For Africamuseum@matonge2015, shopkeepers from Matonge were asked to select a photo from the 1950s from the museum archives that related to their shop and to display it in their window.

The pictures were taken by Belgian and Congolese press photographers working for the Belgian colonial propaganda service, and document the emergence of an urban culture in Congo. The fine ladies and gentlemen of those days who are given pride of place in the boutiques of Matonge prefigure vibrant Leopoldville’s development into exuberant Kinshasa!

(via  Royal Museum for Central Africa)

The arrival en masse of personal technology in the workplace is causing waves. “Historically many IT departments have treated people as tech automatons who should do what they are told,” says Bob Tinker, the boss of MobileIron, which helps firms manage mobile devices.


Now, however, IT teams are facing a challenge to their authority. Much of what workers are demanding, including the right to use their own smartphones and tablets for work, to mix business and personal data on them, and to personalise them with their own apps, is anathema to IT departments used to running digital dictatorships. Often it is senior executives who insist on being allowed to use their own technology for work, which makes it hard for IT folk to say no. “This really is the end of the nanny state of IT,” says Doug Neal of CSC, a consultancy.

I have been predicting this to happen for many years, but have had difficult challenge to get people at IT departments really understand this - in spite of that each of them usually sits with their own personal tool which is not allowed by the company regulations. Since they work at the IT department as well as usually being managers, they don’t have to follow the rules that they enforce on the rest of the employees…