A woman’s body is not democracy.
You have no right to it, no entitlement.
No mandate to vote on it,
or otherwise treat a body
as a vehicle for debate
over conditions you cannot ever
biologically comprehend.
I look around me sometimes,
and grow afraid of myself.
I look around me sometimes,
and I hate what I see.
I look around me at the wolves,
salivating from their eyes,
paws itching from the
venom in their veins,
noses sniffing for ill opportunity.
I look around me sometimes,
and I see a battle for territory,
the severing of blood ties over
a thrill they are apt to call their own.
But a woman’s body is not yours.
Understand this: regardless of chromosomal arrangement
we are all capable of cruelty,
of both thought and action.
But how can we say to have progressed
if the majority still behave like animals,
and then convince the rest that
we are, indeed, civilized?
—  Nav K, Meditation on Wolves

Liberals consider notion of mandatory voting in federal elections

With voter turnout plunging to new lows, Liberal MPs are pondering the idea of legally requiring Canadians to cast ballots in federal elections.

They’re road testing the idea of mandatory voting in a survey emailed to party members this week.

Whether mandatory voting is adopted as part of the eventual Liberal election platform remains to be seen, but deputy Liberal leader Ralph Goodale says it’s an idea that deserves careful reflection.

Turnout in federal elections has plunged from a high of almost 80 per cent of eligible voters in 1958 to a record low of 58.8 per cent in 2008, according to Elections Canada.

It rebounded slightly in 2011 to 61.1 per cent but plumbed new depths – just over 15 per cent – in a byelection in the Alberta riding of Fort McMurray-Athabasca last June.

By contrast, turnout in Australia, where voting has been mandatory since 1924, averages about 95 per cent.

In June, China’s State Council Information Office released a white paper asserting “complete jurisdiction” over Hong Kong, and suggesting that a “basic political requirement” for the city’s judiciary was a “love for China.” Since then, pro-Beijing and pro-democracy camps have been staging protest rallies and circulating petitions.

Amid competing views of Hong Kong democracy, the HK Journalists Association has declared 2014 the “darkest for press freedom for several decades.” Last month, pro-democracy website House News shut down due to a combination of political pressure and low advertising revenue. Kevin Lau was let go as editor of the Ming Pao newspaper in January, then attacked by knife-wielding motorcycle hitmen in February. And yesterday, the home of Apple Daily founder Jimmy Lai was raided by anti-corruption officers, as was the home of HK Labour Party chairman and pro-democracy lawmaker Lee Cheuk-yan. 

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Photo of the Day: Untitled by sojouner º (taken in Luoyang, Henan) 

Pakistan: It is Time To Reform Our Character!

'Now that democracy is on the brink of historical reforms, let's reform our nation and their character also, in light of the teachings of Muhammad (saw).' 

According to a Hadith (Prophetic Tradition) of Muhammad (saw), reformation of character is directly dependent on reformation of the heart. The Prophet states, ‘O’ Sons of Adam! There is a lump of flesh in your body. If it is correct, the entire body is correct. And if it is corrupt, the entire body is corrupt. Remember well: it is your heart.’ 

- His Holiness Younus AlGohar


The nazi-party called “The Swedish Party” was in Malmö, Sweden today (and had a permit from the police, WTF). About 2000 people were there to peacefully let them know that they are not welcome here.

Singing and shouting, the demonstrators were loud, but as peaceful you can be when there are nazis invading our city.

The police respond by running an unarmed, non-threatening person over with a bus.

The police respond by riding over people who did nothing but try to let the nazis know that they are not welcome here. 10-15 cops on horses riding over people, continuously, over and over again.

A nazi tried to pull of a woman’s hijab, hit her, the cops saw but did nothing.

People are lying bloody on the streets, when people come over to help, the cops tell them no.

The cops have blood on their hands, and they are now, after giving the nazis a ride away from there, standing outside the emergency room to “protect people from violent activists”.

To everyone thinking Sweden is an equal country: no, it’s not. Nazis get free rides from the police after they propagate their disgusting message, and innocent people who just wants equality are being run over by the cops.

This is not the first time this happens. In the 20s, Swedish military opened fire into a group of unarmed demonstrators.

Last year, a similar thing to what happened today happened in Stockholm.

This year, at similar demonstrations, cops have been running people over, beating them with batons and arresting people for no good reason.

This spring, on international women’s day, happy demonstrators move from a peaceful and happy demonstration to a party, and on the way, several of them are stabbed by nazis. The police and media call this a “fight between different activists”, while nazis were carrying knives, and feminists were stabbed in the back and beaten up so badly that one of them had to stay in the hospital for months.

Sweden is not equal. Europe is not equal. The US isn’t equal. It isn’t peaceful. It isn’t democratic. They are taking democracy away from us. We can’t let them.

Palestinians understand, from so fucking far away, that this is RACISM.
And so many fuckwads in the United States do NOT.

A lot of my family in Mexico was so shocked to hear me say that I hate the United States while I was there visiting them last month. “How could you hate the United States?”

Well this is how. The US is fucked, and almost everyone can see it except for the fucking US.


"I engaged my father in long discussions after dinner, trying to reconcile our imprisonment during the war and all the ideals that I’d been reading about. My father said to me, ‘Our democracy is a people’s democracy. It can be as great as a people can be, but it’s also as fallible as people are. And our democracy is vitally dependent on good people being actively engaged in the process.’"

Throwback: Ana Kasparian interviewed actor and activist George Takei and discussed how spending early parts of his life in a US internment camp motivated him to stay engaged in politics. 


‘Overkill’: Images from Ferguson protest show cops treating city like a war zone

As demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri enter their fourth night, pictures and online posts from the scene show an escalation in response from St. Louis County police.

Despite police insisting, “Your right to demonstrate is not being obstructed,” they have brought at least 70 SWAT team officers and one tank to stand opposite the protesters in the street. The Huffington Post reported that state Sen. Maria Chapelle Nadal (D), who criticized the police response in an MSNBC interview on Tuesday night, was taken into custody.

But if we define terrorism as the use of violence against civilians for political objectives, then the US state is the world’s leading terrorist. The powers that be in global society and that control the global political discourse attach the label “terrorist” to violence that they do not approve of, and they attach the label of “freedom and democracy and security” to violence that they do approve of, or that they commit themselves. Moreover, increasingly “terrorism” is used to simply describe political dissent, so that legitimate social movements and political struggles against global capitalism become labeled as “terrorism” in order to justify their suppression.
—  William I. Robinson, professor of sociology at UC Santa Barbara