I get the feeling that Scottish Independence is seen as just a big joke to the rest of the world. That we are the kilt wearing, whisky swigging laughing stock of the free world.

We’re trying to show you that there is another way to have your country run. That you can break away from establishments that have bound you for centuries, that big business and the faceless corporations don’t dictate your democracy.

We’re trying to show you that the hope lies not in the millionaires, but the millions. Wake the fuck up and join us. Support us. This is our time, and it will soon be yours.

Well, Scotland, this is it!

Go out and show them today! Don’t let anything stop you. Show the polls Scotland is great; too good for nationalism, and defiant enough to stand up to it. It’s been a good debate, and hopefully afterwards, we can all accept the result and work together to repair the divisions that have arisen. Undoubtedly, the debate we’ve had will serve as an inspiration to democrats the world over, as a model for regional self determination, in a world where so much blood is spilt over issues of sovereignty. So let us end this the way we should, and reject independence and nationalism, once and for all, in the one poll that matters. Say “No,” but be thankful you had the choice.


If I somehow became an elected representative, I would create an app/forum for my constituents and every time I had to vote on something, I would first call upon my constituency for their input. Regardless of my party affiliation, regardless of my personal views on the matter (exempting egregious violations of civil liberties), I would vote however the majority (or supermajority?) of my constituents weighed in.

I realize the job of a “representative” is to act on behalf of your constituents, who are, in theory, too detached and uninformed to make these decisions on their own, but I feel that this entire notion is archaic in the modern age. There is no reason not to employ this kind of direct democracy, thus the majority of my efforts as an elected representative would be outreach and engagement with my constituents. One criticism might be, “but not everyone will participate!” — you mean just like the national presidential election which has far more impact than any one congressional vote?

Such a direct policy would also help to diminish divisiveness inherent to ‘party loyalty’ mentality. No more voting along party lines simply because you’re an R or D. As it currently stands, a representative from a congressional district who takes home 51% of the vote is by no means a “representative” in any sense of the word. Nearly half of the district’s population goes unheard for at least two years. Where is the fairness in that? How is that representation?

My proposed method would actively engage all willing participants in an open forum and, as their congressional representative, my voice is their voice. I would rather vote ‘yes’ on a bill that I hated if it meant the majority of my constituents (say, 80%) were getting what they wanted (a chance to have their voices heard) than vote ‘no’ simply out of principle, effectively silencing my own constituents.

In an ideal world, though, we citizens would simply have direct, proportional representation and every bill would be put to a nation-wide vote.

On Notice: Sharon Slater for Taking her Hateful Missions Worldwide

Sharon Slater is president of Family Watch International, a driving force behind fighting LGBT equality at the United Nations. Each year, Family Watch International hosts an annual, invitation only global policy forum for UN delegates. The forum often includes testimony from people who claim to have been “cured” of homosexuality through the dangerous practice of reparative, or “conversion”, therapy. In addition, Family Watch International provides delegates with a number of resources online to continue the drumbeat of hate year round. Among these “resources” are briefs on how “so-called ‘homosexual rights’ are driving much of the current worldwide assault on marriage, the family and family related issues.”

Today is the day. Its September 18th and today my wee country votes for its independence.

I’m equal parts filled with hope and fear, we might win and be free or we might loose and continue to be the lackey of Westminster. But regardless, the YES movement has changed the world in its own wee way. We’ve stood against the bias and corrupt media of the BBC and we’ve shown that as a people we are no longer “too wee, too stupid and too poor”. Theres a whole generation now that are smart to politics and have the capacity to call out bullshit and injustice when they see it. We’ve taken to the streets in our thousands in Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, Inverness and elsewhere, we’ve ignited an independence movement for the people of Catalonia in Spain and have the support of peoples of all nations around the world.

No matter what happens today my country will be forever changed, and even if we fail at least people might realise that no matter what they have a voice despite others trying to tell them they have not. The spirit of this movement wont disappear into obscurity, the people are awake.

Alba Gu Brath!

Palestinians understand, from so fucking far away, that this is RACISM.
And so many fuckwads in the United States do NOT.

A lot of my family in Mexico was so shocked to hear me say that I hate the United States while I was there visiting them last month. “How could you hate the United States?”

Well this is how. The US is fucked, and almost everyone can see it except for the fucking US.

On Notice: Brian Brown of National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brian is president and co-founder of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the leading anti-LGBT equality group in the U.S. Since 2007, NOM has tried – and failed—to block the national momentum for marriage equality. After losing the fight at nearly every turn, NOM is now taken its mission across the ocean to a more receptive audience.

Since 2012, Brown has publicly supported anti-LGBT movements in France, Russia, Australia, Spain and Trinidad and Tobago. Strong evidence has emerged that NOM is planning to formalize its worldwide mission of hate with the launch of an “International Organization for Marriage.”

Because they don’t teach the truth about the world, schools have to rely on beating students over the head with propaganda about democracy. If schools were, in reality, democratic, there would be no need to bombard students with platitudes about democracy. They would simply act and behave democratically, and we know this does not happen. The more there is a need to talk about the ideals of democracy, the less democratic the system usually is.
—  Noam Chomsky
But if we define terrorism as the use of violence against civilians for political objectives, then the US state is the world’s leading terrorist. The powers that be in global society and that control the global political discourse attach the label “terrorist” to violence that they do not approve of, and they attach the label of “freedom and democracy and security” to violence that they do approve of, or that they commit themselves. Moreover, increasingly “terrorism” is used to simply describe political dissent, so that legitimate social movements and political struggles against global capitalism become labeled as “terrorism” in order to justify their suppression.
—  William I. Robinson, professor of sociology at UC Santa Barbara