Unseen footage from Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” music video. The audio is the solo from an early demo take of the song. [source:nirvananews]

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#JohnMayerDoc EXTRAS Demo Tracks

Over the course of making the documentary John Mayer: Someday I’ll Fly I came across a handful of John Mayer demos.

The video snippet (above) was an early draft for part of the Battle Studies segment of the documentary. This edit uses a demo version of Heartbreak Warfare which was originally intended to introduce the segment

I thought I’d share some of my findings. Here’s a collection of John Mayer demos that eventually ended up on Mayer’s studio albums. (some of these you can purchase)

  1. 3x5 (Demo) John Mayer’s MySpace Music, 2000
  2. City Love (DemoJohn Mayer’s MySpace Music, 2000
  3. Not Myself (Demo) John Mayer’s MySpace Music, 2000
  4. Daughters (Home Demo) Daughters single - Rerelease 2004
  5. Belief (Live DemoPlayed live during Mayer’s 2004 tour as ‘Simmering’
  6. Assassin (Live Demo) Berklee College of Music Clinic, 2008
  7. Heartbreak Warfare (Demo) iTunes LP Battle Studies (Deluxe Version) 2009
  8. Half of My Heart (Demo V1) Battle Studies iTunes LP (Deluxe Version) 2009
  9. Half of My Heart (Demo V2) |Battle Studies iTunes LP (Deluxe Version) 2009
  10. Friends Lovers or Nothing Battle Studies iTunes LP (Deluxe Version) 2009
  11. Can’t Take That Plane (Demo) John Mayer’s Radio Show Broadcast, 2009

Here’s a few tracks which were recorded in the studio but left off of Continuum.

Good Love Is On The Way (Studio Version) | Waiting On The World To change - Limited edition single EP

Who Did You Think I Was (Studio Version) | Originally set to feature on Continuum after the TRY! single release You can hear Mayer talk about these recordings in an interview from 2005 HERE

I think demo tracks are a great insight into the evolution of a song. As a fan, I’m fascinated by the process of demoing and the progression during an artist’s recording sessions, inevitably resulting in the album version we all get to hear.

If you’re a fan of this stuff I’d highly recommend buying the interactive iTunes LP for Battle Studies. It comes with a neat set of video extras along with a collection of demos. A brilliant example of a digitally presented record. 


Thanks to the YouTubers for sharing the tracks.

Blue Moon (Demo)
  • Blue Moon (Demo)
  • Bloc Party
  • Demos

Blue Moon is the early version of England.

The words:

I have been trying,
Trying to find my way back to you
On the lips
Of a total stranger

Now I’ve started drinking I’ve something to do
Something to hold onto now I cannot hold onto you
Now I’ve started smoking I’ve something to do
I wear grey every day

If you’re so right,
Why does it always go wrong?
I’ve read the right books
But I spent every night alone

Now I’ve started drinking I’ve something to do
Something to hold onto now I cannot hold onto you
Now I’ve started smoking I’ve something to do
I wear grey every day

I have this dream:
You’re behind a mirror
If I smash it with my hands
You’ll be here with me

I came home Sundays
I played your guitar
…when you were strong
Or loved

I’m waiting
I’m waiting
I’m waiting
I’m waiting

I’m waiting
For a blue moon
I’m waiting
To crash into you

I’m waiting
For a blue moon
I’m waiting


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*Long Post* Anyway, here are the gifs from my storyboarding demo this afternoon. I apologize that I wasn’t able to save the stream (gotta remember my naming conventions….). Basically I just wanted to show a little progression of shots and such showing a character. Also wanted to practice my posing. Enjoy!

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