IDK I wanted to try drawing the characters as I saw them in the botfightAU that we are slowly working on~
They will all eventually have bots too but wow I fail at designing bots so if you wanna give it a shot go right ahead. 
this is just super fun though :’D 

Person A is a widely-feared crime boss in the city who has Person/People B and C as a date mate. B and/or C have A wrapped around their little finger, and no one in the crime organization dares to say anything about it.


There was a cat from Brooklyn, by the name of Romeo
His folks they came from Italy, many years ago

One night he met young Geraldine, a dame from outta town
When Geraldine was dancing she would bring the ballroom down

Tape Five - Geraldine’s Routine

Goodnight lovelies! After I didn’t post the rec (life happened) last week, I believe I owed you this one! The reason why I’m doing these is here and also you can check my other weekly fic recs. Please, remember to spread some love to the writers: like/reblog/kudo/comment their work. Appreciate the great job they do for this fandom. Here’s what the recs contain:

  • fics I follow regularly + the ones I read and reblog
  • the ones you tag me in (which I will read too ofc)
  • the ones you message me to read

basically all the works that have been reblogged to my fic tag for the last week

note: This one is extra long (2 weeks worth) so it has a lot of categories. Also, includes a shameful amount of smut. Enjoy ;)



Best Friend’s Sibling AU: Step 1 and Step 2– Felicity has a crush on Tommy’s best friend, Oliver, which originates cute (and very hot) situations. // by theirhappystory

Like Teenagers Do and A Decent Proposal – the two-part story where Oliver & Felicity are teachers and the students ship them. HARD. // by redpendreaming

Somewhere Only We Know – story based on the film He’s Just Not That Into You. Playboy Oliver helps Felicity find a guy. ADORABLE. // by diggo26

How To Become a Superhero and Marry The Love of Your Life –  AU where there’s no Ray and Tommy is the ATOM (GIVE ME TOMMY BACKKKK)// by lovesmoakingarrow

Al Saheem Meets Felicity Smoak + Part 2 + Part 3 + Part 4– spec fics about Evil!Oliver head of the League and Felicity. Very super hot and smutty. Grab a fan. // by supersillyanddorky06


My Friends Won’t Love Me Like You Do // by amellthirst and smoakingbillionaires

When I’m With You: Withdrawal Symptoms // by sentence-fragments


My Sister’s Tutor – High School AU in which Oliver has a crush on Felicity, who tutors Thea // by @noahscreave

Accidental Duet – Neighbor’s AU where Oliver joins Felicity’s singing through the bathroom wall. LOL// by redpendreaming

Dress Up Like Harry Potter – adorable AU with tiny smoaking billionaires // by smoakingbillionaires

Mirror Images – Felicity can’t see her reflex, instead she sees a boy and she grows up with him. BEAUTIFUL FIC IS BEAUTIFUL. // by geniewithwifi


Real or Fake – Oliver & Felicity are actors working on a sex scene. They have feelings for each other and it’s beautiful. // by diggo26

She Shoots; He Scores – Oliver is turned on by Felicity’s knowledge on hockey. // by smoakingbillionaires


Parching Up Wounds – set after 3x14, including Laurel & Felicity interaction too. // by thecolourpurpleinafield

Five Days – Roy & Thea turn into children in Central City. Fluffy but warning Theroy feels // by thearoy

Barry & Thea – very funny! I never knew I needed that interaction until now hehe // by thearoy

The Man Behind the Mask – missing painful scene from 3x19 // by thecolourpurpleinafield

No Letting It Go – missing Felicity scene at the end of 3x18. // by arrows-and-fairytales

As Long As You’re By My Side, I’m Home – oliver & fern. End of 3x19. // by justanother90sbaby


3x20 Love Scene – wondering where Oliver’s hand was during THAT scene? *wink* // by dust2dust34

Just Oliver – the Love scene from his POV. Great smut. // by dettiot

Going Down – based on the wonderful reversed gif. Ehem. // by dust2dust34


50.009, 50.010 – Oliver counts her hairs. I cry // by diggo26

Keeping The Calm – Felicity goes into labor in a unusual and unexpexted time. Cute Olicity!parents // by diggo26

As A Team – Felicity tells Oliver she’s pregnant. CUTENESS OVERLOAD. // by smoakinamell

Oliver takes care of Felicity – when she’s sick. ADORBS. // by nikkibeckettcsm

How To Ride a Bike – in which Oliver teaches her. THE DOMESTICITY IN THIS. AH. // by nikkibeckettcsm

Baby Shower – adorable future parents!olicity // by arrows-and-fairytales

Bite Marks – perfect fluff is perfect // by cityofolicity

Bad Timing – Oliver tells her about Connor. // by redpendreaming

Without Him – angsty but cute future fic // by smurfica

Wedding Vows – Sav’s perfect vows. Sigh. I need. // by olicittys

We Keep This Love (in a photograph) – Oliver + baby *heart eyes* // by sophie1973

A Boy Needs His Father – Oliver as new daddy of Connor *cries bc needs* // by smurfica


Table Smut – so hot, including a gif. // by justanother90sbaby

Never Forgotten – make up sexxxxxxxxx // by diggo26

Broken Nails and Vacant Alleys – hot smut against the wall // by supersillyanddorky06

Salmon Ladder – we all know no-sex pacts never work // by dust2dust34

Fluffy Smut – in which he chases her for a kiss // by smoakingbillionaires

Fantasy vs Reality – kinky fic, me luvs // by diggo26

Happy Endings – Oliver super turned on by Felicity shaving his stubble. Hehe // by smoakingbillionaires

Books and Roses – aaaaaaaah perf fic set on Sain George’s day. Fluffy af // by sentence-fragments

Hot Damn – olicity morning fluff + smut. Perf. // by felicitylovesoliver

You Can Leave Your Hat On – stripteaseeeeee // by lynslogic

Talking Dirty – shameless dirty smut // by dettiot


Home – 3x20 spec in which Oliver breaks *crie* // by redpendreaming

Red – 3x20 morning after. So sweet. // by olicity-beautiful-dreamer

Promise – more 3x20 spec fic. You can always pretend these were deleted scenes. // by redpendreaming

Morning After – 3x20 sweet shit // by nikkibeckettcsm

Love Yourself to Death – after 3x20, some Al Saheem hot shit with lots of sexual tension // by reynasavilaramirezarellano

My Name Is Oliver Queen – some hot Al Saheem spec. I am all for this // by redpendreaming

Come Back To Me – featuring angsty Thea & Felicity. Sigh // by redpendreaming


Our Night – 3x23 Porsche scene. SMUT IN THE CAR. // by dust2dust34

Porsches and Sunsets – more 3x23 smutty spec. I Love this fandom. // by anthfan

Leilat Ad-Duxla – hot public consummation. I AM ALL FOR THIS WEIRD SHIT. YAS // by sentence-fragments

Dirty Talks and Prying Eyes – Nanda Parbat exhibitionism. Hot damn. // by supersillyanddorky06

anonymous asked:

When dipper first becomes a full deer he hides under the bed and refuses to come out and mabel has to coax him out

Dipper, knew this would happen, but still… Mabel wake up first, see her brother situation, and decide to pet him gently until he wakes up. It’s up to her to be there for him.

(pfiouuuu, ‘took me a while !)

(chapter 2 of Deerperfalls is up guys !)

(based on this post)