The signs as a single word

Aries: Cynosure (noun)-  a person or thing that attracts a lot of attention or interest.

Taurus: Lissome (adjective)- thin and graceful.

Gemini: Penumbra (noun)- a space of partial illumination (as in an eclipse) between the perfect shadow on all sides and the full light.

Cancer: Demesne (noun)-  manorial land actually possessed by the lord and not held by tenants.

Leo: Lilt (noun)-  the attractive quality of speech or music that rises and falls in a pleasing pattern.

Virgo: Offing (noun)-  the part of the deep sea seen from the shore.

Libra: Susurrous (noun)- Full of whispering sounds.

Scorpio: Furtive (adjective)-  done in a quiet and secret way to avoid being noticed.

Sagittarius: Harbinger (noun)- something that shows what is to come.

Capricorn: Woebegone (adjective)- looking or feeling very sad. 

Aquarius: Dulcet (adjective)- Pleasant to hear.

Pisces: Redolent (adjective)- causing thoughts or memories of something.

Astro Temple, by stephenemerson

Mussenden Temple located in the grounds of Downhill Demesne, just outside of Castlerock. Captured this one in March under a starry sky looking westwards over Downhill Strand and across to Donegal. Balanced myself on the wall for this risky perspective as you would not want to slip. I believe work has been carried out lately by the National Trust to stabilise the cliff, to prevent subsidence into the sea.

Latest revision of the Northern Hills map, showing some additional lakes in the mountains, more fen, and the territory’s subdivisions, which are clockwise:

1. Beamshire. The most wooded valley in the region, its major settlement has the unimaginative name of Beamvale - literally, Valley of Trees or Tree Valley. Wood being scarce in the Highlands, this incursion of the great forests of the Hinterlands is one of the area’s most valuable resources, but lacks the labour to be fully exploited. It is governed by an empowered alderman.

2. Carlind. The former demesne of the Thane of the Northern Hills some eight centuries ago, the name of the territory was originally Caer-land for its association with Caer Borea, former provincial capitol. It remains the most prosperous region, but is largely one of subsistence agriculture with wool mills as the only real industry. Smalton, the seat of the region, is home to a council of aldermen and is also Khas’s home town. The Smythes there are one of the more prosperous families thanks to their work as blacksmiths.

3. Blachstep.

A corruption of its original name, the Blachstep is the most desolate area of the Northern Hills. Caught in a rain shadow and with none of the Black River’s tributaries running through it, the hard, cold soils are difficult to farm and low yield. It is nonetheless given significant weight by the feudal lord of the Hills as it controls one of the major passes through the dangerous Eastern ridge. Fort Blachstep - a modest three-story keep with a palisade - is manned by men loyal to the Thane, lead by Sir Jonas di Hudson, formerly of Alterac.

4. Grangire

The personal demesne of the ruler of the Hills, the Grangire consists largely of grasslands and holds the only major woodland outside of the Hinterlands valleys in the region. This Trolwald has, despite its name, been largely pacified for several centuries thanks to the active tradition of Troll Hunters in the area. Dagnton, the main settlement of the Dagan Clan, and Hounsloe both elect a council of elders to represent their concerns to the Thane.

5. Fectland

Almost as desolate as the Blachstep, the Fectland is largely made up of the marshes and bogs of the Black River. While there is abundant water, it is relatively free of silt by the time it reaches the Fectland and the soils are not as rich as might be assumed. The area’s economy is reliant on bog iron and peat harvesting, and the only significant settlement to fall under its territory is that of Grey Hill. It is governed by an appointed reeve.

demesnes replied to your postdemesnes replied to your post: i’m gonna be…

I WISH I COULD DO CLEVELAND. But that would never happen. fml Whatever. haha I have no money anyway between Christmas and working two days a week and such. XD I’m glad we met too!

I’m trying so hard to go, but alas my parents are super-paranoid about letting me go eight hours away by myself. ugh. >.<
Yes, when their next shows come around we should definitely all go together :D JERSEY TBM FANS UNITE!

The desert adapts. The people adapt. Live. Die. Struggle. Suffer. Create. The people in the real world beyond demesne’s ring are not all manufactured perfection. They deal.


To achieve great power, Lisabet van de Haas decided to marry Carloman, the third son of King Carloman II of West Francia - matrilineary, of course.

Sadly, her husband died only a few years later in 874. Carloman, however, brought two sons, Karel and Julius, and one daughter, Anna, to Lisabet. The three children should have been raised by her mother, but at the time the East Francian King, Karlomann the Great, declared himself Holy Roman Emperor, Karel fell ill and despite of the courtier’s efforts, he could not be healed.

While being oath bound to Lothaire II. (the only grandson of Karl the Great that was not named after him) risking war to expand the Avergan demesne inside of Lotharingia was simply too unsafe and therefore not an option. On the one hand, the King could have easily taken her two counties if she became traitorous and on the other hand, the whole realm was threatened by it’s much bigger neighbors - a civil war would make an invasion even more likely.

So Lisabet’s last hope and last son, Julius, will have to marry the daughter of a french Duke in order to receive the long expected rise of the yet unknown Dutchmen.

Aquascope Crawl The Oregon Coast Newport

Newport is spotted as respects the Oregon coast, about 2 hours west of Eugene on Highway 101. This is a beautiful area in the summer months and cold weather troublous months.

As well you first approach the Newport bridge you will need in order to take a right turn before the bridge and look after the road around and go forward past the Rouge BEER pottery, and you will go under the frog and in virtue of a state spigot in order to what is locally referred to as the fingers. Get your Dive gear bravura.

TIP: Always prepare for a dive therewith a very extensive dive clothing check and a throw away herself own personal Surface Gear items versus every lose altitude, (don’t forget, check your buddy too).

The fingers is a straight line pile about rocks that is just exposed to view above the spike that follows in length into the bay about 60 feet, and there are 4 of them.

There is another jackknife that you tuchis do just ascend once the public baths demesne. Follow the rocks down to the water and float to the 1st finger, on a fast up-to-the-minute you can cover a lot of territory and I don’t suspect i have ever not been up to snuff to find the answer a marriageable Lingcod and store relating to Black Bass (a smoker favorite and mine) during the set up except for it was very dark water which confines visibility.

Essence everybody parks at the 2nd finger (equipped pro a very large parking elective) and plenty of visitation to the water, over the rocks of course, and look on the surface the rocks are slippery.

Be sure and take a compass heading directly away not counting the rocks so when the dive is complete you toilet room agree with self compass back to shore, the easiest way toward set foot in the water is to fit in your fins to your BCD (using a lanyard respecting some type) and siphon off oneself hang so number one can overlook your units somewhat free to navigate the slick rocks (you’ll thirst for knowledge your spear prowl after in relation to elective and SHADE always lanyard it unto my BCD also) you can put your fins on incoming the water.

Once in the water sink to the bottom beside the rocks and work your way along side following the rocks to the end of the finger, be sure in order to look closely at in a body the small rock openings for a big fish on route to persist ruin back soul he, and don’t forget your crab texture again, there are plenty of crab forward-looking the rocks, so bring home your bounty.

The other fingers are very good diving also, but the portly parking purlieus is complex for gear removal and not having headed for walk back to you opera in full gear is nice for some uterine kin. Entertain feeling free to comment about your favorite dive at Newport and please join my blog. Thank you pretty much for reading my post about Scuba Diving the Oregon Coast Newport

Give credit You, Gregory Empierce @ Scuba Reconciled


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