Calling all British #settleford / @matthew_settle fans, Matt’s new film #paperangels is going to be on #channel5 at 16:20 and #demand5 after! Also any none British fans you may be able to watch it on the website demand5 too but I’m not 100% certain but be sure to give it a try!

Once Upon a Time...there was a comeback!

I woke up this morning and needed something to watch as I beautified myself for work and then I remembered this advert I had seen in my magazine the other night. The show was American imported TV series ‘Once Upon a Time’ which is on Channel 5 and it aired a few weeks ago so I had two episodes to crack in to. So, I switch on Demand5 and now I am hooked, good grab on the ABC production series Channel 5!

Once Upon a Time is about all the storybook characters you have ever known being trapped in a curse where only one person can save them. It’s got a few big and recognisable actors like Ginnifer Goodwin and yes I admit I am one of those annoying people who get sucked into TV shows and films because it has an actor I like but it is definitely what stops many people from flicking that channel. We wouldn’t have celebrity endorsements for everything and anything if not! The fact that ABC productions are owned by Disney also makes it a winner because you get all the fantabulous characters from Snow White to Rumpelstiltskin.

The show has coincidentally and cleverly been aired in the UK the same time as the upcoming movie starring Julia Roberts ‘Snow White’ which I am looking forward to seeing, so my question, is this the beginning of a new era? We have had the wizards, vampires and werewolves which are all coming to their endings so it’s a clear blockbuster smashing fact that we love fantasy but am I witnessing the sneakily come back of the fairy-tale with a twist in my twenties? Not complaining if they do, I’m loving it, just send me a Prince Charming too please.