Reactions to things Origo’s say:

‘’ Rukia ships Ichihime.’’

‘’Orihime has big breasts so she’ll end up with Ichigo.’’

‘’ Orihime looks like Masaki so she’ll end up with Ichigo.’’

‘’ Ichigo learned to control his hollow for Orihime!1!!’’

‘’ Orihime should die so she can replace Unohana so she can be with Ichigo in the Soul Society.’’

‘’ Ichigo is attracted to Orihime’s body’’

‘’ Nel is like Orihime and Ichigo’s child ’’

President Obama continues his refusal to acknowledge that Islamic Terrorism is quite real and will continue to threaten our freedom and that of others until something is done to put a forceful and permanent lock on their questionable intentions.

  • sheo was like boyfriend/girlfriend last year.. getting to know stage.. 
  • sheo now is like a married couple.. 
  • sheo next year will be like a soon to be parents

fanfictions do come true.. lmao!

Hypocrite NS


Chatte’s latest post: watch how in The Last Sakura will become a medic and NARUTO’S WIFE!!

Yeah, right, it’s not about the ships…

Btw Sakura is still capable of being a medic, it’s not like being married to Sasuke nullifies her medical abilities…

Have you ever thought about the fact that maybe she CHOSE to be a housewife like thousands of women do?

I never cared about those theories or posts, but that was too funny not to talk about :°)

In the meanwhile, Naruto and Hinata will kiss and get married in The Last movie, but I guess NS do not care about what’s canon xD

Damn, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura achieved their dreams! Why is this not enough for you?!?!