Hey guys, I want to talk to you about how disgusting my school is. This morning I was hungry, on rare occasions do I actually eat food in the morning and the one morning I do, there is mold covering almost ¾ of this strawberry. Now I’ve been skeptical about school food before, I’ve had a couple friends work in the back and I’ve been told the horror stories of cockroaches on the counters, them reusing old food (not the mention the serving of stale chips every single Tuesday) but I believed that they wouldn’t do that to us…well I’ve been proved wrong. Not only was my strawberry molded but also two of my friends strawberries started to mold, which means every single strawberry they served had been exposed to mold. I think the worst part about this whole experience was when I went to go return the strawberry, the lunch lady did not even seem surprised. They are supposed to be serving us to fuel, not to kill.


Neck Deep played their first ever US show last night. It was a house show, and it was fucking insane. Check out the full set video here. Still can’t believe I got to be a part of this.


A curious cat interrupts a photoshoot I was doing for Vee’s Skyrim crafts project.

She makes and sells some absolutely awesome Skyrim themed collections.

I was helping photograph these, and apparently that was enough to grab the attention her cat…

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Okay, so apparently

There has been a house in Deltona that is reported as “haunted”. And there’s a big whole story on it and the family who rented said haunted house out, and there’s even a book written about it. From the fact that I’m interested in this kind of shit, and the fact it was a place close to me (and where I lived for 7 years), I wanna read it and see the video on it.