ok right firstly I apologize for doing like 5 thousand of these but I hate all the previous ones I’ve done and let’s face it, they had like 10 people on so it wasn’t really a “follow forever” but I just want to say all of you guys on here are absolutely perf and are all my favourite blogs :} you mean the world to me.

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I just went through my whole following page and picked a few of my faves… this took me forever and as you can see I gave up with the alphabetical order thing lol and just because you’re not on the list does not mean I’m going to unfollow you. I’m 100% positive I forgot a lot people so if you think you should be on here and you’re not, please tell me (like if we’re friends) cause I’m so sorry like my mind had a mental breakdown or something but I fucking love you all :-).


Thanks rooh-afza for tagging me in the 6 selfie challenge. You are absolutely stunning. 💕 I would like to nominate mvshvl shivkebab muneebb thealchemisticpoet pallxlxvi raddsilver lana-fucking-delrey je-renonce thethoughtsicantspeak vivalamas chxrdxffy little9ina 5abiguy dupatta-diva paradoxdil enj0yitbecauseitshappening perf3cti0n violent-choices dreamwitheyes0pen and anyone else who sees this hehe. Muah love you all 😘😘

levi-delrey asked:

So you need headcanons? Well honey, I got one for you! I really love the idea of Eren just totally worshiping Levi's body. But like super slow and gentle before they have really slow sensual sex. Like he takes the time to give Levi a full massage, just pampering him, giving him small kisses along the way. I like to think they both do this to each other now that I think about it~

BBURINGRED’S FOLLOW HALLOWEEN!; this is awkward because this is a sideblog so it won’t even say i’m following any of you

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