Introducing OB Crack: Art Attacks! (1/?)

What happens when you put an artist, a hilarious crack video editor and a writer together? This. This is a collab project between myself, obcrack & cheeky-geek-m0nkey that will feature ridiculous mini comics, animations / videos, and Clone Club shenanigans for your enjoyment. We might also be collaborating with the obspec team & more fabulous minds in the future to make the most ridiculously scripted shit you’ve ever seen.

This is a test comic to see if Clone Club would like more of this silliness. So if ya dig it, reblog it! Also, send us prompts or ideas for future comics, we’ll keep track of them and make it happen! Xx

Well, they’re [Cosima & Delphine] not on show; they’re not on display for the male gaze. They’re not sexualised in that way but they are sexual with each other and they’re intimate and, you know, whether Delphine identifies as bisexual, or whatever; however she identifies herself, she’s open to loving Cosima and there’s no question. It’s about the love between them; it’s not about the fact they’re two women.
—  Tatiana Maslany on bisexual representation in Orphan Black - GLAAD, 2015.

What if Cosima gets sick again and she’s thinking about doing a risky procedure that may save her but has a high risk of killing her. Before she goes in Delphine tries to stop her, “ I can’t lose you.” Cosima looks at her with the saddest eyes and replies, “You already have.” Before she is wheeled into the operating room.

The “Everything would be easier if you simply called Delphine” post

There are military trained Castor clones after us. Should we call Delphine who can easily get us elite bodyguards and even us move us into a safe and well guarded place? Nah. Let’s literally do nothing

We have a dead Castor body in our apartment. Do we call Delphine who can easily clean up this mess and give us the resources needed to get to the bottom of this?

We have difficulties with money. Do we call Delphine and convince her to quite rightly give us monetary compensation for the way DYAD has interfered in our lives? Lol no let’s become drug dealers

We have a led on the Castor clones. Do we give the picture and information to Delphine so she can use her vast resources to track them down ? Nah.

I have a lead on the military trained assassin Castor clones. Do I inform Delphine so she can send me a full team for support? Nah. I will just call Art, then I will ditch him and will go alone and unarmed in a barn in the middle of nowhere

Hey Sarah is kidnapped. Do we immediately tell Delphine so she can mobilize a whole army to track her down? Nah

Hmmm. I just found that the doctor in charge of the military unit I have devoted my life to is misusing the project to create a biological weapon. Do I contact Delphine who can use this information in combination with DYAD’s vast political connection to shut down everything? Nah. I think I will call my buddy from the military and rely on his strong ethics while I stage a mutiny