Let's Talk About Cophine

Typically I don’t participate in any speculation about an upcoming story line on a show but we received confirmation today that Delphine and Cosima will not be together in S3.

Ok.  That makes sense in the broader story line because shows don’t keep couples together.  I am excited to see if they will finally develop Delphine’s character.  Some people don’t like her or think she is weak.  I don’t think so and I hope Ebro has the opportunity to show that in S3.

Many people think that Cophine is the end game but I am concerned for a couple of reasons.  Ebro is the lead on X Company and it was renewed this week. Shooting schedules overlapped some this year and probably will next year as well.  X Company provides her the opportunity to show her depth and acting ability - more so than Orphan Black.  Plus she seems to enjoy acting in independent films.  Many actors thrive on variety and different challenges. Working on two shows doesn’t leave much time for other work.  

As much as I HATE to say it, Delphine dying in an attempt to save the Leda clones makes sense.  It redeems whatever she does to hurt Cosima and allows a proper send off for her character.

Despite my post, I remain optimistic.  My hope is that they will be back together by the S3 finale.  Maybe Shay will not be as she appears and Delphine figures it out.  

I feel better now that I have said it.  So, Cophine fans - stay strong and let’s have hope!!!

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i’m skeeved out by leekie as much as the next person but i get so frustrated when people ignore or want to ignore that he and delphine definitely had a thing going—i get frustrated that the show seems to be content to sweep it under the rug. i feel like it just ignores so many juicy points of extrapolation about who she is, and where she is coming from. it’s such an important part of her character, she was in deep with the enemy, she used to (still does?) passionately believe in the ideals of that crusade, she climbed the ranks and sat at the top with its figurehead. you saw how delphine’s eyes lit up at the idea of assuming that position herself, even when it was rachel duncan offering it; she could smell the trap, but she still took the bait. yes, she loves cosima, and yes, she wants to prove herself to her, but in her head, i don’t think that means dropping dyad. delphine has so many points of inner conflict and dubious grey areas, and it is so, so important to remember that, that these are not two different delphines, the “before cosima” and the “after cosima,” but are in fact the same exact person, that this one individual contains these multitudes that are not mutually exclusive, and not lose that to some whipped caricature of her. she’s not some dewy-eyed lamb, she is a grown ass woman with ambitions for power within a worldwide eugenical organization. being in love with a product of that does not negate that; in fact it kind of codifies it. she is arguably as in love with cosima the human as she is cosima the experiment, and she doesn’t trouble herself with trying to separate the two.