I believe you must be madly in love with cinema to create films. You also need a huge cinematic baggage. —Jean-Pierre Melville

What I have to say is very simple and very short: He’s the greatest director I’ve had the good fortune, pleasure and honor to work with up to this point. It’d take too long to explain. He’s wonderful. He knows more about cinema than anyone. He’s the greatest director I know, the greatest cameraman, the best at framing and lighting, the best at everything. He’s a living encyclopedia of cinema. —Alain Delon on Jean-Pierre Melville

Jean-Pierre Melville: portrait en neuf poses

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1. I once bought a ticket for the meeting with Alain Delon but in the last moment he cancelled everything

2. I saw the exact copy of the robot from Metropolis by Fritz Lang

3. I have a big collection of books about moviestars, currently reading “Natalie” by Lana Wood

4. My favorite season is spring

5. I love listening to soprano voices, they sound angelic


61 (other) actors who have never won a competitive Academy Award for acting

(and probably should have)