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Title: The Color of Friendship

Year: 2000

Run Time: 87 minutes


television film based on actual events about the friendship between two girls; Mahree & Piper, one from the United States and the other from apartheid South Africa, who learn about tolerance and friendship.


The film was directed by Kevin Hooks, based on a script by Paris Qualles, and stars Lindsey Haun and Shadia Simmons.

The film was based on a short story called “Simunye” written by the real-life Piper Dellums about a South African girl named Carrie coming to stay with her family. Dellums writes that she lost touch with Carrie after she returned to South Africa and does not know what happened to her. In “Simunye”, Piper speculates that Carrie may have been murdered for her anti-racist views by being beaten to death or disappeared along with a number of other anti-Apharteid activists.

The movie was met with overwhelming praise, and was played on the Disney Channel several times throughout 2000 and 2001. After this, the channel stopped airing the movie for unknown reasons. However, beginning in 2006, Disney Channel began airing the movie annually in early February, to correlate with Black History Month.A VHS was released early in 2002, and included the film, as well as the music video for “Galaxy is Ours” from Zenon: The Zequel. This has been long out of circulation, and Disney Channel rarely airs or sells DCOMS from before 2004.

My Thoughts: This is my absolute favorite Disney DCOM. It teaches a lesson that can even be learned today. That we’re all the same…no matter what our skin color is. There is no need for discrimination, hate, prejudice and racism. Everyone can live happier if we can just accept one another for our differences. 

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43) Do you have any nicknames?

Kili,Chili„Vodka,Wurst (don’t ask why I got vodka and wurst as nicknames)

2) If you could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?

Erik Todd Dellums

19) What does your URL mean?

….. Legion and the raider…. doesn’t it explain itself already?

Raider: A female raider who self slaves,take drugs and all that kind of things

Legionary: A male Legionary which sometimes appears as a ghoul/marked men and a normal human

Two weeks ago, in the midst of all these polls about people being concerned about the military budget, my colleagues, in four hours and forty minutes, with time off for lunch in the middle, passed a $255.1 billion military budget. Now, you tell me anybody can intelligently debate a quarter of a trillion-dollar budget in four hours and 40 minutes? The vote was 40 to 3….Do you think, on a ratio of 40 to 3….that the American people want to spend a quarter of a trillion dollars on the military budget? But that’s how far away my colleagues are from the American people. Maybe we’ve arrived at a point where this system does not serve us well. I don’t see anything sacrosanct about the two-party system.
—  U.S. Representative Dellums discussing the Reagan’s authoritarian military program in May 1982