Man shoots computer out of frustration, gets a police citation

This guy is my hero. He was so sick of his computer not working properly that he decided to shoot it. When all was said and done, he got a citation by the police for discharging a firearm within the city limits. Sheesh.

From The Smoking Gun (Seriously):

A Colorado man who has been “fighting with his computer for the last several months” unloaded a volley of shots into his Dell tormentor, resulting in the death of the computer and him being cited for discharging a firearm, cops report.
According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, officers responding last night to a 911 call about shots fired discovered that a “fed up” Lucas Hinch took his computer into a back alley and “fired 8 shots into the computer with a handgun, effectively disabling it.”
Hinch, 38, was cited for discharging a firearm within city limits, according to a police blotter entry that includes the summary description “Man Kills His Computer.”
When asked about the shooting, Hinch told TSG, “I just had it,” adding that he tired of the balky computer’s “blue screen of death.” Hinch said that he whacked the computer with a 9mm Hi-Point pistol recently purchased from a Craigslist seller. The gun was seized by police, who left the computer behind.

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Several things:

1) I’ve wanted to do this so many times.

2) He got a ticket? Whose rights were violated exactly?

3) This is terrible publicity for Dell.

4) He bought the gun off of Craigsist even though Craigslist does not permit the sale of firearms.

5) The gun was seized by police? Under what statute? Did they have a warrant?

6) You really should click on “Read the Rest.” After all, they were clever enough to write this sentence:

The late Dell XPS 410 model, seen in the above police evidence photo, is survived by a monitor and a keyboard.


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Computer Status Update

None of the drives in my computer are boot-able according to the BIOS. On top of all of that my computer is refusing to boot from the recovery drive that dell graciously sent me when this happened before(this is the 3rd time I have had a dell computer kill itself). Every attempt that I have made so far to try to get it to boot has not been fruitful. By the looks of it there won’t be any videos coming out this week because of this and potentially next week as well depending upon when I manage to get this thing to finally boot again.

Microsoft Forty Years Old: A Brief History

On April 4, 2015 Microsoft turned forty. With companies in the world of technology rising and falling 40 years is an eternity. Over the past forty years Microsoft has been a stalwart in the industry but like any other company that has been around that long it had the normal ebbs and flows.

In the Beginning

Between 1974 and 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen both dropped out of college, Gates from Harvard and Allen from the University of Washington. Childhood friends they came back together the summer of ’74 working at Honeywell. Early in 1975 they developed an interpreter for the Altair 8800 microcomputer. Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS) the maker of the Altair 8800 agreed to distribute the interpreter.


In April of 1975, Microsoft was established. The name Micro-Soft is a combination of microprocessor and software. In 1980, Microsoft started its OS business with a version of UNIX called Xenix. Microsoft purchased 86-DOS, an OS from Seattle Computer Products, which was used as the OS in a contract with IBM. One of the most significant events in the history of computer technology, IBM patented the hardware and BIOS but they never applied the restriction to the OS. This was the turning point and eventually the main factor in making Microsoft the multinational corporation it is today and Bill gates the richest person in history.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office a suite of office productivity applications was introduced in 1990. The now well know Microsoft Word and Excel applications was sent into the world and with the Windows 3.0 OS, Microsoft became the most dominant technology company that the world has ever seen.

World Wide Web

The beginnings of the public wide internet as we know it came with the introduction of MSN services and Internet Explorer. In 1995 Microsoft was already a dominant force in tech and with the introduction of these applications solidify its dominance.


In early 2000, Bill Gates stepped down as CEO and Steve Ballmer took the reins. In 2001, Windows XP OS and the Xbox gaming system were released. Windows XP one of the most popular operating systems ever made is still used by millions. Xbox was a popular system but was overshadowed by the very popular Sony PlayStation console.


The much anticipated Windows Vista was released in 2007 alongside Microsoft Office 2007. The Vista OS was critically torn apart by many and with the popularity of XP never gained traction. In 2008, the EU imposed one of the biggest fines $1.4bn in history. The fine was heavily focused on how Microsoft used its monopoly to block competition.

Turn Around

In 2008, Microsoft took its first major steps in cloud computing with its Azure Services Platform. The following year the release of Windows 7 OS and Microsoft retail stores were launched. Windows 7 a complete revamp of their OS after its predecessor Windows Vista which was probably the worst misstep of Microsoft.  


In 2007, Apple started the revolution in smartphones becoming the first major brand to release a smartphone as we know it today. Google followed suit the following year and has subsequently surpassed Apple as the number mobile OS maker with its Android operating system. Microsoft has never gained much acceptance in the mobile market with little or no share of the multi-billion dollar market.

Cloud Computing

In 2011, Microsoft Office 365 was released. The software as a service business model provides the well-known office suite as a subscription giving consumers and businesses access to the Microsoft eco-system locally and on through the web. System Architects which provides Managed IT Services in Toronto has seen a steep move to Office 365. Their Private Cloud Hosting division has also seen services like Exchange move offsite and into the cloud. Companies have been switching the full Office suite of Office 365 products which provides a standardized, cost effective approach to keeping their end users versioned with the most current application with the additional benefit of accessibility from anywhere via the web. One of the key features of Office 365 is the ability to purchase one license and have it on multiple devices at the same time.

Make Over

Satya Nadella replaced Steve Ballmer as CEO. Nadella who previously led the Cloud and Enterprise division at Microsoft is believed to be what Microsoft needed to reinvigorate Microsoft. Ballmer and Gates while they took Microsoft to new levels over the past decades were thought to be of the old school of thought. Since taking over Microsoft of two major acquisitions, Nokia Devices and Mojang the makers of Minecraft were acquired in 2014. Nadella has also been at the helm for the major change with Microsoft licensing. Devices of under nine inches will get Windows OS and Microsoft Office for free. This move is a push by Microsoft to get into the very competitive mobile and tablet market. Also, the announcement of Windows 10 and the ability to upgrade for free is seen as a drastic shift in Microsoft’s business model.

What’s Next?

For Enterprise customers the biggest change is the end of life announcement of Windows Server 2003 in July of this year. System Architects has seen a big surge in interest in server purchases and inquiries in Private Cloud Hosting solutions. Companies have much more choices when it comes to a refresh of their systems. With Lenovo buying up the IBM System X line of servers as well as Dell and HP not to mention the popularity of having your servers hosted and the robustness of virtualisation. Companies with the help of System Architects Consulting division can make the best choice for their requirements without breaking the budget.

Written by:

Justin Roopnarine

System Architects Inc.

Colorado Springs resident Lucas Hinch took his Dell XPS 410 out into the alley behind the building where he lives and runs a homeopathic herb store, pulled out his 9mm handgun, and put eight bullets through the PC, in cold blood. … [He] was ticketed for shooting his gun in Colorado Springs city limits.

This man is a hero of the revolution.