Requested by decodemyrequiem: Ghost Whisperer 2x19 “Delia’s first ghost

Delia: "Who were you just talkin’…? What is up?
You know, the other day, you called somebody charlie, and now you’re talkin’ to yourself.”
Uh, actually I’m — I’m glad that you brought that up.”
Delia: "Okay."
Melinda: “Uh, you know, sometimes, when you… *sighs* You know how you think that I… How do I say this?”
Delia: “Oh my God. Are you pregnant? You’re pregnant, aren’t you?”
Melinda: “No. No, I’m not pregnant. I see ghosts.”
Delia: “You’re kidding, right?”
Melinda: “No. No, I’m not kidding, actually.”
Delia: “That’s insane. Why would… why would you tell me this?”
Melinda: “Because you have a ghost attached to you.Look, Delia, I know how you feel about this stuff and I really… I really didn’t wanna have to tell you but the reason that I am is because the ghost that’s attached to you… is Charlie.”
Delia: “Oh my God. Oh my God. You told Ned this, didn’t you?”
Melinda: “Yes but he already knew because he had seen me talking to one once. And I know that I should have told you first and I’m so sorry.”
Delia: “How dare you mess with my kid like that? He thinks his dad’s ghost is here. I heard him talking to him, for God’s sake.”
Melinda: “But he was. Ch- Charlie…”
Delia: “Stop. Stop it. You need help. You need help, Melinda. And if you ever… ever… talk to my son again, so help me God… How many times did I walk in here and see you talking to yourself or acting all jittery? And I never said a word, never. I just thought you were quirky. Turns out you are… nuts. By the way, I quit. “

Yeah, my husband was really excellent at forgetting our anniversary, too.
And it didn’t really matter that much, or at least that’s what i told myself.
And i would drop hints all the time, but it never worked.
And finally one day i just looked at him and i said, Charlie, what the hell is it about our anniversary? Why won’t you just remember it and get it over with? And he looked at me, and he smiled, and said:
Because it’s just one day. What’s one day when you compare it to being married to you every single day?
—  Delia Banks
(Ghost Whisperer - The Night We Met)