This is why I think I should be a Delevingner:

  • I’m lovely to all my followers
  • I’m professional, how about that?
  • I have always wanted to be in a promo group
  • I would like to have tumblr friends with the same interests as me
  • We could all cry together because of 1D, cara and other fandoms!
  • I really love one direction, harry bb but my blog is mainly cara, and sometimes cararry 
  • I’m active active active
  • I have a lot of followers, now I have more than 1.5k
  • Cara is my life, and she is on my everyday thought. 
    She’s perfection in human form 

Heeeeeeey there (:

well, i’d like to be a delevingner cause we could all be fabulous and fangirl about cara :D

and i’d like cool tumblah friends and i know about editing and html so i could help, i am nice too so if anyone’s in trouble i could help too; but i can be a bitch if someone mess with us

aaaaand, um i could bring food when partyblogging yay (: and i have this funny gifs

i had other funny gifs, but they wouldn’t load, so, if i get in, you could see them huh? (; 

well i guess that’s all, but here’s cara (:

(as you can see i have cool gifs so, that could be a plus, right? :) haha)

Why I should be a Delevingner.

ok first of all

  • i love cara
  • i love harry
  • i love zayn
  • i love liam
  • i love louis 
  • i love niall 
  • i love basically a bunch of celebrities

i’m a multifandom blog and i love to edit photos of celebrities and like a lot of people 

i’m really active i have no social life

i don’t have a bunch of followers bc I just started this blog like yesterday lols

i’m pretty good at html but i can’t start from scratch??? im so basic 

i’m not a bitch i can be really friendly and funny apparently as my internet friends tell me

i want some more friends 

i can be a big help to a lot of different things involving photoshop if u need it :~)

yeah that’s basically it pls let me be a delevingner

To:Delevinger (HI guys! :)

Okay well this is the post where i say why I should be picked for to be a Delevinger, and welp here goes. Well firstly im on tumblr 25/8 haha. okay not really but im on tumblr alot. Like ALOT. Any waking moment of any day of any month of any year of all my life, that i can be on I am. My cousin's like to call it me having no life, but honestly i just see it as a normal way of living you know? Well any who  also im a One Direction blog (YAY!!!) and love talking to people and making new friends, but doesnt everyone? so i guess thats not exactly a good reason because im sure everyone says that. :) I also love helping people and giving advice any chance i can get so thats a plus right? Im not gonna say im this sweet angel because if im super comfortable with someone i can be that friendly, playful bitchy where we act snarky with eachother and stuff but besides that I honestly believe im a good and nice caring person. Im not gonna lie im not that advanced in tumblr even though ive had it for a loooong time, but hey you start someone right? Also i think you guys are pretty cool people, and helpful to and i think it would be cool if i got to know you guys and get on that friendship level. Ive met alot of amazing people on tumblr which im grateful for so why not meat more? Lastly a little about me. Im gonna be honest im a loser haha but the fun kind. Im slow to say the least sometimes im one od the last ones to catch on, im a loser, weird definetly weird. ill literally sometimes just say the dumbest, most random stupid things, and also i can be cheesy which i find funny because i do it purposefully to my friends but all these things make me me and im damn proud of them :) Well thats it really i guess. I really hope you guys atleast consider me being a Delevinger because omg Cara is just great i swear she’s weird quirky and gorgeous. But yea like i said i hope you consider me and maybe possibly even choose me? but even if you dont it’s all good in the hood. okay BYE. :)

(that last line idek)

I would like to be in theDelevingner’s because I live in Ausrtralia so I’m on 2 months of holidays and I’m sick so I do like nothing. I love to chat (especially on tiny chat and Skype), I really want to make new friends that I can talk to everyday, I love 1D but most of my other fav music artists are not as common and yeah I just really want to meet new people :) 

Why do I deserve to be in the Delevingners Promo Group?(;

  • I’m Def fab.
  • True on that, Homes.
  • I have many followers(;
  • 1D Blog
  • Well mostly 1D, but I throw some random stuff here and there
  • I’m Funny(;
  • I have a penis
  • I’m just kidding about the last part
  • Did I mention I’m FABUU?
  • Oh I did oops.
  • Adding me would be very beneficial for the promo group(;
  • And I’m ugly. How bout that.
  • Psjha;lsfj.. idk I’m always on here!
  • Alright well. Thanks loves, hope you consider meee(: ♥

-Bre♥ Xx(:

(I might have Zayn’s penis, maybe not. Put me in the group and you’ll find out;)

The Delevingner’s

I should be one because:

  • I’m very active. 
  • I think I’m nice to people
  •  I’m obsessed with Cara it’s not even healthy.
  • We share the same obsession.
  •  We can braid each other’s hair asdfghjkl 
  • ^^^ WUT 
  • I’d love to make new friends because you know internet friends » real life friends. 
  • I have a weird name and idk why I said that but okay.