Standard & Poor’s Is Near Costly Settlements With U.S.

Standard & Poor’s Is Near Costly Settlements With U.S.

The credit rating agency has struck two tentative deals, one with state regulators and the Securities and Exchange Commission, and one for $1.37 billion with the Justice Department and state attorneys general.

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So to make up for the hecked up post lets have some kink stuff yea?
Bot and human in the middle of fragging, human has straddle their spike and is just grinding down on it with bots guidance. They’ve actually got quite a bit of it inside them, and they love it. Bot can feel them getting close to cumming, but just as they do like right as they fall over human shoots up thier spike like they’re on their tippy toes and their is still some inside them, bot’s slides them back down and human…

They are stuck in orgasm. Bot is actually vibrating their spike subtly and makng it hard for their body to actually ‘cum’ the right way. Human is taught and stretched,t heir orgasm is like a tiny blocked stream, you get a lil at a time. Bots spike vibration is preventing it from hitting them full force.
Bot chuckles at their shocked expression and gently starts circling their sweetspots and talking dirty to them.

“Do you want to come?”
Human is so distraught and delerious they can’t respond past a frantic nod and some mewling, they can’t speak their voice is cracking they’re embarrased.
“Yes or no? Talk.”
Bot doing barely there thrusting, still talking and human is just ready to tear their hair out because COME ON I NEED THIS PLEASE STOP YOURE KILLING ME
“Want me to fill you up? Use you and throw you aside? Or maybe I should see how long your orgasm lasts, coming to you like a vapor.”
Human shakes thier head, tears in their eyes because they wanna cum so bad like holy shit play fair.

Bot finally stops the vibration after teasing their human a bit longer, orgasm hits them like a freight train. Human slumped over, sobbing, babbling, begging, pleading.
Bot has to curl around their human dand calm them down because their human is a literal mess holy shit. Covered in transfluid and their own cum.

Illinois peeps, check out – A Heated Path Toward S.&P.’s Legal Settlement With Prosecutors

An overflow crowd of government regulators spent a day last month ticking off their demands before eventually negotiating a $1.37 billion settlement of an array of lawsuits against S.&P..

A Heated Path Toward S.&P.’s Legal Settlement With Prosecutors

A Heated Path Toward S.&P.’s Legal Settlement With Prosecutors

An overflow crowd of government regulators spent a day last month ticking off their demands before eventually negotiating a $1.37 billion settlement of an array of lawsuits against S.&P.

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Since When Are Your Phone Calls Private, Goverment Lawyer Asks


MANHATTAN (CN) – Since Americans expect their phone companies to keep records of their calls, they have no basis to challenge the National Security Agency’s mass collection of that data, a lawyer for the government argued Friday.


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anonymous asked:

No pressure because I totally understand but do you have any idea as to when the next chapter of life unplanned will be? I love it so much!!

Yo I keep trying to answer all of these that I get, and then I realize I don’t have a solidified answer to give. Its currently 4:48 am, I’ve been up since 3, I have an 8 am class, that’s five hours long, and just an unreal amount of work to do. And this has just been my every day for the past few weeks, and I think its going to be that way for a little while longer.  Finals suck, reviews such, design school sucks, I have no life. Also I’m 95% sure I’m slowly losing my mind. 

All I want to do is write, but I’m really trying to focus school. So basically the answer is, I don’t know. The latest a new chapter will go up is like may 15th? so two weeks, but I’m really going to try to figure something out before that. Plus writing is like a break for my brain when it comes to all of this design crap. But the good news is once, I’m done with school, things will be back full force, you’ll be getting multiple fics a week.

But like thanks for being understanding, and really nice and sweat, and just like, cool. Im going to go back to work, and pray that my brain doesn’t turn to complete mush by the end of this semester. 

anonymous asked:

Robot double penetration from Bumblebee and Sideswipe. Like, I have no idea what else to say because UGH THE IMAGE IS SO GOOD


Sideswipe has to hold their arms up and jack them off cuz Bee is entering them and they go limp cuz Bee is so SWOLE like damn. Bee presses his forehead and tells them how good they’re doing this and human is just fucked delerious cuz they do the whole alternating thrust thing so when Sideswipe is leaving Bumblebee is coming in to WRECK IT
They come at the same time filling their human and they growl and hold the human down on their spikes and just fill them with cum and kiss them and stroke them while human is just exhausted and babbling because they are just full of cum and so horny they need MOAR

i did it i submitted yuri/serena or purplemoonshipping or whatever to the olympics now i need to find more people to do things w me because ive snagged ru (somehow she hates cherryblossom eyebrows i thought)

if i get prof and tenny tahts a full team but im ok wi more

please forgive my typing ive been awake for 24 hours straight at this point. It is probably rhe reason ive decided to do this

anonymous asked:

I didnt get home until 3:30am and I had to wake up by 5. All I wanted was a michael hug. Someone hold me I'm so delerious omg

aaww babe I’m so sorry!!! I hope you drank some coffee or got in a nap on your way to wherever you had to go. I’m so sorry. I hate when i dont get at least 5 hrs of sleep.

Going to go scoot around on my penny which is a bad idea for two reasons. One being, it needs new wheels. Second being I’m on the latter half of trying to remain awake for 24 hours straight to fix my internal clock to waking hours. Full on delerious. I’ll report back later, possibly.