Lawcon - Deep Space Dredd! (Judge Dredd Megazines 3.76-79)

Dredd attends the first Galactic Law Enforcement Convention, with his hand-picked team of Judges. But when delegates start disappearing, it’s up to Mega-City's finest to get to the bottom of the mystery..

The heat gets turned up further when a despotic planet-conquering  alien species, who refer to themselves as the Lawlords, arrive with their own brand of ‘justice' which equates to little more than thuggery and gangsterism.

As the huge, arrogant bullies, the Lawlords, start pushing everyone around at the convention, and advising the delegates to adopt their Law, before it is imposed on them, anyway, a much more sinister, uninvited guest is gradually imposing their own will on the unsuspecting visitors…

  • The delegates arrive at the very first Galactic Law Enforcement Convention.
  • Judge Dredd briefs his small, specialised squad of Judges: Senior Judge Castillo, Kuan, Heffer, Smith and Intelligence Officer PSU's Roffman, on their mission.
  • After Dredd is attacked by Sov Judge Bukov, Roffman launches himself at the East Meg thug. Berated by Dredd for retaliating, the tricky Roffman informs his superior that he just needed to get close to Bukov so that he could plant a listening device. Dredd praises Roffman's actions and apologises!
  • Meanwhile Judge Castillo is begged for aid to help a lowly delegate who claims someone is in trouble. But when Castillo gets there she realises she has been lured into a trap, and is swarmed by dozens of diminutive attackers!
  • The Lawlords make their presence felt at the convention, by basically threatening anyone with overwhelming force and planetary conquest unless they agree to their brutal idea of justice. ‘Castillo' returns, acting a little strangely, persuading Kuan to leave his post, so she can “show him something.”. Reluctantly he agrees and follows her to a frozen airlock, where he sees bodies of many of the delegates hanging, and realises too late that he is no longer with the real Castillo..
  • Elsewhere, the aliens that have taken over ‘Castillo”s body, have been detected by some sharp detective work by the Mega-City team. The species are known to be c-nidarius,not a single creature in fact, but a multitude: trillions of tiny polyps coalescing into a single entity capable of absorbing the intelligence of it’s host, even higher lifeforms, enabling it to mimic behaviour - to walk, to talk - like an exact copy of the original.
  • Mega-Cities’ Mash-Up! MC-1 Judge Heffer & Brit-Cit's Judge Jericho stand back-to-back to fight off a legion of alien life-forms created by the group mind of c-nidarius .
  • Thanks to Roffman's audio bug, Dredd and a consortium of world Judges discover a plot by the East-Meg party to join forces with the Lawlords allowing them a foothold on Earth, naively expecting them to play a mere ‘advisory’ role in the running of the planet. Dredd knows better, he recognises a bully when he sees one, and tells the Lawlords,in no uncertain terms, invitation from East-Meg 2 or not, if they set one foot on Earth he will cut it off, in fact were they to come within 10 light years of Earth - he’d stop them. Dead! The bristling Lawlord, initially outraged, sees the sincerity in Dredd's eyes, and the authority in his voice, wisely decides to back down: “You’re a very unpleasant little human!”. Dredd: “You don’t know the half of it, pal!”
  • Having discovered that the c-nidarius lifeforce shows up on infra-red, the combined Judicial forces aboard the Galactiplex Corporation craft soon mop up any resistance from the aliens’ duplicates, the Mega-City One contingent being ruthlessly efficient.
  • Before leaving, Dredd gives the Lawlords one final warning about coming anywhere near Earth, but having just witnessed the Mega-City Judges in action, they agree to recommend their Supreme Council that Earth be allowed to continue under it’s own governance, free of interference. “Good make sure they listen.”, retorts Dredd. As the various ships leave the huge spacecraft, aboard the earthbound vessel, Mega-City Judge Smith jokingly remarks; “What d’you think, be back for Lawcon 2?”. Dredd replies emphatically, “Believe me, Smith, there is not going to be a Lawcon 2.”

Lawcon (Megs 3.76-79,1Apr-1Jul’01). John Wagner (a). Richard Elson (a).

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Five Days in Ferguson

A delegation from the People’s Power Assembly movement went to Ferguson, Mo, to ask the community about their experience in the murder of Michael Brown and the subsequent police violence.

Video produced by People’s Video Network

Sagittarius: Weekly (Starting on September 1)

People keep coming to you for answers on Monday. It’s like you’re on a quiz show or something. The truth is, they just want an excuse to talk to you. They love you, you know. Tuesday and Wednesday, much as you love everyone right back, all you want to do is be alone. It’s not because you’re mad or gloomy; it’s just that you’re in a dreamy space and you don’t want to have to explain yourself to anyone. And that’s perfectly understandable. But Thursday and Friday, someone grabs you by the arm and pulls you into a social situation. Lo and behold, you have an incredible time. Saturday and Sunday, save your pennies.

Career & Finance

Be sure to let your boss and other pertinent parties in on the major planning, projections and paradigm-shifting you’re up to at the beginning of the week. Delegate the day-to-day rather than letting it slide. Work relationships can really thrive around Wednesday and Thursday; you’ve got a golden interpersonal touch, making interactions with you fun and inspiring. Then take that email, presentation or nearly anything you’re expending effort on and cut it in half on Friday or over the weekend. Your message will be twice as clear.

Love & Relationships

You’re off in your own little world as the week gets going, and while your ample inner life is intriguing, know when to tune back into an important interaction (or a certain someone!). By around Wednesday and Thursday, the cosmic energy brings you right back to the present — and it looks very pleasant. Your goodwill and interest in others activates all sorts of sweet stuff. And a couple of your other unique qualities — your imaginative capabilities and your honesty, for example — come very much in handy in matters of the heart from Friday through the weekend.

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Hi Cliff! Im taking my nclex in a few days and i was wondering... Since you took it recently, what are some tips you can give me about taking this test? Lately ive been practicing and i notice that i know the content but i make such silly mistakes. I cant afford to do that on the exam :(

Lots of nursing shop talk below the readmore.

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Here are a few tips for helping my mornings run a little smoother:

-Dont talk to me.
-Don’t ask me stupid questions.
-Don’t share with me important information that you’re counting on me to remember.
-Don’t start delegating tasks to me as soon as I wake up. Especially if it’s my day off.

To put it simply, don’t make a Fucking sound in my general direction.


Communalism proposes a radically different form of economy – one that is neither nationalized nor collectivized according to syndicalist precepts. It proposes that markets and money be abolished and that land and enterprises be placed increasingly in the custody of the community – more precisely, the custody of citizens in free assemblies and their delegates in confederal councils. How work should be planned, what technologies should be used, how goods should be distributed are seen as questions that can only be resolved in practice. The maxim “from each according to ability, to each according to need” is taken as a bedrock guide for an economically rational society, provided to be sure that goods are of the highest durability and quality, that needs are guided by rational and ecological standards, and that the ancient notions of limit and balance replace the capitalist imperative of “grow or die”.
—  Economy of Communalism; Wikipedia
I shouldn't take the holiday so literally

For us Americans, it’s Labor Day today, a holiday dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. For me, it’s yet another day to work my ass off for free at home. Anybody bored? I’ve got a ton of ironing and dusting. Jeez, the little kiddos need to get big enough so I can more effectively delegate. The oldest is not home enough for me to properly work her to death. Ha.

Really, I’m happy to have another day to work down the never ending to-do list. Usually I’m going back to work right now and there’s a crap-ton of stuff I didn’t get finished over the weekend. Maybe the extra day will make me less crazy. Doubt it, though.

Evisceration is not for the faint of heart. Neither is menstruation. Yesterday took me to my knees at times, gritting my teeth against waves of pain and nausea. I’ve birthed one child without pain meds and passed five kidney stones: I’m actually pretty good at handling pain. But I’m getting real tired of your shit, uterus.

I promise I’m not as cranky as I sound. Or maybe I am. Oh well. Still happy to not be at work. Maybe I’ll make some cookies later.

(…) Nessuno sfugge alla propria storia. L’integrazione europea mosse i suoi primi passi nell’età della Guerra fredda, e ottenne i suoi primi, spettacolari, successi, grazie a una divisione dei compiti: gli europei poterono concentrare i loro sforzi sull’integrazione economica perché la difesa armata dell’Europa e tutte le decisioni importanti nelle questioni militari erano delegate agli americani. La Guerra fredda è finita da venticinque anni circa ma in tutto questo periodo l’Europa non ha dato segni di sapersi muovere unita, e in autonomia dagli Stati Uniti, sui problemi della sicurezza.
Anche agli europei, dunque, serve un’America che, anziché limitarsi a constatare di non avere una strategia, sia di nuovo capace di darsela, e non solo per quanto riguarda il Califfato.

an au of an au, and it’s based off an avril lavigne song… yeah i feel it

(souda dragged hinata there bc souda promised sonia he’d come and he didn’t wanna go by himself)

The Constitutional Convention did not get off to an auspicious start. For the first twelve days, they convened only to adjourn until the following day because not enough states were represented.

But by May 25, 1787, delegations from seven states had arrived in Philadelphia, and the Convention at last had the necessary quorum to conduct business. By the Convention’s close, there would be a total of 55 delegates, but only 30 of them were present on the first day of business.

Those 30 delegates made three fateful decisions on the first day of the Convention. In a move that signaled the importance of the work before them, they first unanimously selected George Washington to preside over the Convention’s proceedings. The delegates’ collective knowledge of the theory and practice of government also led them to appoint a committee to draft standing rules of order for the Convention. Finally, they designated Major William Jackson to be the Convention’s secretary.

Jackson would prove to be rather lax in his recordkeeping duties. Much of what we know about the creation of the Constitution comes from journals kept by other participants, most notably James Madison.

On the first page of Madison’s journal [above] of the proceedings of the Constitutional Convention, he recorded the delegates who made up that initial quorum and the states they represented.

Massachusetts: Rufus King

New York: Robert Yates, Alexander Hamilton

New Jersey: David Brearly, William Churchill Houston, William Paterson

Pennsylvania: Robert Morris, Thomas Fitzsimons, James Wilson, Gouverneur Morris

Delaware: George Read, Richard Bassett, Jacob Broom

Virginia: George Washington, Edmund Randolph, John Blair, James Madison, George Mason, George Wythe, James McClurg

North Carolina: Alexander Martin, William Richardson Davie, Richard Dobbs Spaight, Hugh Williamson

South Carolina: John Rutledge, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, Charles Pinckney, Pierce Butler

Georgia: William Few