S/O to this lovely human. 

Ricky Gervais lent his voice, celebrity, and activism when he took to Facebook to support a petition to have a female black bear released and transported to a proper sanctuary under the care and delegation of the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

"Little Ricki" or "Ricky" was born in captivity, later purchased by James McDaniel, otherwise known as "Jim Mack", where he’s kept the bear housed in a concrete-floor cage living amidst inhumane conditions bereft of foraging, digging, climbing or exploring opportunities, without proper nest/denning materials. "Ricki" was also fed an inadequate and insufficient diet of dog food and corn purchased from public vending machines where it’s slipped into her cage through a half-pipe where it falls onto the same floor where she defecates and urinates.

Personal aside: I pay attention to animal abuse/rights, and certainly, there are many stories such as this or far worse I could share regularly with everyone (see my posts on Sea World or animal sentience, for instance). This particular news is a bit more personal to me on a local level, because this bear has been held captive and mistreated in an “entertainment attraction” called “Jim Mack’s”, a place to get ice cream, play miniature golf, and/or, observe and interact with the animals…one of which, was “Ricky”. It never sat well with me. Any time one of my friends had a birthday party there or my parents took us to visit as kids for mini-golf, all I could think of was how every single patron putting forth their money to this place was further endorsing this kind of mistreatment. 

York PA (my hometown in Southern Pennsylvania) neighbors Hallam, PA, where this attraction is located, so, I wasn’t terribly surprised when I browsed the comments section to see the support for this petition as well as the backlash from the jaded, narrow-minded residents around the area. After all, I was raised in this area of the country amidst this type of anti-intellectualism. Hallam was only about 5-10 minutes away from me, and Dover, the same. Dover, PA should ring a bell as ground zero for one of the biggest and memorable anti-evolution trials in the entire world: Kitzmiller vs Dover Area School District which put Intelligent Design front and center as a powerful force of ignorance and a forewarning to other states that religious fundamentalism is alive and well in the United States. PBS NOVA produced a special program on this called ‘Judgement Day: Intelligent Design on Trial’. 

Suffice it to say, being born and raised in Southern PA sparked the flame for my passion to drive science literacy and seek to be an ambassador for reason, skepticism, and critical thinking.

This motion to have “Ricky’ released is far overdue and well deserved. As the comment thread — seen here on the York Daily Record website — is indicative of people’s passion and empathy as fellow residents on this good Earth, but which also accompany comments of many who exhibit cognitive dissonance, lack of understanding regarding our relationship to the biodiversity of life we thrive alongside, presenting a reminder of how much work we have ahead of us as a collective society to extinguish this type of cruelty and negligence to all animals (including ourselves). 

Evidence of this can further be demonstrated when indulging in this brief interview with Jim Mack himself, as he clearly has a foggy understanding of what a bear is, how they thrive, what they eat, and most importantly, the purpose and function of animal sanctuaries in general. Interviews like this are performed and published by people of the York County community who like to instigate a warm and fuzzy nostalgic feeling supported by a “that’s the way my father did it” reinforcement of pseudo-values which have so warped the minds of society for generations. The interview is meant to be a little heartbreaking and invoke sympathy for poor Jimmy Mack who just wanted to take after his father and keep the caged animal menagerie of back-in-the-day roadside attractions alive and well. Not sorry I’m not sorry.

For insight into “Ricky’s” living conditions prior to the lawsuit and transfer of the bear out of Pennsylvania, see this video, which was filmed by the local residents of Hallam, PA who sought out the Animal Legal Defense Fund, whereby they collaboratively sued Jim Mack, accompanying a petition to reinforce this action

Thanks in major part to Ricky Gervais, the petition to speak for the health and future of this black bear acquired the signatures of 80,000+ people, shared over 20,000 times. 

So, where is “Little Ricki” now? 

Currently living in an introductory pen located inside 20 acres of open plains designed for bears at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Kennesburg, Colorado. Until Spring, that is, when “Ricky” will be free to explore the entire area. Photos here, courtesy of the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Video of “Ricky” at her new digs, here.

Pat Craig (Executive Director of the Wild Animal Sanctuary):

Ricky’s new habitat will be grass, ground, trees, and ponds. Through her pen, Ricky will be able grow accustomed to her surroundings and slowly meet the dozen or so other bears on the property…it gives her a chance to get used to the sights, sounds, and smells. When food is scarce, bears keep to themselves, but because the facility provides plenty of food for the bears, they are able to drop their guard and actually become sociable. Many of them don’t know they’re a lion or a tiger or a bear until they see another one. She’ll come out of her shell and really expand her horizons. Here, she’ll have so much more to do every day. It’ll definitely be a nicer life.

Needless to say, this is a very small step in the right direction for our society going forward. Although there numerous activities going on at this moment which trump in horror one bear and her life in captivity, these kinds of efforts embody the collective consciousness of us all. Stories of action and defense of lives who cannot rightfully speak for themselves provide necessary fuel to ignite further activity in other complacent facets of our society for subsequent generations.

So, once again, S/O and love to Ricky Gervais for extending his passion and providing a well deserved boost to a petition which may certainly have gone overlooked, falling short of voices who would have joined in this cause from places far and beyond the local community of Hallam, had they known about it. With Gervais’ help, it was spread widely, garnering the attention necessary to provide a new life to another, and it’s my hope, invoke a sense of kinship with a fellow mammal (Ricky G and Little Ricki, that is).

#LLAP, “Ricky”.

In December 1945, President Harry S. Truman appointed Eleanor as a delegate to the United Nations General Assembly, and the following April, she became the first chairperson of the preliminary United Nations Commission on Human Rights, playing an important part in drafting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. She stayed on at that position until 1953.

In early 1952, she undertook a personal tour through the Middle East, southern Asia, and the Pacific from February through the end of March. She stayed in India for a month, and from that experience wrote “India and the Awakening East,” in which she celebrated India’s first general elections as an independent nation:

“Though India has far to go, she has made a determined and inspired beginning. This new democracy seems to evoke the kind of passionate devotion among its leaders that our forefathers had for the democratic government they were establishing here. Perhaps this is one of the great contributions the young democracies can make to the older ones such as ours. We have grown stale; we are inclined to take everything for granted. We find it hard to go to vote if it means we have to walk a considerable distance or if, because of the crowds, we have to stand in line to cast our ballots…”

You can read more about her visit to India and the rest of her remarkable life at the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers project, supported by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, at

My friend texted me saying he got free tickets to a country show and he wanted to know how to mack on country but he’s so after a short but of delegation he’s sent me this. He’s gonna get it in imo

wateroracle said: Can i just say how I love that drinking is the default? Like, the pirate leaders sat down, one of them said “Hey, lets see which kid can hold the most liquor down and than send them to the most important delegation this year!” AND THE OTHERS AGREED

Hey, there’s access to alcohol at the summit. Being able to hold your liquor could be very important politically!

(Or else you can drag the pirates away from Hise, but you can’t take the Hise out of the pirate?)

i really really hate reading shit where they use italics or bolding to emphasize words

once in a while, okay, for really important words, but when they throw it around like candy…

He found he was not the only Dwarf who was curious about the Orcs. An acquaintance caught his eye and led him up to a balcony that overlooked the Orcish delegation. It was not crowded, but there were a fair number of Dwarves up there, just watching.

when i read this, i hear in my head “he found he was not the ONLY dwarf…” and “it was not CROWDED, but…”

its like randomly yelling random parts of a sentence. i get that theyre just trying to indicate the emphasis and flow of the sentence, but honestly that flow will happen naturally without any frills. if the sentence doesnt work the way i want it to, choose different words, i dont try and cover poop with gold paint.

this is the same reason why i cant make myself read comics that liberally use bolding. stresses me out, yo.


So, last year, we here at the cafe delegated the handling of Ragnarok to a few choice heroes. It… went about as well as you’d expect.

The cafe was temporarily, errrr, deleted from time and space unavailable, and I blogged on in the meantime.

But! We rebuilt and we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming, and, as ever, the ask box is open. Now featuring: Loki’s six terrifying children!

29/3/2015: King Abdullah II received the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, John Boehner, and his accompanying delegation to discuss Middle East issues.

The meeting, which was attended by Queen Rania and Prince Feisal, dealt with Jordanian-US ties and ways to enhance these, especially in political and economic fields, in addition to regional and international developments, top of which are efforts to combat terrorism and extremist ideology and achieve peace in the region. (Source: Petra)

anonymous asked:

So I notice in the pirate MC creation section, there's a choice about how you win your spot on the delegation and I was wondering if you could give any hints on how to unlock the different choices and if they affect anything at all. So far, I've only had luck getting the drinking contest.... D:

The drinking contest is the default, everyone can get it regardless of stats.

The other options depend on your stats. They are there to be fun, mostly. They don’t have any effect other than changing your personal back-story. 

As for hints:

Two of the options require the kind of skills you would imagine a pirate captain would need.

One of them requires being a nerdy pirate.

And the last is open to everyone, drink away, pirate children!

yojimbo25 asked:

Sethy sethy so sethy banana fana fo fethy, me my mo methy, sethy." - Britney Spears, while addressing the UN delegation over concerns about domestic abuse against women worldwide.

One of my favorite quotes, thank you so much. <3

anonymous asked:

Y'know It would be pretty badass if one of MC's backgrounds was as an undercover imperial assassin sent on a secret mission to the Summit, heh.

While that would be badass, I agree, it falls into a couple practical/story problems. Like the Skalt warrior, the skills in the game and the skills an Assassin would have are different. There’s no knowledge: poisons and skill: murder! Haha

Then there’s the story issues. The imperial assassins are low born people who are taken in as babies. (Orphans or just sold by their families). They are designed to work in secret and to draw no notice. 

Delegates are all high born and *very* public. It would be pretty much impossible to sneak someone low-profile into the delegation and just as impossible for someone who is high born to be one of the assassins. 

And then there are practical concerns. Delegation spots are really important, politically. And there are way better/easier ways to kill someone than at the summit. So I can’t see any leader of any country giving up one of their limited spots to try and assassinate someone that it would be much easier to kill somewhere else.

The only reason I can see it being even a little worth it is if you were trying to assassinate someone who never left the isle. But again, there’s not really a lot of benefit of that, because if someone never leaves the isle, how much of a threat could they be?

So, unfortunately, I don’t see anything like that happening :)

If an imperial assassin shows up as a character, it wouldn’t be in *this* game.


Bangtan Episode: Members’ Handshakes Style During Fan Meeting