'Arkham Knight' Delayed?

‘Arkham Knight’ Delayed?

Although rumors will be rumors, there’s a possibility that Arkham Knight may be delayed until next year. This news comes from a Bleedingcool report. Covering events of the 2014 Wondercon they [Rocksteady] were quoted as saying that “This is no longer as 2014 project, they reminded the audience, but a 2015 project.”

The head honchos at Rocksteady (developer’s studio) have not responded,…

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Snippet I didn’t get to share yesterday slash this morning because my computer decided actually functioning was too much trouble.  (Actually, I think it was just Chrome, it’s just that Chrome wouldn’t close so I just shut the whole thing down.)  An actual missing scene from Wake, instead of just backstory that apparently no one — wow, okay, evidently still bitter about weird comments.


He was aware from the soft fabric beneath his cheek, and the hard muscle beneath that, that he must have fallen asleep with his head in Obi-Wan’s lap, which under other circumstances he probably would have been embarrassed by but right now felt like the best idea he had had in months.  Obi-Wan, who like other crèche-raised Jedi didn’t have a problem with that sort of thing, had one hand in Anakin’s hair, the other resting on his shoulder, as though he couldn’t bear to let go of him.

I love you, Anakin thought dreamily, content to just lie here, wrapped up in the Force and Obi-Wan’s affection – untinged by the grief and the guilt that he had mostly gotten used to over the past two months.  There was something else, something new, but it was eclipsed by all the rest and Anakin forgot about it almost as soon as he had noticed it.

He blinked as the soft conversation going on over his head finally began to penetrate. “I’m awake,” he said, off Obi-Wan’s half-voiced protest.  He sat up, rubbing a hand over his bleary eyes as Obi-Wan braced him with a hand on his shoulder – stars, he doesn’t want to let go of you, does he? – and added, “What happened?”

Delayed || Roughley

Amber was sitting in the waiting room at Dr. Hamilton’s office. She called her sister to come with her, but she couldn’t make it, so she decided to go alone. Derek hadn’t made it back from New York yet, and she was a little sad he hadn’t. She knew it wasn’t his fault, so she couldn’t be that upset. They had been texting all morning but still he wasn’t back. She heard the nurse call her name, and she made her way to back feeling a little down.