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Hi! Can you talk to us about 'thumbs up, thumbs down'?


i have a motto: “everything is weird, nothing is weird.”  like, when you think about a thing hard enough you realize that most anything is really weird. and when you realize that, it puts things in perspective and it’s chill, because if everything is weird, nothing is weird.  except also everything is really freaking weird all the time.

thumbs up, thumbs down is like that.  and it’s also like “you take the good with the bad.”  and like how you can appreciate something and also be critical of that same thing.  it’s really important to view this world through a critical lens.  there is a lot of fucked up shit that largely remains invisible and needs to be exposed.  but if we sink too deep into how fucked up things are, it’s a miserable place to be.  we can learn to be critical and also appreciate the beauty in things.  and it’s also kind of like how you can be appreciating the fuck out of the beauty of something, and always sort of find the shit lining as well.  thumbs up.  thumbs down.



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