Arranged Marriage AU || ohxpishxposh

"Hurry up, darling, we need to be on our way to the prince’s castle." the queen said as she tried to wake up her daughter who was still asleep. She didn’t want this, of course, being forced into a marriage with a boy she had never met. Delanie was the princess of the Norwegian Kingdom and she was heading to meet the prince who was from France, if she remembered correctly.

Once she had stood up af stretched, the maids quickly began to get her dolled up for her big first impression. The corset, fancy hair and makeup. The corset was the worse part but she didn’t mind having nice hair and make up on. “Ow.. Not so tight.” She winced, holding her lower stomach from the tightness of the corset strings.

But when she was done, she wore a beautiful blue gown, and her hair down up with her brown curls flowing down. A small tiara was placed on her head and they headed out to meet the prince.



Afrofuturism appreciation post

We Made a Deal

Delanie and Colby were walking down a sidewalk, holding hands happily and laughing at each other’s jokes they told. They we’re on spring break of their senior year and sadly got accepted to different schools, so they would have to break up. Of course, Delanie was upset but they promised to keep in touch. 

As they walked down, Delanie kissed his cheek happily, knowing that they loved each other deeply. Then, she stopped and twirled a little in front of him. “Okay, Colby~ I have a proposition for you~” She cooed, holding her hands behind her back and leaning back and forth on her heals. “Wanna here it~?”