Come, mariner, down in the deep with me,
And hide thee under the wave;
For I have a bed of coral for thee,
And quiet and sound shall thy slumber be…
On a pillow of pearls thine eye shall sleep,
And nothing disturb thee there;
The fishes their silent vigils shall keep;
There shall be no grass thy grave to sweep,
But the silk of the Mermaid’s hair.
― The Mermaid’s Song, by Hannah F. Gould.

Artwork: The Gypsy Medina, by David Delamare.


One of my favorite artists, David Delamare. When I was a little girl and I saw some of his mermaid prints I dreamed of having one on my wall someday. What I loved about his depiction of these sea ladies was how real they seemed, not contrived like Ariel or the mer-people in Peter Pan, yet not frightening like the ones from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  Just perfect