growliere tagged me! I’m supposed to list 10 fave characters, 1 per fandom.

In no particular order, other than how they occurred to me (or when I finally got over my indecisions…)

- Rose Lalonde, Homestuck.
- Wiley Farrel, Forester Universe
- Rocket Raccoon, Marvel
- Peridot, Steven Universe
- Marjory Delacqua, Guild Wars (Only in 2, but my fave overall)
- Pantalaimon, His Dark Materials
- Hermione Granger, Harry Potter
Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
- Homura Akemi, Madoka Magica
- Hanji Zoe, Shingeki no Kyojin
- Rosalina, Super Mario

I identify super heavily with Rose and Wiley. Wiley because of his stance on political issues (plus he’s a fox so), and I’ll get back to Rose later. I identify more closely with Pearl than Peridot, but Peridot is extremely interesting, when you start playing with the ideas for the culture she was raised in.

Rocket’s just badass. And furry. So. Marjory for some of the same reasons as both Wiley and Rocket, plus like. Come on. She’s in a non-het relationship with her girlfriend, and the primary romance, in a relatively mainstream fantasy-tech setting? AND a film noir style detective with access to necromancy? PERF. 

My online handle is literally Pan, so like. Yeah. I think it’s Pan’s mental state through the books, bridging worlds, but I really don’t know? I just like him, and it’s been long enough that my reasons have probably changed, but Pan.

Hermione, Homura, and Hanji are here for much the same reason as Rose, so I’ll get back to that next. Rosalina literally took her mother “going up there” as meaning space, and so flew off into the stars, and is quite possibly immortal, in addition to being magic. I think it’s how genre-busting she is, in addition to that spacefaring gung ho mystic deal. 

Okay, as for Rose, Hermione, Homura, Hanji. They’re all driven in a pretty specific way. Rose and Homura seek to break the “natural order”, and both go so far as to reset the Universe to get what they want. There’s something extremely inspirational in this, the ultimate move in the human endeavour. Rather than sitting back and allowing an awful state of being to conquer you, you push every single limit. If something exists, it can be manipulated. Which is where we hit Hermione and Hanji. I haven’t read the canon Harry Potter stuff in forever, but I seem to recall her being, by far, the most creative in her use of magic. Coming up with some outside-the-box ideas for conventional witchcraft. You have a PHYSICS-DEFYING TOOL, after all. (Also, the final chapter of HPMOR). Hanji, meanwhile, seeks to understand the Titans, that they might be better destroyed, and dealt with. 

They, all 4 of them, act as scientists, studying and manipulating reality.

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