Therapeutic Touch by deklava | E | Complete

Lestrade is in the hospital, awaiting minor surgery. “Doctor” Mycroft Holmes performs some hot mouth to arse therapy.

Excerpt : “It’s been years since I donned a disguise. I forgot how amusing it is to become someone else for a while. Dr. Holmes. Hmm.”  

Lestrade flopped back against the pillows, enjoying the light dizziness. “I think I might have a medical kink,” he slurred.

My review : Costumes, smut, hospital rooms, what more could you want? A really good pure smut fic with absolutely no plot.

To Touch You Is To Know You

by deklava


Part of him- the dark side that made him rich and infamous- hopes that Sherlock changes his mind. Ian’s professional impartiality has never been so close to the brink of surrender before. The sharp-tongued and steely-eyed detective occupies his thoughts entirely too much these days. It can’t be good for business, although business is actually damned good.
The other part of him- the man but not the Man- is infatuated with the curly-haired almost-lover who crawls into his bed to escape the nightmares of daily life. He’s not sure how much of a future there is in their ‘relationship’ but he’s not averse to finding out.

I adore this whole story and its characters. It’s not Johnlock but it’s definitely a new fic ship for me. Yay.