I realized that I never advertised my twitter/skype/steam/anything here but my art bloggu.

Twitter: dekinaa

Skype: dekinaa

ooVoo: dekinaa

Steam: dekinaa (I don’t play as much as I should ;A; haven’t had time recently)

okay so I like to use the same name for everything to keep it consistent fuq yes

So feel free to add me for anything and it’s not awkward I like to talk to everyone maybe too much


Hey guys I hope you don't mind the sudden load of pink from my blog

I basically found a new focus for this blog and I call it “A Shitload of Pink, Girly stuff, Hello Kitty, and more stuff” omg I love girly things but I don’t act girly

And hey you know if you don’t like the pink, you can follow me on my other blog where I post my art?