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Deja View: Japanese Planet of the Apes

I guest host Deja View once again to look at Japanese Planet of the Apes, aka Time of the Apes of MST3K fame!

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Deja View: King Kong vs. Doctor Who?

I guest host Deja View!


A pencil test from the gifted animator Andres Deja, who received an Annie nomination for his work on Tigger in the feature film “Winnie the Pooh”.


Charlotte Sullivan in 

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In 1977, Italian distributor Luigi Cozzi made this crazy amazeballs colorized version of Godzilla.

Special thanks to my son for pointing this one out!

(via » The Psychedelic Version of Godzilla You’ve Never Seen »Neon Harbor)

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Every time I hear this song I think about that 23rd episode of the first season of xxxHolic.

“Doumeki made a choice too. By shooting her, even if it hurt you, even if you hold a grudge against him…so that he could stop you from disappearing.”

Can you imagine what’s going through Doumeki’s mind after that? He sees the one person he’s bound to by fate drive himself to death’s door with no regrets just for some sense of comfort and personal intimacy. The one thing he needs most is the one thing he cannot give. Can you imagine all the pain and frustration that must cause for him? Because he must always stay stoic in front of Watanuki, maybe he just went home and let himself cry it out alone…

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Deja View: Turkish Star Trek from 1974 

This is amazing.

(Or as one of my friends said, “So would this be the equivalent of Kramer showing up on TNG?”)