illegitimate time child who is a lynx with yaoi claws and I imagine him to be reclusive and huffy about life because his dad was drunk and doesn’t know he or his sister exists but I haven’t used him yet so I don’t really know how he’ll turn out I do know that he’ll be protective of his sister though

His name is Deinde and he is less swirly and his wings and eyes glow but I can’t demonstrate this 

he’s a cat and his sister’s a bird 

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New Music Video…

Jeff Jones ft Deinde - Obimo

Following their last single “Kilode” Jeff Jones & Deinde are back with their new single “Obimo”. Download the single here:

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Jeff Jones feat. Deinde & Mista Silva - Oti To

New tune featuring Mista Silva, nuff said!

Today I said in class: ‘As the old Romans used to say: “Hic ego cum veni, futui, deinde redei domi,” and everyone was very impressed bc they thought it was something inspirational but what they didn’t know was that it actually meant: ‘I came, I fucked, and I went home again.”

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New Music Video…

Jeff Jones ft Deinde + Mista Silva - Oti To

Gabrielle Music Group presents the long anticipated brand new video from UK based Afrobeats artists Jeff Jones Featuring Deinde & Mista Silva

Great to see UK Afrobeats moving forward, Enjoy! 

Afrobeats In Da City…

Carme V

Vivamus, mea Lesbia, atque amemus
Rumoresque senum severiorum
Omnes unius aestimemus assis.
Soles occidere et redire possunt:
nobis cum semel occidit brevis lux,
nox est perpetua una dormienda.
Da mihi basia mille, deinde centum,
dein mille altera, dein secunda centum
deinde usque altera mille, deinde centum.
Dein, cum milia multa fecerimus,
conturbabimus illa, ne sciamus,
aut nequis malus invidere possit,
cum tantum sciat esse basiorum.

Viviamo, mia Lesbia, e amiamoci, e valutiamo le chiacchiere dei vecchi troppo severi quanto una moneta. I soli possono tramontare e sorgere; noi invece, una voltra che il nostro sole è tramontato, dobbiamo dormire un’eterna notte. Dammi mille baci, e poi cento, e poi altri mille, e ancora cento. Poi, quando ne avremo messi insieme molte migliaia, li mescoleremo per non sapere, o affinché nessuno possa farci un malocchio, sapendo che esiste questo numero di baci.

Just some excerpts from ‘Ljótur Deindóttir: A Character Study’. For this, I’m just posting some aspects of her personality, since some people were wondering about her. (I didn’t want to post the whole thing; it was really long, and some parts need to be edited.)

But yeah. Hopefully, this will show that she is more than ‘the one who sings and blows shit up’, XDD. Though both traits are important to her character


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Quid ergo est? Parentes obiurgatione digni sunt, qui nolunt liberos suos severa lege proficere. Primum enim sic ut omnia, spes quoque suas ambitioni donant. Deinde cum ad vota properant, cruda adhuc studia in forum impellunt, et eloquentiam, qua nihil esse maius confitentur, pueris induunt adhuc nascentibus.

Petronius, Satyrion, Chapter IV

Therefore, who is to blame? It is the parents who are worthy of condemnation, they who do not wish that their children be benefited by strict training. For in the first place, like everything else, they give hopes to ambition. Then, while they hasten their children’s desires, they drive them into the forum while still premature in their studies, and place upon their arising children the art of eloquence, an art which they contend to be equal to nothing else in difficulty.

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Jeff Jones & Deinde - Kilode (Chop My Money Cover)

UK Afrobeats moving big again! Check out Jeff Jones & Deinde cover of "Chop my Money"

Because I have no life, I took the MBTI test as characters from Ghost Story, and this is what I got.

Ljótur Deindóttir: ESFP (The Performer)
Shashi Simmons: INTJ (The Mastermind)

Hildegarde Salz: ESTP (The Promoter)
Coulter Keller: ISTJ (The Inspector)

Blue Rogers: ESFJ (The Provider)
Sofia Untoka: INTJ (The Mastermind) <—Though she is very different from Shashi.

Irika Untoka: ENFP (The Champion) <—This going by her full personality, and not just the over-enthusiastic facade she put up in Part One of the story.
Zen Morrow: ISTJ (The Inspector) Note: this is for Complete Zen. For when she splits:
Light Zen: ESFP (The Performer)
Dark Zen: ISTJ (The Inspector) <—Which makes sense, since Dark Zen is very similar to the combined Zen.

Kiki Kao: ISFJ (The Protector)
Naaz Tohru: INTJ (The Mastermind)

Nobara Nara: INTP (The Architect)

It’s interesting how a lot of the traits fit. I mean, I feel like characters like Naaz, Sofia, and Ljótur could have other options, but I’m too tired to figure that out, XD. Like, these just came from me taking the test, so if you know these characters and have other opionions, please share! :D

“ Vivamus, mea Lesbia, atque amemus,
rumoresque senum severiorum
omnes unius aestimemus assis.
Soles occidere et redire possunt:
nobis cum semel occidit brevis lux,
nox est perpetua una dormienda.
Da mi basia mille, deinde centum,
dein mille altera, dein secunda centum,
deinde usque altera mille, deinde centum,
Dein, cum milia multa fecerimus,
conturbabimus illa, ne sciamus,
aut ne quis malus invidere possit,
cum tantum sciat esse basiorum. ”

Exorcizo te, immundissime spiritus, omnis incursio adversarii, omne phantasma, omnis legio, in nomine Domini nostri Jesu Christi eradicare, et effugare ab hoc plasmate Dei. Ipse tibi imperat, qui te de supernis caelorum in inferiora terrae demergi praecepit. Ipse tibi imperat, qui mari, ventis, et tempestatibus impersvit. Audi ergo, et time, satana, inimice fidei, hostis generis humani, mortis adductor, vitae raptor, justitiae declinator, malorum radix, fomes vitiorum, seductor hominum, proditor gentium, incitator invidiae, origo avaritiae, causa discordiae, excitator dolorum: quid stas, et resistis, cum scias. Christum Dominum vias tuas perdere? Illum metue, qui in Isaac immolatus est, in joseph venumdatus, in sgno occisus, in homine cruci- fixus, deinde inferni triumphator fuit. Sequentes cruces fiant in fronte obsessi. Recede ergo in nomine Patris et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti: da locum Spiritui Sancto, per hoc signum sanctae Cruci Jesu Christi Domini nostri: Qui cum Patre et eodem Spiritu Sancto vivit et regnat Deus, Per omnia saecula saeculorum. Et cum spiritu tuo. Amen.