Massive hot spring. This hot spring is cray. Hella hot.


Deildartunguhver - Islands größte Warmwasserquelle

Reykholt: Der Ort Reykholt in der Gemeinde Borgarbyggð im Reykholtsdalur (es gibt noch ein Reykholt im Süden des Landes in der Nähe von Skálholt) im Westen Islands mit seinem ungewöhnlichen Kirchturm der neuen Kirche nochmal aus einer anderen Perspektive.

Wer hier her kommt, sollte auch das ganz in der Nähe liegende Gebiet Deildartunguhver nicht versäumen, das viele heiße Quellen vereint und in dem Tomaten in den damit beheizten Gewächshäusern gezüchtet werden und auch ein Besuch der  Wasserfälle Hraunfossar und Barnafoss sowie einige Höhlen, wie etwa die Surtshellir, die in der Nähe liegen, bietet sich an.

Hier die Variante für die Freunde der S/W-Fotografie.

Day 2 Untamed Iceland

We had a great breakfast at the Hilton Hotel which just about every option you could imagine. You could have a European Continental breakfast or an American breakfast with all the fixings! We got on the bus at 8:30 AM and spent the hour or so looking at beautiful green meadows that clearly were the result of volcanic eruptions and glaciers. We then went to the magic waterfalls of Hraunfossar. This is an area when the glacier water melts and flows through the lava making it some of the cleanest water in the world. It flows out through the glacier and a river that is moving very fast seems to appear out of no where. At one time there was a bridge over the river and we learned that an old women knocked it down after her two children drown in the river. Or so goes the folk tale.

We now were on the road again to the Deildartunguhver thermal area. This is the biggest hot spring in the world producing 50 gallons of boiling water per minute. In Iceland they pipe this boiling water to the homes to take care of heating each house. They heat most of the homes in Iceland this way.

We had a history lesson on the Vikings at the Settlement Center in Borgarnes. We also had a great lunch of meat soup (an Icelandic delicacy. It was very good with vegetables and lamb. The history lesson was interesting but a little boring. The highlight of this stop besides the soup was the bread which was incredible, especially covered with butter and dipped in the meat soup.

We than had our athletic challenge for the day we had to climb a mountain and we were not allowed to talk or look back unless one of our group was in trouble. This hill is 250 feet high and if we are successful all of our wishes will come true. The name of the mountain is Helfafell. It was very rough terrain with a lot of gravel and holes to step in. The most impressive person was Rosarita(79) who walked up and down with some assistance from the group.

Than off to the hotel in Stykkisholmur. We had a Zumba lesson from our guide Ragga and I learned how uncoordinated I really am. We had a very nice dinner of fish soup and leg of lamb. We had a nice bowl of ice cream for dessert. Bruce and I checked out the harbor and then came back to the hotel.