Water is extremely important to good health (and weight management). You need to drink water - there is nothing you can consume that replaces water.

To a majority of people, this is probably an obvious fact but I get a lot of people walk in to my work who still don’t consume enough water to satisfy their bodies needs.

In the body, water:
+ Helps digest food (in the saliva and stomach juices).
+ Helps lubricate joints and cushion organs.
+ In blood it helps transport nutrients and oxygen to muscles.
+ Helps excrete waste products from the body (eg. carbon dioxide, lactic acid, etc).
+ Helps maintain a constant body temperature.
+ Helps moisten and warm cold air before hitting the lungs.

Generally, humans need to consume between 2-3 litres of water a day and if you’re not… you could be dehydrated (people who exercise, are ill or drink coffee, need more). This makes sense when you realise that 80% of our bodies are made out of water.


There’s a common misconception about the role of ‘Gatorade’ and other hydrating drinks. The hydration drinks that you buy supply the body with electrolytes.
Electrolytes are minerals in your body which are required for many mechanisms. They include sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, phosphates, sulphates. Electrolyte balance can be disturbed through extreme fluid loss such as illness, diarrhoea, vomiting and heavy sweating.

A lot of the time, these drinks are packed full of sugars and preservatives. These drinks can not replace water.

Your diet should supply enough of these electrolytes, the only time you would be requiring supplementation would be if you were vomiting, sweating or had diarrhea consistently.
Drinking coconut water or eating bananas are a good way to get these nutrients naturally without consuming empty calories.

Note on Dehydration: Considering we live in a society where a wide majority of us have access to clean drinking water, it’s a wonder why some of us still become chronically dehydrated!
Headaches, bloating, dry lips, dark coloured urine (it should be a very light, clear colour), fatigue, constipation and muscle or joint soreness are common signs of dehydration.
If you are experiencing more severe symptoms of dehydration or have been vomitting for a long period of time please visit your doctor or go to the hospital.


I blame it on my love for this place.  I’ve been swept off my feet with the wonderful scenery, food, culture, and language.  But apparently my body is telling me that I need to pay some more attention to it and treat it better.

Yesterday, I went on a little (and by little I mean marathon-long) jaunt around the city.  It was probably around 95, sunny, and ridiculously humid out, but no worries, because I brought my water bottle.  So I set off on adventure.

First, I went to get my very first Argentinian haircut.  Honestly, I have been afraid of that moment for so long.  I was going to get one before I left, but I ran out of time.  In addition to a lack of time, Jen convinced me to just face my fears and do it right when I arrived because, let’s face it, it’s gonna have to happen at least 4 times while I’m here.  So I went.

It actually didn’t turn out so bad…it’s not like home, but that’s why I’m here, isn’t it?! Similar to many things here, there is something about it that is characteristically Argentine, or possibly European.  I think it may be that it’s a little longer in the back (just a tad…not Cristiano Ronaldo status, but maybe, just maybe I’ll start introducing myself as Cristiano).  The guy who cut my hair was very nice, especially considering I struggled a bit with pulling out vocabulary for explaining how I would like my haircut.  At least I’m not afraid of my future haircuts here now.

Anyway, the day was off to a good start, so I set off again, on my way to Recoleta to see the famous cemetery.  Ever since I went on a “field trip” to the cemetery in Guatemala, I have been intrigued by Latin American cemeteries and conceptions of death.  I thought I knew what to expect and was excited.  But alas, it was not what I expected…it was much more European, but with that unique Argentine charm.  It was an absolutely amazing spectacle and some of the most beautiful architecture/art I have ever seen.  As the picture suggests, this is the cemetery where the famous Eva (Evita) Perón was buried, along with many other famous Argentine personalities.  I even saw the makings of what was to be a funeral that day…the blurry picture is of a priest and, yes, a body cart.

After the cemetery, I was a few blocks from a park that I had seen just days earlier. So I made a stop there because it was an absolutely beautiful, albeit hot and humid, day.  It was time to do some sunbathing.  The iron flower in the pictures was also at this park.  Apparently it opens and closes as a real flower does when the sun rises and sets.  It was very relaxing just to lay out in the sun…one of my favorite things to do, of course.

Finally, it was time to start heading back.  but I was not about to go back to the hostel before I had picked up some of my favorite snacks.  EMPANADAS.  Two days earlier, I had finally located a panadería after almost a week of frantic searching.  It is probably about a mile, give or take, from the hostel so I still had a walk going for me before I returned.

Well as much as I wanted those empanadas, I probably should have skipped.  I was so tired from my marathon walk earlier.  So tired that by the time I got back, I just collapsed in my bed and fell asleep for a few hours.  I woke up a couple of hours later and didn’t feel all too well…I felt flu-ish and exhausted…so exhausted that it turned out I seemed to be suffering from heat exhaustion (*self-diagnosed, via internet).  It was then that I realized I had been so into seeing the sites, taking in the beauty of the day, and enjoying the delectable food that I had only drank one bottle of water over the course of a 7-8 hour hike around a boiling hot city.  Not good.

Basically, it reminded me that as much as I am enjoying my time here and want to take in as much as possible, I still need to schedule some ME time and take care of my health.  I won’t be able to enjoy anything if I am exhausted, sick, or some other terrible thing.  So, today I feel better…but only after marathon water drinking and carrying (and re-filling) my water bottle several times today.

Stay Classy. Stay Hydrated.



even my fingers are fat….fml


fills me up to my heart…and stops in my throat

if i think too long or hard on certain things I get a wave of sadness

worry follows me like a shadow

i can’t seem to shake it, once one is moved out of the way, another soon follows. only 1.30pm and I am done at work, now to wait for my male counterpart to be done with work and come home to me. my stomach churns and I am so so surprised I do not have an ulcer or panic attacks for how I feel…maybe it’s just the espresso or nicotine.

my tummy is too uneasy to eat, or drink the rest of my tea latte. maybe i am dehyrated. or sad. sadness accounts for my terrible back aches and the tense feeling from my tail bone to the center of my shoulder blades. 

we had to wake up at 5am today, and I did ok, but I wish…I dunno

Oly is nice, Wa is nice also, planting lavender is nice, dave is nice…but many things upset me about life and him and me.

me most of all. i hate myself sometimes for how my life is, but I do not know how to change anything. I do not know what to do. wish I could have broguht my old store with me, it made more sense there and things were neat and organized and I wasn’t treated like a total n00b. in fact, I was one of the best ones there and we held ourselves to higher standards, less misinformation and more lax in the ways that matter.

I have so much to say but cannot vocalize, or even gather my thoughts enough to do so. 25 or less hours really bugs me, and I hope it gets better. Dave’s job is the more important of the 2 so it’s great that he works today, but rubs into my face the fact that I do not and have no plans to socilize with anyone here. making friends is just fluff. they always wind up getting you hurt somehow. or they get mad at you. just bullshit i hate and will continue to avoid. wish, above all else, that I could be my own friend and like myself a bit more. what bugs me lately is what a goddamn hypocrite I am. this i know all too well but I still see myself (despite knowing full well I am full of shit) as a perfect person. I am so kind and well-behaved. Right.


Not at all. 

Ok, i gtg. may write later if I feel better.