In a previous article we covered how to keep cool, but what happens if you overheat? Heat exhaustion is a heat related illness that comes from being in the heat for long periods of time combined with dehydration and can progress into heat stroke which is a medical emergency. Heat stroke can result in high temperatures, nausea, seisures, and even loss of consciousness causing damage to the brain and other organs…


my hair is finally getting better tyg !!!! i went thru months of idk i think it was because my iron was so low n i had a messed up sleeping schedule n probably was extra dehydrated n our water was too hot (az)  my hair was rlly thin n brittle oof but all my medicines worked out

anonymous said:

So I just saved & brightened your underwear selife so I can see the shape of your wiener. I'm what the people in the Sahara call THIRSTY! #SorryNotSorry

Nah bitch u dehydrated


friday five:

1. 30 min bike ride to get the day started. i love that Brent doesn’t have school on Fridays. oh and duh, cycling is so fun.

2. after a quick breakfast, we drove over to Brent’s grandma’s for some morning tea and biscuits. she is the sassiest 86 year old lady i’ve ever met. i really enjoy every time i get to hangout with her.

3. there is a good chance that i will be supervising final exams at a high school exam and getting paid for it. much teacher, very profesh. [just kidding, but really]

4. i’ve felt really tired all day. i can’t tell if it’s dehydration, the weather, or if i’m starting to come down with something. do not like.

5. on tap for the weekend: drinks with Brent’s bestie tonight, skyping Amy tomorrow [!!], karaoke with Katie + her mates tomorrow night, skyping the fam on Sunday morning, and a surprise birthday party for one of my teammates from tennis on Sunday night. busy, busy, busy! :]

15 Foods That Are Superb Energy Boosters



What a painfully obvious one, right? Water is essential to healthy body function and alertness. Studies have shown that even slight dehydration can be an energy sucker, and getting dehydrated is fairly easy. Guzzle water throughout the day to stay bright-eyed.



If you have a few minutes to scramble or hard boil a couple of eggs, you can give yourself a great jump start. Eggs are great sources of vitamin B and choline, which are known energy ampers, and give you bonus protein, omega-3s, and vitamin D.

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Imagine Bucky being sick with a really really terrible flu and Steve tries taking care of him (post-TWS please).

Usually Steve was the one being babied, but that changed after the serum turned him into the healthiest human specimen alive. And that’s how he came to be nursing Bucky back to health. 

Bucky was wrapped in at least three blankets and Steve had pulled his hair out of his face. Slumped over the bowl that Steve had given him, he kept his eyes closed trying keep the dizzying nausea at bay. 

Steve set a glass of water beside him, instructing him to drink. Bucky gave him the most bitter glare he could manage as he cracked his eyes open. 

"You’re gonna get dehydrated if you don’t drink something, Buck."

"I know," the sick man groused, "I’ve given you that lecture more time than I can count." He huffed slightly, looking at the cool water on the end table. 

Wrinkling his nose, Bucky took the cup in his more sure left hand and brought it to his lips. 

Satisfied, Steve nodded and walked away to go finish warming Bucky’s soup. 

I wear summer

I wear
summer like a snug blanket,
wear it like faux fur
with an accent of linen

that spills around the fabric
like stain, like blueberries
around a savage mouth. I

wear summer until it is as worn-down
as a pair of city espadrilles
used to tread down muddy paths
of twigs that snap like the sun. I

am moth-chewed and spat like sweat
and saliva, a terror
in dehydration, as if water couldn’t
exist around me. I lean

on the warm concrete walls to feel
the smoke of the summer heat emanate
through me, like the fumes of hot tea,

and I am the coffee of the warm earth, grounded
with dirt and pebbles

that refuses to be drank during autumn.

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Why exactly is alcohol unhealthy for you? A lot of websites say that if you are wanting to lose weight that you should stop drinking, and I never actually understood why

  • Lots of people seem to forget that alcohol has calories in it! In every gram there is aprox. seven calories, that serve absolutely no nutritional value. These are empty calories. 
  • Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning that it causes water loss and dehydration. Along with water loss, you also lose important minerals which are vital to the maintenance of chemical reactions, fluid balance, muscle contraction and relaxation.  
  • If affects your body in negative ways. It might help you sleep, but the sleep you’re getting isn’t very deep. This is why you wake up earlier after a night of drinking. As a result of little sleep, it can trigger you to consume more calories the following day. 
  • Alcohol is metabolized differently than other foods and drinks. Your body gets energy from the calories in the carbs, fats and proteins which are present in the foods you eat. They are slowly digested and absorbed within the gastrointestinal system, however this digestive process changes when alcohol is consumed. Alcohol gets immediate attention, and needs no digestion as it’s viewed as a toxin by the body. 

Of course, these factors don’t mean that you have to completely eliminate alcohol from your life, everything in moderation but as anything, alcohol in copious amounts can be hurtful. 

Off to a local farm to get some produce for canning and putting up!

Hello peaches, corn, blueberries and pears!

I see plain sweet canned peaches, corn relish, dehydrated blueberries, blueberry pie filling, pear fruit roll-ups, cranberry-pear chutney and vanilla-honey pear butter in my future.  

I need more canning jars!  See you all later!

anonymous said:

Would you let your baby girl drink alcohol?

Yes I would, though I would prefer it if she would have to ask for my permission first.

If she is unable to handle her drink well and doesn’t know her limit then I would restrict the amount she is allowed to drink and monitor her if I was with her. I’d alllow her to get tipsy or even lightly drunk. If she surpassed this, I’d take care of her and look after her, giving her plenty of water before bed so she doesn’t dehydrate but she would be punished the next morning.

I’m not a strict daddy, this is more for her health and wellbeing and ensuring her safety.

I’d never stop my little from socialising, having nights out with friends, family, clubbing etc. A social life is important and some daddy’s are too strict and can cause a little one to neglect the other aspects of her life and that’s something i’m very cautious of and try to avoid.

Reader Response Answers

Tonight’s question was, What’s your favorite pizza topping?

I was surprised to see how many picked the old standby’s, pepperoni and/or cheese.  Classic, I guess!  My favorites are sausage and black olives.

thathilomgirl answered:

Cheese (lots of it) and Pepperoni

kenshin-and-keats answered:


onwingsofsong said:

Also, how has no one said none pizza, left beef? This IS tumblr, right? [I was waiting for this…]

onwingsofsong answered:

NOOOOO. [I hope I’m not responsible for more pizza nightmares. :P]

leave-me-to-dehydrate said:


billu-n answered:

BREH have you eaten ziti pizza?it’s the best :3 [I have not, but it sounds good!]

shockstep answered:

ALL THE MEAT! Other than that Hawaiian is nice too :3 [Both excellent choices!]

heroslegacy said:

Pineapple! And shrimp! [My dad used to home bake shrimp pizzas - delish. He told me the best pizza he’d ever had was a shrimp pizza when he was stationed in Japan during his time in the Army.]

faelixsan said:

Dude pineapples are soo good haha

affinityforanime answered:

Italian sausage.

yugishi answered:

I always go for pepperoni pizza.. but I remove everything except the cheese en sauce xd. I’m not a big fan of pizza.. [But, but…this is Tumblr!]

sadiron-soleplate answered:

Hmm tough….I’ll have to say chicken!

nanwangja answered:

mac and cheese!! [My son likes this one.]

beccasnowflake answered:

Bacon Son [More people need to eat bacon on their pizza…like duh, right?]

finikkusu answered:

Ham and Pineapple

earlyreturns answered:

Pineapple and ham.

tokito-sempai answered:


wonderfulcatman answered:

I’m lame so I’ll go with peperoni [I think the word you meant to say was “awesome,” not lame.]

caminc said:

Pepperoni and Nacho Cheese It is like a masterpiece It will kill me A haiku by Chase Miller [A generation from now, English Lit 101 students will be studying this haiku…mark my words!]

caminc answered:

Pepperoni and Nacho Cheese

illegallybrownn said:

I usually go for triple cheese. No toppings. Pepperoni is great though.

forbidden-gods-of-the-underworld answered:


anonymous said:

yooo Karin is an Uzumaki so she has a lot of stamina going on and would probs want to be fucked all night but Suigetsu is kinda lazy and needs to drink water constantly or he will become dehydrated and he always wanted to take breaks when traveling. how will this work out man?

Simple. Karin gets aroused. Karin gets wet. Suigetsu gets thirsty….

Connect the dots already?