“And they told me to breathe easy for a while, but what they did not understand is that breathing was never easy. They do not understand the things I have seen, the things that I have to live with. The PTSD eats away at me sometimes, and I do not think I will ever get over these monsters that I have seen. Because I may be a princess stuck in a tower; but there are no dragons surrounding these walls, there are only demons.” Ashley DeHart me #quote #poem #writer #lovely #truth #true


Chase Dehart @dehart856 Is down in the ATL right now, filming for the #etnieschapters DVD. These clips were captured by his Etnies/Dan’s teammate Nathan Williams @united_nathan with some of it possibly caught by @etniesbmx (only a rumor and not confirmed). #chasedehart #etniesbmx #danscompteam

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Disney Resort Buses Compared to Non-Disney Resort Buses

Guest Blogger Sherry recently had the privilege of staying on and off property at Walt Disney World. During that trip she realized there were many differences in Disney and non-Disney resort transportation that she wanted to share with fellow Main Streeters! ~Aut

Disney Resort Buses Compared to Non-Disney Resort Buses By Guest Blogger Sherry DeHart

Recently we spent a few days in Lake Buena Vista prior to the beginning of our Disney resort reservations. During this time we spent a day at Downtown Disney and another day shopping at the outlets in Orlando (we drove ourselves to Outlet). We opted to walk from our hotel to the Marketplace side of Downtown Disney on our Downtown Disney day instead of using the resorts transportation. We walked all through Downtown to shop and stopped at T-Rex for an amazing lunch. We continued walking all the way to Splittsville and by now we were all beat. We started looking for the bus stop to get back to our hotel but no one seemed to be able to tell us where the non-Disney resort buses picked up at. We finally made our way to the bus area for “other hotels” on the extreme other end of the West side. There was only 1 canopy over a bench to sit and wait in the shade for a bus. There was also nothing to tell us what bus was going to our hotel or when it would be there. After asking a few of the cast members that were waiting for their bus, we found where we had to go. We waited for at least 30 minutes before a bus to our hotel finally showed up. We checked with the driver and he said “yes” he would be going to our hotel so we jumped on. When we got on the bus, we found out that we had to pay to ride this bus, something we were unaware of until that moment but luckily we had cash on us. Once we paid the bus was off, but we rode right past our hotel which was when driver told us he only stopped up the road from our hotel. By now we are really exhausted, we are from New York and not used to this heat and sun. When our bus finally stopped we found out we had to walk back to the resort and cross 6 lanes of traffic to do so.

Our second experience on a non-Disney resort bus wasn’t as bad. We rode to the Transportation and Ticket Center where we rode the monorail to some resorts and walked around and enjoyed the scenery. The bus ride wasn’t horrible and we didn’t wait too long for it to arrive. When we went back to the bus stop to return hotel, we waited for over 20 minutes and I began to notice all the differences between the Disney and non-Disney buses were the same ones I had noticed at Downtown Disney. We had no shade over our bus stop and nothing was labeled the way Disney stops are. When we were dropped off, we were told there were 2 stop numbers to return to so we waited at the stop we were dropped off at. When the bus came, we were told that we had to get on at the other bus stop. By then we were the last ones on and the seats were few and far in between. The bus was loud, I don’t mean the people on the bus, but the bus itself was loud. It made sounds that I’ve never heard on a bus before. And the worst part, we did not get a “Welcome Home” when we got to the hotel.

From what I saw those two day using non-Disney transportation, the Disney resort buses are so much better. Disney buses and their stops are well marked, shaded, and better maintained. This was my experience on non-Disney buses. Maybe I was just been unlucky when it comes to the bus transportation at non-Disney resorts.

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Beautifully execute hop-bar by the one and only Chase Dehart @dehart856 Chase is in the ATL with the @etniesbmx crew, filming for the #etnieschapters DVD. 📹by his Etnies/Dans teammate Nathan Williams @united_nathan #danscompteam #etniesbmx #chasedehart

The Persian Market - Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White

The Persian Market – Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White

Lee DeHart – lead vocals, Doug Cochrane – lead guitar, Brad DeHart – rhythm guitar, vocals, Tommy Ranson – bass and vocals, Doug Begneaud – organ, Keith Thibodeaux – drums, Joe Stein – percussion and vocals

The Persian Market came from Lafayette, Louisiana. In May of 1967, the band recorded four songs at La Louisianne’s studio in Lafayette. Two of these, “Flash in the Pan” and “The Wind Is Ours”…

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Editing a selection of recent images photographed in and around Othello, Washington. Othello is at the center of the Columbia Basin project and is 75% hispanic. Several of the individuals I talked to are/were from the agriculture state of Guerrero in Mexico, which, as an aside, we visited in March. From the series, Confluences.

Included are couple of articles with varying points of view: