Did you hear who she’s dating? She looks so fat today…. That hair colour is horrible. She literally has zero boobs. Could she suck up to the teacher any more?

Why as girls are we often so quick to pass judgement on one another?

This week on DTV we’re talking about Mean Girls. From leaving out a girl at the lunch table to gossiping about a so-called friend, female bullying happens far too often.

Why do you think girls fail to have each other’s backs? How can we stick together and build one another up rather than tearing each other down?

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Episode 4 of the web series DTV has arrived!

Becky talks to students and the Degrassi community to get their thoughts on Tech and Social Media Etiquette.

Am I the only one that really doesn’t see anything negative about Zoemund/Novas? The mini shit doesn’t count, so don’t even think about coming at me with that shit. If you don’t ship them, that’s fine. But most of the reasoning I’ve seen for not shipping them comes off as extremely shallow and sexist tbh.


From generation to generation…

Adore this #TBT from Lauren Collins today on Instagram (@laurencollins):

For all that OG @Degrassi love last week, here’s a #tbt from season 1. The whole cast used to go for bday dinners at the local Pizza Hut or Jack Astor’s after filming. I can’t remember whose we were celebrating here, but it was a Tuesday-half price wings night at Duff’s! Our parents sat at another table. The show hadn’t aired yet. We all had raging hormones. It was an exciting time. At some point around here, we all went to Goldsbie’s Bar Mitzvah. Mazel Tov, Jake. And thanks everyone. For still caring and following and supporting 15 years later. Lots more where this came from. All the love xx ❤️