Confusion never ceases
To open up your mind
Thoughts become two
Hopes become lies
The world twists together
Blurring all the lines
Your vision gets obscured
As everything else intertwines
This hectic life you’ve lead
Wants to run you for dead
Nothing stays the same anymore
Not even behind your closed door
Life as you know it
Has been fractured beyond repair
No matter how hard you try
You can’t get back to where
Where everything makes sense
Where your mind can wrap around
The idea that you’re still alive
The idea that you might be found
Confusion’s made your fragile
It’s hard for you to pretend
That everything is ok
That you aren’t nearing the end


How often do you skepticize? I here do tell you to increase any mentioned frequency. Whether it is only a simple fact to doubt, such as, ‘My name contains only one syllable’, or any more complex, a certain degree of skepticynicism will always lead you to what is right. I urge you as I urge myself often not to believe the katherines when they are called so simply.