in my town we have a SUPER old bridge, made from like old ass rocks and stuff, which is like the the town treasure, our golden gate bridge, and no one has ever defiled it UNTIL last night when someone decided to graffiti the illuminati sign and revolution with a capital backwards L to look like revoLution…. i cannot BELIEVE.. what kind of banksy WANKER 

Dakota Johnson front row al London Fashion Shows [UNTAGGED PICS]


As the London Fashion Week progresses we see Dakota Johnson front row at each defile. Dakota has been spotted on 15th September 2014 at Bulberry Show and then at Christopher Kane Show.

So far, there are no pictures in HQ, only fan pictures. Let’s enjoy the beautiful-blonde Dakota taking some time off set.

Down below you will find almost 13 pictures.

Thanks to portal50tons.

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The tracklist for Kerrang’s Green Day tribute CD has been announced:

  1. American Idiot - 5 Seconds of Summer
  2. Jesus of Suburbia - Rise To Remain
  3. Holiday - The Blackout
  4. Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Neck Deep
  5. Are We the Waiting - You Me At Six
  6. St. Jimmy - Bowling For Soup
  7. Give Me Novacaine - Escape The Fate
  8. She’s a Rebel - Falling in Reverse
  9. Extraordinary Girl - Frank Iero
  10. Letterbomb - LostAlone
  11. Wake Me Up When September Ends - The Defiled
  12. Homecoming - Lonely The Brave
  13. Whatsername - New Politics
  14. Welcome to Paradise - State Champs
  15. Basket Case - The Swellers

Pick it up free with Kerrang from Wednesday June 11th 2014.


"The night I was cast, I went out and bought The Empire Strikes Back and Jaws. My goals were to get a voice as sinister as Darth Vader and the menacing physicality of the shark. It’s so easy to take these big beasts - these ferocious characters - and cook them at ten the whole time. But I wanted to have this circling, steady presence that would suddenly attack randomly. Peter allowed me to make a lot of adjustments. Being a Maori, in the scene where I’m beating up Thorin, I rocked back on my warg, raised my eyes up and did this look that in the Maori world is called ‘pukana’. You show the enemy the whites of your eyes. It just happened instinctively and at the end of the take I said, "Peter, I think I pukana-ed!" I didn’t think he’d use it, but sure enough, when I went down to the premiere with a bunch of Maori friends, there it was."

Manu Bennett