ADHD Plus Childhood Trauma Heightens Risk for Self Harm and Suicide

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Young women with ADHD who have been exposed to abuse, neglect or other traumas in childhood and adolescence are at greater risk for self-injury, eating disorders and suicide than those with ADHD who were not mistreated in early youth, according to new research from UC Berkeley.

The research is in Development and Psychopathology. (full access paywall)

Research: “Early-adult correlates of maltreatment in girls with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: Increased risk for internalizing symptoms and suicidality” by Maya D. Guendelman, Elizabeth B. Owens, Chardee Galán, Arianna Gard and Stephen P. Hinshaw in Development and Psychopathology doi:10.1017/S0954579414001485  

Image: Girls with ADHD who were exposed to trauma in childhood are more likely to suffer from serious mental disorders later on, a new study has found. The image is for illustrative purposes only. Image credit: PDPics.

i counted calories the last months, i had a healthy, small calorie deficit most of the time. and i lost and gained the same 3 kg all over and over again.

i stopped counting calories last week cause i was so frustrated. 

and tadaaaa. i lost 2kg without any trouble. without stressing. with enjoying the food i ate. my belly looks so much smaller now. 

weightloss is not just calories in and out. i really dont believe that.


Got speed? 🙈 70kg deficit speed pulls from earlier

Charline Labonté earns shutout as Montreal Stars beat Calgary Inferno 4-0 in Game 2 of the 2015 Clarkson Cup

Charline Labonté stopped all 30 shots the Calgary Inferno sent her way, leading three-time Clarkson Cup champions the Montreal Stars to a 4-0 shutout win Wednesday evening, in Game 2 of the 2015 Clarkson Cup in Markham.

And she posted an assist to boot.

Despite the scoring deficit, Calgary had plenty of scoring chances and was consistent on the ice, with 10 shots on goal every period.

“Charlie is a really great goalie and if she sees them she’s probably going to save them,” Calgary Inferno forward and Canada’s National Women’s Team Rebecca Johnston said.

“We need to get in front of her visual and try to get those dirty goals when we can get those rebounds.”


therapist *asks me adhd related questions*
me *answers i can only focus while playing games*
therapist *saids that since i’m able to finish video games i don’t have an attention deficit disorder just a lack of motivation and that if i go to a psychiatrist to get a diagnose i’ll have to be willing to take meds and she’s against meds*

A-are you fucking kidding me


Weight gain/loss is very simple but people make millions of dollars pretending it isn’t.

Your body adapts to compensate for the number of calories consumed by eating/drinking vs the number of calories utilized by the body every day/night. This includes both the number of calories used to maintain itself at rest (BMR) and the number of calories burned during exercise. 

Food/drink is broken down into macronutrients (Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats) they contain different numbers of calories. Carbohydrates and Proteins contain 4 calories per gram while Fats contain 9 calories per gram.

If the number of calories consumed exceeds the number of calories the body needs to maintain itself and complete exercise, it stores the excess calories as body fat (Calorie Surplus).

If the number of calories the body uses to maintain itself and to perform exercise exceeds the number of calories consumed, the body sources the energy stored in the form of fat (Calorie Deficit).

1kg of body fat = roughly 6700 calories. So over the course of a fortnight if you had a Calorie Deficit of 480 calories each day, you would lose 1kg of body fat (this does not include water weight which may make it seem like you are losing a lot more).

A quick Google search will tell you a rough estimate of your BMR based on your age weight and activity levels.

That’s basically it, there is no magic fat burning pill, no secret diet to cheat the system, eating carbs doesn’t make you fatter, eating at night doesn’t magically make you obese and regardless of what rubbish you read in Men’s Health or Women’s Day, YOU DON’T HAVE TO KILL YOURSELF WITH EXERCISE TO LOSE WEIGHT.

Just know what is in the food you put in your body.

"This sleep week, please note that narcolepsy’s sleepiness may not always look sleepy.
In fact, it can manifest as poor mood regulation such as irritability,
mood instability and a less positive mood. It can also appear as
behavioral issues like internalizing or externalizing (aggressiveness,
hyperactivity and impulsivity). Likewise, daytime sleepiness can show as
neurocognitive deficits – problems with attention, organization,
self-monitoring, planning, memory and verbal creativity. Over time,
daytime sleepiness can manifest as poor academic functioning, social
impairments and family dysfunction.” - Julie Flygare, Project Sleep

Feast or Famine…. Win or Fail….. Setbacks and Progress… Welcome to CrossFit.

One second I’m frustrated at my progress, struggling to make time for the gym, fighting tooth and nail to drive work initiatives, basically just feeling the struggle.

The next second I break out my jumprope and get a new PR for consecutive Double-Unders. 30. Then I repeated it.



New rope may have been a motivating factor (RPM Fitness… wasn’t happy with my Rx Smart Gear rope). Then again, maybe the new rope was what I needed mechanically.

Hit the noon workout. Though it takes 90 minutes out of my workday, I’m on the phone at 7am and leave around 8pm, so I need the break.

WOD was interesting

6 rounds
2 Deficit Deadlifts - heavy
1 minute rest
2 minutes of Double Unders

I’ve never done deficit deads before, so this was a new experience. Went pretty light at 275#. Wasn’t sure how my hip range of motion would be impacted with the deficit. Only used 25# bumper plates for the deficit. No need to get crazy the first time around.

Haven’t been practicing DUs for a long time, so this was TOTALLY out of the blue. I’ll take it though!

Did skip the last set of DUs in the WOD. Both patella tendons were screaming at me from the previous jumping.

My body is so messed up.


Most of you know who electricmonk333 is. She’s been a member of the SPN family for a long time and makes some amazing edits for us all.

Most of you also know the story of what happened to her just days after DCCon. If not, her post is here

Her family have put together a fundraiser for her. Here is a summary:

On May 7, 2014, Shaefali’s life was changed forever. She was visiting New Orleans with a friend, when she suddenly became very ill. She was rushed to the Tulane Medical Center and was diagnosed as having a rare condition known as Toxic Shock Syndrome triggered by the common strep A bacteria.

As a result of the pressors used to save her life, she lost blood flow to her extremities and gangrene set in. The doctors had to amputate part of her left arm, all the fingers save half a thumb on her right hand, and part of her legs.

Although Shaefali has health insurance, there are a lot of additional expenses, including the retrofit of her home to accommodate her injuries. Insurance covers only very basic prosthetics. Due to the extent of her injuries to every one of her extremities, more advanced prosthetics are necessary.

Helping Hands: Shaefali’s Prosthetics Fund

She has a 4 year old daughter I’d really like to help make sure she gets to hold again.

If you can’t afford to donate that’s fine, you could just go send her a lovely message. Please signal boost this if you would.

We made this meme because it is, unfortunately, very needed

I Am Not Crazy - Mental Illness Awareness

We like numbered lists.

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Here’s the best definition: a person who has ADD or ADHD, when we walk into a room we notice everything. Now here’s the problem. Whatever in that room is most interesting, whatever in that room is the most captivating, whatever in that room sparkles, that’s what we focus in on. It’s not that we don’t know how to focus. It’s just sometimes the teacher isn’t the most sparkly thing. Sometimes it’s a classmate named Chuck sniffing his markers. And that is very distracting.
—  Ben Glenn, ADHD Explained (x)

Pictures, memes, and cartoons that depict mental illnesses like this are uninformed, lazy, and just plain obnoxious. Honestly, they annoy me in a way reserved for very few things in life.

And here’s why: people who don’t have ADD/ADHD, bipolar disorder, or OCD see these things and laugh, thinking, “OMG THAT IS SO ME” just because they relate to the image. It trivializes the importance of mental disorders by reducing them to a caricature of what society thinks the disorders are. There are non-insulting ways to humorously share the relatable parts of these mental disorders. But the images above range from insensitive to obnoxious to just fucking ignorant.

Images like these also perpetuate misinformation and misundersanding of the disorders and their symptoms. You don’t have OCD just because you like order and symmetry; you’re not bipolar just because you have a wide-range of emotions; and you don’t have ADD or ADHD because you also have a non-linear thought process, as depicted above.

Mental disorders are much more than memes on the internet.