The Importance Of Natural Sunlight For Your Parrot

Outdoor aviaries are becoming more and more popular in the avian community.  They are expensive to buy and require special considerations for safety when built, but they offer so many healthy benefits for our parrots in return.  Every species on our our planet has evolved under the sun, and every species requires it to sustain their lives. Vitamin D is manufactured by the body when touched by sunlight.
The function of vitamin D is to absorb calcium and other vitamins and minerals and keep them at proper levels in the blood stream. The lack of sunlight is a nutritional deficiency.  It has been discovered that the liver stores a small amount of vitamin D3.  This means that less time in the sun is needed than previously thought to get the job done.

Take a look at some of the ways a parrot utilizes sunshine:

  • It produces strong bones, beaks, and aids in feather production.
  • It builds the immune system.
  • It kills germs and bacteria on the feathers and skin (and it has been recently discovered that direct sunlight kills the deadly PDD virus on surfaces.)
  • It minimizes the chances of developing certain cancers.
  • It reduces anxiety and depression.
  • It enhances a bird’s vision.

Natural sunlight can only be reached outside.  Setting your bird’s cage by the window isn’t enough.  Sure it will give them something different to look at during the day, but glass blocks out 90% of the sun’s UV rays, even screens block out 30%, so there is no gain or vitamin D production.

Full spectrum lighting is the closest thing we can manufacture to natural light if you are not able to create an outdoor setting for your bird.  It provides some, but not all, of the benefits.  Nothing man-made can ever compare to the real deal.  Taking your parrot outside after work to catch the last hours of sun in the summer will provide long term health benefits.
Please take care when you bring your bird outside.  Never bring a parrot outside without a harness that is not trained for free-flight or does not have exceptional recall skills. Most birds are able to fly with clipped wings, THIS IS A FACT.  Never leave your bird’s cage in direct sunlight, there are enough reflective surfaces outside for beneficial rays to reach them in the shade.  Never leave them unsupervised.  Hawks and ground predators can and do reach in and kill birds.  If you choose to buy an aviary, choose on from a reputable company (Jamie and Dave use Cages By Design). If you choose to build one, make sure it is sturdily constructed so that a bird will not injure itself or escape, and so that no predator can get in.  Most importantly, use BIRD SAFE woods and metals.
The best thing about natural sunlight is that it’s free and comes with a complementary side of fresh air.



One year ago, supporter Alyssa Farthing of Sturgis, Ky., wrote to Random Acts about a young family looking for a little bit of help.

“Janel and Nathan Gatten’s son Drew has been having surgeries [for his TARS Syndrome],” she wrote, “and I wanted to help with their finances.” 

Thrombocytapenia Absent Radaii, or TARS, is a rare condition characterized by the absence of the radial bone (the “forearm”) and a deficiency in blood clotting platelets. In infants, the condition can cause severe hemorrhaging in the brain, leading to further developmental problems — and in young Drew’s case, additional physical impairments.

Find out how Alyssa was able to help little Drew and his family by heading over to the Kindness Files to read our Lights, Camera, ACTion! blog — and feel free to browse around for some inspiration for your own act of kindness while you’re there (don’t forget to click on the specific tags at the bottom of the page to find exactly what you’re looking for)!

Happy reading!

Holy shit, tumblr

Stop suggesting I follow Feminist Frequency.

I don’t follow trash.

Does Christina Hoff-Sommers have a tumblr? if so, suggest her. If you want me to follow a feminist blog so damn badly, I’d be happy to follow the factual feminist, not the Jack Thompson 2.0, money stealing, evidence manufacturing, context deficient, professional victim, bigoted, misandrist, con artist known as Anita Sarkeesian.


anonymous asked:

Why do you believe in God?

A lot of the time, I’m not completely sure. For the most part, I think it’s hope. Hope that I am a created being, that I’m here with a purpose, that even in the midst of injustice, there is hope that a better world is possible. There’s a strength within that belief that’s hard to describe, and yet, I don’t see people without faith as somehow purposeless or weak. My atheist friends, too, don’t view me as weak or somehow deficient because my faith motivates me to move for justice. There’s value in that understanding.

Sayyiduna Ali (RA) defined Taqwa as being the ‘fear of Jaleel (Allah), acting upon the tanzeel (Quran), being content with qaleel (little), and preparing for the day of raheel (journeying from this world).

Hasan Basri (RA) said, “Taqwa is the basis of Deen. Desire and greed destroy this basis.”

Maulana Hafiz Ghulam Habib (RA) used to define taqwa as the shunning of everything and anything that causes a deficiency in one’s relationship with Allah.

Mãe cega usa óculos e enxerga o filho recém-nascido

A mãe cega enxergando o filho recém-nascido com ajuda de óculos para pessoas com deficiência visual.

Esse é o vídeo mostrando Kathy Beitz, cega desde criança, com o filho recém-nascido.

"É uma emoção muito grande que o primeiro bebê que consiga enxergar na vida seja o meu próprio filho", diz Kathy.

Ler a matéria na íntegra | Curta A Boa Notícia do Dia | Siga no Twitter 

Can we stop calling people with deficiencies by their deficiencies? I was listening to a class project about people with down syndrome the other day and it disgusted me how they were saying “A down syndrome” and “down syndromes”. Seriously? They’re not some breed of animal, they are human beings just like you and me. Their illness doesn’t define who they are.I am so fucking annoyed. Don’t mind me.

anonymous asked:

Hey there! Last week I got a positive TB test and I'm getting my bloodwork done next week. My arm is still red and bumpy and tender, how long does the test stay around and mock me? Should I be concerned past the point of me possibly having TB. Super TB!?! Thanks!

The reactive spot from a TB skin test can take weeks to fully subside. However, a big nasty looking red bump does NOT mean you have super TB. A skin test is either positive or negative, depending on the size of the indurated (read: hard) spot. It can’t be super positive ;).

If your spot is red and angry looking, that has more to do with how good your immune system is at fighting than how bad the TB is. Actually, a person with overwhelming TB or with an immune deficiency may have a much smart spot(hence why the threshold for a positive test is lower for people with immune deficiencies like HIV or cancer).

This picture circulated around the internet a few years back, and a lot of people were sure it was fake. Nope, it’s real. This is a Coconut Crab, and it’s huge for a reason. Anyone who’s tried to open a coconut with simple tools can probably figure out why. Of course, like always, ARKive has great footage of these guys breaking into coconuts.

By the way, Coconut Crabs are really giant hermit crabs. The adults are big enough to not need a shell (and would have a hell of a time finding one that fits). But, before they attain their massive size, the babies still use the tried-and-true snail shell protection method that other Hermit Crabs use: 

Just had to unfollow someone because their bio actually said “I’m an anti-femimist.”

If you’re an anti-feminist:

  • quit your job
  • put on a skirt to your ankles
  • clean the house and cook for someone
  • give up your license
  • forget about voting this year
  • let every man that wants to put his hands on you do it

As an “anti-feminist” you just gave up every right that women have fought to get, so you might as well just get on a train back to the 1920’s. We’re better off without you.