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Can you tell me why Frodo is so important in lotr? Why can't someone else, anyone else, carry the ring to mordor?

but someone else could.

that’s the whole point of frodo—there is nothing special about him, he’s a hobbit, he’s short and likes stories, smokes pipeweed and makes mischief, he’s a young man like other young men, except for the singularly important fact that he is the one who volunteers. there is this terrible thing that must be done, the magnitude of which no one fully understands and can never understand before it is done, but frodo says me and frodo says I will.

(when boromir is thinking of how he can use the ring to defend gondor, when aragorn is thinking of how it brought down proud isildur, when elrond is holding council and gandalf is thinking of how twisted he would become, if he ever dared—)

but then there’s frodo, who desires nothing except what he has already left behind him, and says, I will take the Ring.

it is an offer made out of absolute innocence, utter sincerity. It is made without knowing what it will make of him—and frodo loses everything to the ring, he loses peace and himself and the shire, he loses the ability to be in the world. It’s cruel, the ring is cruel, it searches out every weakness you have and feeds on it, drinks you dry and fills you with its poison instead, the ring is so cruel.

and frodo picks it up willingly. for no other reason except that it has to be done.

(the ring warps boromir into a hopeless grasping dead thing, the power of the palantir turns denethor into an old man, jealous and suspicious, it bends even saruman, once the proudest of the istari, into a mechanised warlord, sitting in his fortress and bent over his perverse creations—all the best of intentions, laid waste)

but there’s a reason gollum exists in the narrative, which is to show—well, to show what frodo might have been. because even as frodo grows mistrustful and wearied, as the burden of this ring grows heavier and heavier, he is never gollum. he is gentle to gollum. he is afraid—god frodo is so afraid for 2/3 of these books he is so tired and afraid, but he keeps moving, he walks though it would pull him into the ground, because he asked for this, he said he would.

someone else could have carried the ring to mordor, I suppose. the idea of a martyr is not dependent on the particular flesh and blood person dying for some greater purpose. but such a thing has to be chosen, lifted onto your shoulders for the right reason, the truest reasons, and followed into the dark, though it would see you burnt through and bled out.

I will take the Ring, though I do not know the way.

women's self defense masterpost


staying safe:

  • use the buddy system
  • don’t get distracted by cute people
  • be a bitch if you need to
  • don’t say yes to meeting up/giving out info
  • stay as sober as you can
  • watch the bartender make your drink
  • if you put your drink down, buy another one
  • cover the top of your drink with your hand
  • make sure you have speed dial
  • use an umbrella/pepper spray/purse
  • if an attacker wants your purse, throw it one way and run in the opposite direction
  • fight back (sensitive areas: groin, neck, stomach, fingers)
  • if possible, jam your keys in their eyes

if you are raped:

  • get help (speed dial, police, friend, 911)
  • do not immediately clean yourself
  • go to a hospital to check for semen/STD/STI

when is it rape?:

  • victim is drunk
  • victim is sleeping/unconscious
  • victim is forced against their will
  • victim is forced to perform any type of sex (oral, anal, vaginal)
  • victim is underage

two way mirrors:

  • no space, leave the place
  • if you are in a highly lit room, chances of you being seen are higher
  • two-way mirrors are set into the wall, not on top of it
  • use the flashlight on your phone

being followed/stalked:

  • file a restraining order/police report
  • reject the stalker/follower
  • ignore any suggested actions from them
  • keep a record of their actions
  • change contact information
  • do not reason with them
  • try to find another path as soon as you can
  • yell for help (calls for help include just “help!”, “fire!”, “go away!”, anything to get attention)
  • call someone to come get you if possible
  • take your phone/keys/ID/etc. out of your purse, then drop your purse, they might want that and not you


please feel free to add on!  stay safe, ladies!

Laure Lance: and cant just act like everything is okay again when oliver comes back because she moved on since its been 5 years and has tommy now and oliver …. who cheated on her with her younger sister
Fandom: oh my  god doh go d she’s such a bitch for sleeping with the best friend of ur ex bf. shes so awful for pushing oliver away
Laurel Lance: starts bonding with oliver again and sleeping with him
Fandom: WHY woAH what a SLUT
Laurel Lance: realizes it was a mistake and that she loves tommy
Fandom: WOAH caNT she deCIDE?
Laure Lance: just lost her boyfriend who died and thinks its the arrows fault 
Fandom: fuck you u should APPRECIATE HIM dont be such an ungrateful shit
Laurel Lance: struggles with her life, has real life problems which dont revolve around oliver, has a drinking problem and her relationship with her father is slowly breaking
Fandom: i mean i get that someone you loved DIED AGAIn but HEY STOP beING SO WHINY MAYBE? god youre so annoying??!??!
Laurel Lance: gets over it and bonds with sara after everything again and finds about oliver being green arrow and they get along again
Fandom: WOAH how about NO? get aw ay fr om teAM ARROW!!1
Laurel Lance: her sister dies again and she witnessed it and she’s unstable and wants revenge and the killer of her sister to be dead which is … understandable because well oliver killed 123434 people before he started with the “no killing” thing
Fandom: WOW BITCH NO can we talk about how awful she is for telling oliver to kill him??!??! he wont do it for you fuck you he has his own problems
Laurel Lance: takes everything in her own hands, starts to train 
Fandom: woW SO USELESS what is she even doing on the show
Laurel Lance: becomes black canary
Fandom: i mean whoa we all knew this was coming since season 1 but STOP ??!? because how abotu NOOOOOO

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THANK YOU for defending Laurel and her choices. Telling her father can truly be a matter of life or death for him, and she stops only when she gets a physical reminder of how fragile his health is. Also, she didn't steal the mantle of The Canary. Sara gave her the jacket and basically told her to become BC. Laurel is fulfilling that wish. While I don't always agree with her, she's been a FLAWED character not a shitty character like people like to make her out to be, and now she's becoming a hero

Hear ye, hear ye: 

I will ALWAYS DEFEND Laurel Lance. 

This is to those who are here for Laurel and for those who are not here for Laurel. What I want to say is that I will literally always defend Laurel. So long as she has people shit in her tag, I will actively make sure that people know she is not unloved. She has supporters.

Laurel literally sat by her father while he made it through surgery. Laurel has had at least five people die on her. Laurel knows what grief can do to a person. 

Laurel only has Quentin as her immediate family with whom she has significant interaction with. 

The reason that Dinah is a big deal is because she and Laurel’s relationship is so strained because Dinah approved of the choices that lead to Sara’s death the first time. 

When you have to make a medical last wishes (ep 3x01) for someone, let me tell you, that fucking changes your opinion on a lot of things. Especially when that person has a heart condition like Quentin has. She knows her father more intimately than we do. 

And we know exactly what he would do in that situation.

He would be stupid and try to go after Sara’s killer himself. He would involve the Arrow. He would be incredibly bad at his job. He would have tunnelvision. He would not give up until the killer was caught and very likely killed.

He can’t do that, because it would quite literally kill him.

You also cannot steal something that has been given to you. Sara knew. Sara knew there weren’t many ways out of this life. She knew that there would be blood and it would very likely be hers. 

She knew that Laurel would want another avenue. She saw the goodness of her sister and she saw that it frustrated her sister that people like Blood could literally have Moira murdered to further their path. She knew that her sister was itching from being confined to too much rule following. She gave her sister her blessing to try and make the world better.

Laurel did not need this. Laurel could have done that on her own. She could have overthrown the legal system and helped people in a dozen different ways, but she chose this, because it reminded her of the strength her sister had. Of the last good thing, they had together. 

That is not stealing. That is not in any way a bad thing. 

That is the light that Oliver needs. Because Laurel has only ever advocated that they hurt bad guys. She disarmed Ted’s protege. She didn’t kill him. 

The only time she has ever advocated killing were Malcolm, who is a known murderer of 503 people and what she thought was Sara’s killer. These are both instances where there are very clear wrongs. 

She certainly took stumbles because of her own tunnel vision in both of those cases. She might not have been right in both of those cases, but I don’t need her to be right. I need her to show me consistent change, which she has. Because I mean if you think about it, we went from one random guy who killed so far four people to a person who killed 503. I mean let’s just say that she is incredibly restrained compared to Oliver who was snapping necks left and right when he came back.

She was always a hero.

Laurel Lance was always a hero. 

Laurel Lance quite honestly is the hero we all need.

She is the hero who has faced so much personal injustice and is still able to get up in the morning. She’s still able to go out there and want to help others.

Quite frankly, she does Batman better than Batman does Batman.

Now, she’s a hero in a more conventional way.

Am I Really Going to Defend Pacifa Northwest?

The answer is yes…

Okay yeah I do get that Pacifca is an annoying character, but they made her specifically for this reason. On another note, time for the defense! (For Pacifica… Yay?)

Only exists to play the role of a generic sitcomish mean girl, often flaunts her superiority over others, she mocked Mabel for her quirkiness (which is what makes Mabel a popular character with the fandom)

I’m sure this is purely so you would hate her. If they made her some kind of nice comedic character similar to Mabel, it would be kind of ruin the whole point of not liking her. They obviously could have made her a more original character in general, but I’m sure they made her more of a spoiled brat character to justify everyone’s hatred against her. You’re not supposed to like her, she’s there so Robbie won’t be the only least favorite character on the show.

abusive toward animals

This is a reference towards her and Waddles in The Time Traveler’s Pig I assume. Although I’m sure Pacifca would proabably do something awful to Waddles if she kept him, we really don’t know what would have happened. I mean yeah, you might have some theories or assumptions on what she might have done, we don’t rightly know. All we see is her attempting to drag Waddles away after winning her. She simply tried to pull Waddles with her, not completely injure him. It’s like what most people do when walking a dog, if it wants to walk in one direction and you walk the other, you may let it wander freely or force it in your direction. Puting Pacifica’s personality in consideration shows that she definitely wouldn’t let a pig choose which direction she would walk in.

is a pointless character

Her point of being on this show is to be rivals with Mabel, no matter how stupid their petty rivalry may be. That’s her main purpose of being here, other than for everyone to be intimidated or annoyed of her.


She’s not the most interesting, or original, character ever, but that certainly means that she has no distinguishable character in her. The episode The Golf War shows off more of her character. Whether or not you justify her actions, she does have some character traits to work off on. To be fair, this episode did come out far after she was posted here.

doesn’t fit into the supernatural aspect of the show

To be perfectly fair, no one else is 100% supernaturally involved. I mean, yeah Dipper and Mabel fight off the supernatural and Grunkle Stan is doing some spoiler like content in the show, but not every character in the show is some kind of ghost or creature lurking in Gravity Falls. Pacifica just hasn’t had all that much time to be a character in Gravity Falls. She did get some time to shine in The Golf War, so that counts for something.

So that’s my defense, you may now send in your death threats!

  • My dad:You're gonna cry next week
  • Me:I am.
  • My dad:Something teeeerrible's gonna happen
  • Me:It is.
  • My dad:Sooomebody hasn't been seen on set since-
  • Me:Yes she has.
  • My dad:.......Noooo, she hasn't been se-
  • Me:We have pictures.
  • My dad:...I don't knoooo-
  • Me:Posted on (*thinking* your precious) the SDF's facebook
  • My dad:....
  • My brother:Yeah, but when was that from?
  • Me:Not even a week before filming wrapped? Around that time?
  • My dad:Yeah, well...
  • Me:Would Kirkman be on TTD next week for a non-comic character?
  • My dad:He's been on the show before.
  • Me:He hasn't been on for a while...
  • My dad:...We'll see what happens.

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OK, I admit that Louis comment was rude. I apologize. But he is not a strong singer. Am I crazy?

Louis, though not the strongest singer in the band, is essential to the sound that is One Direction. They would not be the band that we all know and love, without him. Same is true with any other member. 

Can you even imagine them without Louis? 

When Zayn was out ill, even looking at pics without him in them, felt off.


I know this is a Harry blog and I pretty much ignore the other boys on here but, that in NO WAY means I dislike/dgaf about them. I absolutely adore the boys and this band as a whole. 

It’s so unfair to pick on poor Louis. He works his ass off and sure, maybe his solos don’t blow me over but, whatever. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t belong up on that stage sharing the glory with the other guys. 

I am literally going through two moods right now: 

  • the ‘I gotta write a 3 page paper on a feminist critique by 7am so I gotta get my shit straight’ student mood
  • and the ‘I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing for resbang and I’m slightly panicking right now’ writer mood