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Goku Defense Post



I can’t believe I’ve to write a defense for Goku! I don’t know why most of the western fans are so happy bashing him for every single reason and coming up with more stupid reasons everytime!!

Most of them are not even familiar with the show itself and have never read the manga. Like some of them in declared dragonball is NOT canon but Dbz is!!? Just because Funimation aired the later part first there >.>;;

Secondly, I would blame the Funimation’s dub is very poor. Infact, most old dubs are bad- Sailor moon, Card captor(heard from other fans).
A dub is supposed to translate a language to another for other language viewers, not making up most of the lines and dumbing up with poor characterizations. There are too many unnecessary changes from lines to character personality to character age. Eg. Gohan’s age is increased because Piccolo giving black eyes to  a 4 yr old kid is abusive than a 5 yr old kid! xD Then again 16 year old Gohan’s age in Buu saga was changed to 18. Also, watch the anime in Japanese with English subtitles since its original and closer to the Japanese manga. Or just check these sites-

Dragonball/Z blog

Goku is NOT a stupid,brain damaged idiot!!


At first part of the Dragonball manga and anime, Goku is shown to be naïve when it came to certain things like custom, traditions and sometimes basic things too but that was because no one had ever taken the time to teach him such things. His grandpa died when he was very young and had only taught him things that were necessary for his survival in the forest. But one could see the change and his maturity after his stay with Kami and most, after the 5 years  gap after his wedding. And well, ALL the fighters (saiyans, humans and even a certain namek) make stupid decisions in android-cell saga (I would blame the mangaka for this.. because he himself admitted he was really confused and disinterested while making it).



He was like an unanimous leader of the Z team… since a 12 yr old kid till becoming a grandpa!

Goku has no feelings and doesn’t love his family!! Please  e.e

Goku has feelings , especially more for his family! He has them on his mind even on the most desperate and dangerous situations (be it in so-called filler episodes and even in canon!). Few egs. Here-

When Goku learned for the first time that it was he who had killed his Grandpa…



Now, at one time… Goku’s body was stolen and was left behind in a dying alien body, he was worried about helping his son and friends and getting back to earth safely. But his main worry was how will his wife react to his ugly new alien body!! (I won’t blame Chi-Chi if she refuse to sleep with Ginyu-Goku!!) xDD


And when there was just 10 seconds left for Cell to blow up the earth and everyone was again looking up to Goku to save the day… and again when Buu was wrecking havoc and his time on earth was up (resisting Buu and teaching Fusion)  even under all the terrible conditions and pressures, and near his death, he praised his child, remembered his wife and asked to take care of her… It’s the same thing that Vegeta did too but Goku is the only one who gets all the shitty names- Negro dad, King of Absentee fathers,blah blah…




He loves his family and then comes his friends and then the world. Its CANON.

Goku abandons his family and keeps dying or running to stay away from his family.(Bullshit. Period.)

The 1st time he died, he died protecting Gohan and then Kami send him to King Kai for special training that took the whole year! (seriously, do these bashers even watch or read the manga or they just love bashing! :/)


Secondly, he was presumed dead. At first, he repeatedly wanted to come home just after defeating Freeza. But then he didn’t want to come home because he wanted to learn the Instant Transmission and to gain control of his new super saiyan powers, whose power could make him borderline crazy.



Thirdly, Goku actually SACRIFIED ­AND STAYS DEAD because he FELT THAT HIM BEING ALIVE JUST ATTRACTED EVIL AND THUS, A THREAT TO HIS FAMILY!! In the original manga, he said these and wanted to keep his family and earth safe. He even knew that Chichi and Gohan would be the ones who would be hurt the most due to his decision…(read the manga NOT fanfics or fan edits or just watch it in subtitles!)


Fourth, Goku left with Uub selfishly for training. (Again, crap)

He went to train Uub so he could he could be the next protector of earth and thus Goku can retire from the burden. Toriyama knew he had hastily finished the Buu saga, especially the ending. Thus, after a decade, he wrote a new ending for the series!! (That’s, really something from a guy who never rechecks his work.)



And please, don’t say Goku left them for 10 years with no contact with his family cuz GT IS NOT CANON.

And the comparision thing, Vegeta is the best dad and loves his family more then Goku because he always stays with them. The truth is Vegeta was a terrible dad in Android-Cell saga  to mirai Trunks but changed when he saw him die. In the Android part after the 3 years gap, Bulma said that Vegeta didn’t stay in Capsules corp and doesn’t know where he was. In Buu saga, Vegeta is still obsessed with training and now with another mission- making Trunks stronger than Gohan… which Gohan found very scary xDD

Again, in the new movie (which is also co-authored by Toriyama), Bulma complains about both the saiyans obsession with training.

Vegeta is still in his favorite room- Gravity Room even on his wife’s b’day party, rudely argues with his wife in front of her friends…but that doesn’t mean he hates his family. He loves them.

Same with Goku, his saiyan side is obsessed with fighting… but he cares his wife and kids deeply (Though most western fans would remain blind in case of Goku  :/ )

Goku cares for his family and loves them. Every time he was absent from his family HE HAD A PERFECTLY GOOD REASON TO DO SO.

Goku doesn’t love Chichi  and Chichi loves Vegeta, Picollo,etc. (Again, BS!!!)

Just look at how happy she was to meet him after 7 years!





One main reason why English fans think Chichi doesn’t love Goku is because Funimation’s stupid lines that makes her screech and mad ALL the time with Goku and the post Buu part where they made her explicitly interested in Vegeta and wants to exchange husbands. While in the original, this BS NEVER HAPPENED AND SHE IS ALWAYS PROTECTIVE WITH HER HUSBAND!!

In Goku’s case, just because he wanted to send naked photos of Bulma to an old pervert God to save the world instead of his own wife’s and also lying that Chichi is flat chested, so as not to show any dirty photos of her… many western fans think Goku hates Chichi and loves Bulma!?

Hell, he just wanted to throw any women at the Old Kai’s face to save earth! He first wanted to send Videl before Gohan intervened and then changed to Bulma. And I don’t get it.. why is it so hard for most of them to believe that Goku was lying about Chicih’s breasts to old Kai’s?! He keeps on telling little lies throughout the series! For eg. He tells Vegeta that only two people can train together in time chamber and not alone, so that mirai Trunks can get some time and train with his dad too. But he trained there alone when he was a kid and later Picollo, Trunks and Vegeta trains alone in the room too!

Goku even earns and saves money for his family and no males in the Z warrior has a proper job, excluding Gohan.





Goku also got money for his family by being a farmer and also doing odd jobs ( In an old interview of the Toei and Bird staff, some of them said that Goku and Krillin are self employed). Back then, in some regions and communities in Asia.. a 9 to 5 o’ clock job, like a  govt job , etc is greatly preferred and for some reason, those who’re self employed are not readily taken as stable earner. Though this kind of perspectives have changed after all these years. There are still a few (mostly old people) who thinks that.

There, I’m done. Goku always loves his family and his family loves him.



And his friends and rivals respect him back.



Scans and other credit goes to:

Dragonball/Z blog



Armor Upgrade

Some species of hermit crab fortify their defenses by attaching stinging sea anemones onto their shells.

This upgrade is enough to repel even crafty predators such as octopuses, whose arms recoil when coming into contact with the anemone’s stinging tentacles.

Large hermits can stack multiple anemones onto their shells, increasing their defenses further. Crabs with more anemones are less likely to be attacked by predators. 

The anemone supposedly benefits from this arrangement too—the hermit crab provides it with motility, food (thanks to the crab’s messy eating), and protection against fire worms (which prey upon the anemone).


image source: Warren Photographic

reference: Atkinson. 2012.

Prepare to get swept up - A Defense of Bloody Marie from Skullgirls


- Notoriously difficult even on the easiest settings

I don’t even want to start on the stupidity of this statement.

Skullgirls is a hard game. And meant to be so, because it was designed for the fighting game enthusiast. The primary features of Skullgirls are a no-infinite combo system and customisable assists in addition to a team ratio system and perhaps the most balanced set of characters to come out of a fighting game. It’s for the person who counts frames, for the person who has an arcade style stick, for the person who bought Divekick and for the person who giggles over “Salty Cupcakes” because lord knows there has been some mad salt in this post.

If you don’t get any of that, chances are you are not the target market of Skullgirls. If you’ve come to Skullgirls expecting something a cakewalk, then you’re in for a surprise. Marie is a gatekeeper to the ending of whichever character you’ve chosen, and her multi-stage boss fight is a test of stamina and skill. Skullgirls is a game that makes you work, and if it didn’t, it would be a disservice to the people who had bought it.

In Endless Beta mode, you have Marie 300%. A Marie fought at heavily inflated health and attack. This wouldn’t have been kept in the beta if the fans didn’t want it.

- one of the three required for True Story Mode but didn’t win the DLC voting, fans assumed that becoming playable would make her massively broken on principle

Part of the mystique of a final boss is that you don’t get to play them, or it’s a highly disappointing experience - just look at Seth from Street Fighter IV or Galactus from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Marie would be massively nerfed or completely retooled for her for her to fit with the rest of the roster, and that would take the fun of why you’d want to play the Skullgirl. There really isn’t any hate here per se.

- poor characterization
This is a cheap shot as cheap shots get. Marie “suffers” from poor characterisation because she is the big bad in this game and part of the mystique of the big bad is that their story is not laid bare to you in its entirety. Her intentions are laid bare (we see that she is motivated by vengeance) and yet it is completely shrouded in mystery. Each character unlocks a different side of Marie in their quest to obtain the Skull Heart. She is not human, perhaps the least so of all the characters and we are not meant to be entirely sympathetic until the very last moment. If anything, Skullgirls features some great writing because we know absolutely nothing about Marie and yet we know everything behind her motivations.

- only liked by the Japanese because she’s a “goth loli meido.”
The statement here is that Japanese fans like her because she’s a “goth loli meido.” So we’re almost expecting a preference for her in fan depictions. pixiv, while not entirely indicative of Japanese fandom’s preferences, will often indicate who the more popular characters are. So let’s go through the current available cast of Skullgirls sans Eliza. (searches have had the Skullgirls/スカルガールズ tag added to it to filter results)

Filia - 319 searches
Squiggly - 211 Pieces
Big Band - 10 Pieces
Double - 154 Pieces
Valentine - 223 Pieces
Painwheel - 147 Pieces
Miss Fortune - 142 Pieces
Parasoul - 100 pieces
Peacock - 388 pieces
Cerabella - 191 pieces
Marie - 150 pieces

As we can see, Filia, Peacock and Valentine are the top three in terms of pieces of art on pixiv, placing her on the middle end of the spectrum in terms of popularity. So a girl with thunder thighs, mad acme loli and evil sexy nurse are more popular than Marie, at least on pixiv. 

Excuse me as my fucking history buff makes an appearance - A Defense for the Greek Goddess of Love.

Fucking really? Just… Really? You know, when I think controversial, I don’t think about the fucking gods and goddesses of different societies. I don’t think about the stories they were in, or what happened in them. Fuck the haters, let’s open our history books and defend the Goddess of Love. Because apparently people are hating on her. I really wish they were indifferent, since that would be the REAL case of irony.



It’s because she’s naked, isn’t she. Fuck you, I don’t care about your reasoning, she was naked to begin with because she is the goddess of love and beauty. She has natural beauty, as in she does not wear make up. She is completely natural… unlike how she was born because that was fucked up shit. (Seriously. She was born from a testicle that fell into the ocean.)

cheats on Hephaestus for Ares

It should be “cheats on Hephaestus with Ares”, but I digress. I did a little bit of research on the subject, and turns out it was an arranged marriage because Zeus can be a dick. Hephaestus divorced Aphrodite “following an adulterous love-affair with his brother Ares, to whom she had borne several children” (LOVES OF HEPHAESTUS : Greek mythology); “Hephaestus, being the most unfaltering of the gods, was given Aphrodite’s hand in marriage by Zeus in order to prevent conflict over her between the other gods. Hephaestus and Aphrodite had an arranged marriage and Aphrodite, disliking the idea of being married to unsightly Hephaestus, began an affair with Ares, the god of war” (Why did Aphrodite marry Hephaestus? - Yahoo Answers); there’s more to the story, but I don’t have the time to put what I remember in here. *sigh* What’s next?

is a bitch despite being the Love Goddess

Quick! To the research cave!

*zooms off*

… I can’t really find any reports of her being a bitch, but I will say that 95% of the Greek Gods were spoiled brats, and Aphrodite was probably one of them, just not as much. I don’t really blame her for committing adultery since she didn’t love her current husband. Hell, it was Zeus’s fault to being with, I THINK. [I’m more of an ancient Egyptian history buff.]

Why isn’t Zeus on this blog? No. Seriously. Why isn’t he on this blog? He kinda deserves to be on here. [Not him from the Percy Jackson series, him from the actual mythology. There are differences.]

didn’t do anything remotely ‘good’

Excuse me as I look up the good deeds Aphrodite has done since her birth in the Greek Mythology.


After my findings… I conclude that love is pretty damn important. Like I said before, Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, but she is also the goddess of Pleasure and Procreation. If we go by the mythology of the ancient Greeks here… without her, we wouldn’t exist. Neither would the feelings you have towards your friends, family, love partner, etc.


easily jealous at anyone more beautiful than her

She is the goddess of love and BEAUTY. She has the right to be jealous… when you look at it from one angle. She’s supposed to be the most beautiful goddess in the pantheon, so yeah. If anyone comes around and they happen to be prettier than her, she’s going to be jealous. I won’t support what she will do with her powers, but I do understand where she’s coming from.

Aphrodite isn’t really one of my favorite gods/goddesses, that title goes to Iris (mother fucking rainbows FTW), but I don’t hate her. She has her own stories and does what she thinks is right. Also, in a pantheon that has a womanizer as the father of all gods, I’m shocked that the Goddess of the reason why we all came into existence is getting so much flack. “Never mind the incest and nonsensical situations, Aphrodite cheated on her husband and therefore needs to be hated!”

The nerve of some people!