Emma giving Regina a gun comfirm something we knew: Regina is extremely dependant of magic and power. Even without magic in cursed Storybrooke she held all the power.

She simply can’t live in the outside world. Remember Neverland? She wanted a magical solution for everything even when Hook told her it wasn’t an option. Regina needs to do things her own way


Regina was planning to go without Emma to get Robin, but in this context Emma gave her a gun, because Regina without magic is defendless: centainly she went to Boston to adopt Henry, but I am sure that hail a cab or ask for a direction doesn’t have that much risk as confront Zelena.

Now she is inviting Emma because is convenient to her. Emma needs to find Lily and Regina needs to find Robin, and the last time she was out of Storybrooke was more than 10 years ago, she doen’t really know how to navigate the real world