Taylor Swift’s new song should be performed by TSA agents at JFK when bright-eyed transplants such as herself land in New York City. It is also the perfect background music for when that same person first witnesses a homeless man yelling/awkwardly defecating on 7th avenue and a woman getting accidentally drop kicked by a moist, shirtless acrobatic subway performer. ‘Welcome To New York’ is one of those songs that, with just one single radio play, will make at least 10 New Yorkers move to Marfa, Texas.
—  Awkwafina on Taylor Swift’s new ode to New York City. Meanwhile, check out Awkwafina’s "NYC B*tche$" 

 Łukasz Wodyński

"The works of Lukasz Wodynski are a a combination of the polemicizing process which every living creature undergoes. Wodynski is interested in the horizontal system of the axis of birth, life, death and defecation of a human organism. He’s constantly Intrigued by the conflict between the appearances and the essence of being, these contrasts are the foundation of the system. Every art nude is simultaneously a question about sexuality and self-awareness of the individual. By creating single situations, figures, gestures and forms Wodynski’s attempt to explore the mystery and alchemy of being, in what is mysterious and dark, colorful and noble, material and timeless within us."

Netherlandish Proverbs

Netherlandish Proverbs is a 1559 oil-on-oak-panel painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder which depicts a land populated with literal renditions of Dutch/Flemish proverbs of the day. The picture is overflowing with references and most of the representations can still be identified; while many of the proverbs have either been forgotten or never made the transition to the English language, some are still in use.

Proverbs were popular during Bruegel’s time and his paintings have themes of the absurdity, wickedness and foolishness of mankind, and this painting is no exception. The picture was originally entitled The Blue Cloak or The Folly of the World which indicates he was not intending to produce a mere collection of proverbs but rather a study of human stupidity. Many of the people depicted show the characteristic blank features which Bruegel used to portray fools. 

Even weirder is the number of these proverbs which centered around the theme of arses and defecation. I shit you not:

  • Image Two: “To crap on the World” meaning “To despise everything”
  • Image Three: “He who eats fire, craps sparks” meaning “Do not be surprised at the outcome if you attempt a dangerous venture”
  • Image Four: “To wipe one’s backside on the door” meaning “To treat something lightly”
  • Image Five: “They both crap through the same hole” meaning “They are in agreement”

For the other proverbs depicted in the painting, see here. For similar treats, see here.

Raya The Muppet Talks About Poop And Is Proud Of It

Why did the superhero go to the toilet?

"Because it was her duty!" Raya exclaims as she throws her head back laughing.

Six-year-old Raya is not shy at all — especially when it comes to talking about poop. 

That’s because Raya is the sanitation Muppet. She’s one of the newest additions to the Sesame Street family, introduced back in March as part of the Sesame Workshop’s “Cleaner, Healthier, Happier" campaign. She’s got aqua green skin, big pearl eyes and an orange button nose. And her mission is to teach kids how to pee and poop in a sanitary manner.

We caught up with Raya in New York last week when she appeared at the annual Global Citizen Fesitval.

Editor’s note: The interview has been edited so it isn’t too poopy.

Have you ever forgotten to wash your hands after using the toilet?

Never! I travel with my own soap, and I’ll sing a little song to myself as I’m washing my hands. I know here, a lot of people use the alphabet and just sing, A-B-C-D-E-F-G, and while you’re doing that, you have to make sure you wash between the fingers and the tops of your hands and the bottoms of your hands and everything in between. And you don’t finish washing until you get to Z.

Some people have trouble talking openly about poop. How did you get over your shyness?

Let’s face it, we all got to go, right? So why make a taboo about it? You should be able to just talk about it. I use a toilet and I’m proud of it! And just call it what it is. Where I come from, a lot of kids poop out in the open because they don’t have much of a choice. [Editor’s note: Despite our reporter’s grilling, Raya would not reveal her birthplace, although she did say she’s from somewhere “far away.”]

Read the rest of our interview and listen to a clip of Raya.

Photo: Raya might tickle Elmo with toilet paper if he doesn’t use it properly. (John Barrett/Courtesy of Sesame Workshop)

Cattle Decapitation - Monolith of Inhumanity