i desperately need people to commission me

i am officially not getting my financial aid next semester and my family is not able to pay for it, even with a payment plan. i’m currently looking for a job, but i have been unsuccessful so far. i want to do commissions to make some money until i get a job.

all the details are here:

thank you and i hope you choose to commission me

life is such an “anyway” moment


How to be an Angel 101: Never open a door in a mundane way. You are too majestic of a creature. Fuck doors. Use your grace to open it from afar and then dramatically enter a room. If the door is locked, break it down. Just break it down. This helps intimidate the humans, and reminds them that you are a multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent.


marvel ladies meme: [five scenes] thor (2011)

“I can’t just leave him there!”
“You didn’t see what I saw!”

You’re never more powerful than when defeat has burned your house of expectations to the ground. Never stronger than when vulnerability has made you whole. Never more full of opportunities than when the light has cracked you open. Never more ready to begin than in the still unreadiness of Now. When you have no-thing left to lose, you final become the some-one you can’t lose.
—  Andréa Balt