Alternative Red Beverage now available for DOWNLOAD.

Proprietors of local hotspot “Fangtasia” sourced this delicacy on their recent tropical vacation. The red bottle contains an…. alternative…. beverage for those with discerning tastebuds. 

Please Note: This is a DEFAULT-REPLACEMENT beverage. It replaces the big water bottle sims use when juggling bottles from the fridge, making “poured” bar drinks, and drinking from the bar bottle. It also replaces the questionable blue liquid in “poured” bar drinks with this red one (it looks exactly the same as the red “blended” drink). Nectar bar drinks are not affected.


Argentina has defaulted for the eighth time in its history.

Argentine Finance Minister Axel Kicillof delivered the news to the world from Argentina’s consulate in New York City on Wednesday.

Kicillof had just finished a meeting in which he and a delegation from The Republic failed to satisfy the demands of a group of hedge fund creditors negotiating over $1.3 billion worth of debt owed to them for over a decade.