Dear erasing.tumblr.com followers! I am rebooting this Tumblr.

From here on out it’ll be more of an all-purpose personal Tumblr and link blog and randomish social-media thing or whatever, I’m not exactly sure. But it won’t really be an art blog anymore. OK?

To close things out, above is an overview of the eight-hundred-ish art pieces I posted here between 2009 and 2013. (I know most art Tumblrs post that much in an afternoon, but I am slow.) I wish I could afford all of them. I wish I could afford any of them!

You can always find these posts on my Tumblr at the #erasingtumblr tag, and/or by viewing my archive from June 2013 on back.

If you’re looking for more Tumblrs that highlight this sort of minimalist/reductive/insubstantial art, I’ve enjoyed all of the following (note that a few of them are occasionally NSFW): ahnini, blackv, chloeamerie, contemporaryartdaily, defacedbook, julianminima, justanothermasterpiece, kopfdreck, korut, lafilleblanc, mellabrown, mini-mal-me, ralf-bohnenkamp, thresholdnote, weissesrauschen, withthevoid, wowgreat, and yama-bato.

I’ve also relied on these non-Tumblr art blogs (some of which are also occasionally NSFW): acidolatte, but does it float, ex-chamber museum and ex-chamber memo (overseas), i like this art, iloveyoukraus, murmure visible, and non-objective painting.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who’s been following this Tumblr, whether or not you’re sticking around after this … and of course thank you to all the artists and galleries and art blogs and art publications whose sites I spent time combing through over the years, looking for images that seemed suitably erasing-ish.

If you want to keep up with me elsewhere online, I’m @erasing on Twitter, @erasingscott on Instagram, and I talk to myself at erasing.org.