Blogs Of The Month

My Favorite Blogs Of This Month:

  • Hip-hop-influnence
  • dolladollabillzyall
  • sirandreew
  • esa-chola
  • yachtklub
  • eizzzo
  • bullet-proof-idea
  • an-euphoria
  • keepthestreetsbangin
  • rawwbugs
  • djmadda-hiphop
  • deeshrooms

These are my favorites of this month. there are more but these are the ones I reblog/like the most

Blogs Of The Month

I swear Whenever I See Deeshrooms

is on and reblogging omgosh i freaking rape her post like no lie I reblog almost everything from her. haha I fucking love her blog. Seriously yall should check her out. She’s one of my Favorite blogs. lol