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Why do they call destiel 'Icarus and the sun' as well?


Icarus fell to his death when he flew to close to the sun. I’m guessing Castiel is Icarus, and Dean is the sun. Castiel fell from heaven because of Dean. He died a couple times, trying to save Dean. That’s my take on it.

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for sub!cas sunday, could you do something where cas safewords and dean has to take care of him after? thanks!!!

In the words of my fave cat vine to date: yaaasssss


Dean froze, his arm raised to smack Cas again, his eyes going a little wider than before. “What?” he asked slowly. 

"Impala…" Castiel whimpered, tears streaming down his face, real ones, not the ones he had during his scenes. Real painful tears. 

The safeword. Cas hadn’t safeworded him in months, not since the first time they had tried going a little rougher. Immediately, Dean untied Castiel’s wrists and helped him lay down on his stomach along the bed, not saying anything yet, just allowing him to relax. 

"I’ll be right back," Dean said, lightly touching Castiel’s hair, before darting over to the bathroom to get some water in a glass and a few pain pills to help Cas with any pain he was in. He was just glad Cas had used the safeword and hadn’t pushed himself too far. 

"Dean?" Castiel called, sounding panicked. "Dean?!" 

"I’m right here, Baby, I’m right here." Dean hurried out of the bathroom and helped Cas sit up so he could swallow the pills and rest. "You want me to get your blanket?" 

Castiel nodded and continued to sip his water. “Please,” he muttered. 

Dean kissed Castiel’s temple and walked over to the armchair and lifted the heavy afghan to wrap around Castiel’s naked body. “There,” he said, once Cas was safely wrapped up, “all warm and cozy again. You’re like a little Cas burrito.” 

Castiel smiled and blushed, looking as shy as when they had first met. “I’m sorry, Dean, I just- it was really hurting-.” 

"Baby," Dean grasped Castiel’s hands once he set the glass down. "Don’t you ever apologize for using the safeword, that’s why we have it. I don’t want to hurt you, okay?” Another kiss for Castiel’s head, this time along his forehead. “I love you, Baby, and I want you to be safe and happy, okay?” 

Castiel nodded and slid into Dean’s arms, allowing for some snuggle time. “I love you too, Dean.” 

Dean smiled, resting his chin along the top of Cas’ head, leaning back into the pillows so they could both take a nap. “You want me to wake you up or you want to just nap the rest of the afternoon?” 

"Mmmm," Castiel hummed. "Nap." 

"I thought so." 

Preference: relationship with a shy partner



In a relationship with a really shy partner Sam is really sweet and comforting. He always smiles at you and asks you if you are alright.

He never tries to get you in situations you’re obviously not comfortable with and his kisses are sweet and innocent so it’s in your hands if you want to go any further.

He accepts that it’s hard for you to talk to totally strangers on a case so he always tries to take that part or makes Dean do it.

Sam Winchester would never ask you why you’re so shy because you probably got asked this more than a hundred times and he wants you to feel completely good when he’s around.

He’s that kind of guy who would call the pizza man and open the door when it’s delivered so you don’t have to do it. 




Dean is not shy at all and so one could think that he doesn’t know how to deal with a really shy person. 
But that’s not true.

When it comes to a shy partner Dean is actually really similar to his brother Sam. 
He makes you pancakes and often addresses you by your name so you know that he’s really interested in you and the conversations you and Dean have.

He takes you to private places with the impala. Dean watch and always respects your reactions.

He takes every thing slow and always asks you if you are comfortable with his actions. 




Cas is really shy when it comes to a relationship so you are not alone with it. 

The Angel tries to earn your trust and makes sure that you feel save around him, before he tries to deepen your relationship.

He would often touch your hands or shoulder to let you know that he’s there for you and that he won’t go away.

Castiel is a good listener and he’s a sweet guy when it comes to a relationship.


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