A bearded man with a very deep voice speaks Old Norse.

Viking 1(only speaks in old icelandic): “Let’s sit down and discuss my dear brother. What have I done to deserve no wife?”
Viking 2 (speaks normal icelandic): “I don’t know.”
V1: “We have both come of age, It’s about time we go find us a woman. Why haven’t we had any success?”
V2: “I don’t know.”
V1: “I think I deserve better then the fate that the gods have decided that I should die alone and abandoned.”
V2: “What? What did you say?”
V1: “I think I deserve better then the fate that the gods have decided that I should die alone and abandoned.”
V2: “Alone and…?”
V1: “I think I deserve better then the fate that the gods have decided that I should die alone and abandoned.”
V2: “What? Odin or…?”
V1: “Ah, you’re a wise man Þorkels and knowledgeable. Even though you are at a young age, still handsome and very polite.”
V2: “Yeah, thanks for that. Though I’d rather be named Andri or something.”
V1: “What I remember, we have bin invited to a gathering at Þorkels Bollasonar on the next moon.”
V2: “So there’s gonna be a party or something?”
V1: gives angry look because he used the word partý wich is not good icelandic
V2: “A gathering you say?”
V1: “Who knows if we might meet someone there, we could find a possible mate.”
V2: “Mate?”
V1: “You know, have sex.”
V2: “Yeah that would be awesome. But are we really ever going to get the chance if we’re always in these viking costumes?”
V1: Ha, ha, ha! No, no. Of course it’s not just that.”
V2: car drives by and V2 grabs V1’s breast
V1: “What are you doing brother?”
V2: “What? I thought you said…but I thought that you were… Hey look a yellow car. He, he! I’m going home.” Leaves

(translation taken from comments on youtube)

Resolution 2012 Recap

It was a rather quiet night when it all started, 8 PM. There were three dance floors filled with trance music, and all three of them were hardly occupied. Tao and I were having second thoughts about staying although it was it early in the night. The other club down the street was probably going to be filled with hungry, horny motherfuckers later at 10…and we were thinking about joining them. But, if the tale of the rabbit and the turtle had any truth in it, the turtle definitely pulled through in this case.

At 10 PM, the whole place was filled with a bunch of e-tards and drunkies, dancing vividly to the tantalizing beat of the music. All the electronic noises that were coming from the huge speakers transformed the once half-open room into a massive jungle of hot bodies. People were beginning to get used to the playground, and one by one everyone started dancing the night away. Untz! Untz! Untz!

I had a few drinks before I went in, but it went away quickly. I refreshed myself at the bar with an energy drink, a few beers, and a few shots of liquor. Hennessy and Popov, I hate your ugly asses. For a good while, those drinks were doing me a good favor of loosening me up…and then boom! It hit. I was rollin’ like a motherfucker, and shit just got real.

The dance floor was packed with plenty of people, and it was nice to be roaming through as I got my dance on. Some of the noteworthy in attendance were the Lovely Lee Ladies, LeeRoy, Chuck, ShortBus Crew, some dudes from the 209, Jon, Ben and Co., the Porterville crew, and Charkoal. We all pulled out the big guns and danced (or shuffle/rave rather) like there was no tomorrow. Everyone had their own little dance circle and I hopped from one to the next, finding my groove and pace. Once I found my rhythm, I felt…euphoric. Complete. Every move I made fell in with the beat, where I was shuffling, raving, gliding, poppin’ n’ lockin’, jerking, or dougy'ing. Yes…to the wrong music! There was interesting variety in my step.

There were familiar faces that I saw, and I acknowledged most of who I knew. And, of course…I saw someone that couldn’t stand to be in my presence as I walked by. *No names. He didn’t kill my night, but I was weary of my surroundings, paying attention to who was around me just in case hell broke loose. I was expecting to get sucker punched or shoved in the shoulders, but none of it came and soon he disappeared. I suppose I must have ruined his night…go figure.

The last hour and a half was amazing. The vibe was great, and everyone was dancing. I had stamina for days, and I couldn’t stop moving. Considering I was up at 6 AM in the morning to work out at the gym, I should have been depleted of all my energy especially after I paid a visit to the Hmong International New Years. Every time the beat dropped, there was an influx of people shuffling or fist pumping. If there’s one thing I love about raves, people are better at sharing their love and appreciation for the music…and people are less standoff'ish. Untz! Untz! Untz!

Overall, I had a great time. Goosedaddy did a great job promoting the gig, and they worked hard to get the line-up in town for the holidays. Norin & Rad. Heavy Grinder. Dyloot of Deep Voices. The music was great…the people were, too. The vibes I got while I was on the dance floor were amazing. Next up on the list for the parties in town…DJ Shogun?


Mah ninjas be like, “awhhhhhh yeaaaaaahhhhh……” #awhyeahdudes #deepvoices

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Suntok sa buwan kung tutuusin

Araw araw kitang kasama at dama ko na. Alam ko na. Eh sya kaya dama na ba nya?

Tumatawa ka sa tabi ko pero sa totoo lang nasasaktan ako. Ngingiti ka lang ba kapag nagjojoke ako? Hangang tawa ka na lang ba kapag nagpapaapi ako para sa kasiyahan niyo? Paulit ulit na lang ba na ganito, nasa tabi mo ko pero sya ang tinitingnan mo? Natatawa ako kasi ikaw na naman ang nasa tumblr ko. Ikaw na naman kasi ang iniisip ko. Wala na bang iba? Gusto ko na mag sawa sa'yo. Gusto ko na kasing ibaon tong nararamdaman ko. Iiyak na lang ba ako tuwing nakatalikod ka? Magpapanggap na lang ba ko na masaya kapag nanjan ka? Naguguluhan na ko sa totoo lang dahil hanggang sa panaginip ko KAYO ang lumalabas.

Wala akong karapatan dahil ni hindi nga man lang ako nalabelan ng higit sa kaibigan. Pero sana naman hindi na lang sya. Sana iba na lang. Dahil habang lagi kayong magkasama hindi ko maiwasan ang mairita, ang magalit, ang maguilty at magpanggap. Dahil paano ba ang makalimot? Paano ba ang tanggapin na hindi magiging tayo? Paano ako makakamove on sa'yo eh magkaibigan tayo? Eto naman kasi ako palihim na umiibig sayo! At Pano kita titigilang isipin kung sa bawat sulyap mo kayang kaya mo kong muling paibigin.

It's Time

           "Enough!“Ilana’s voice bounces around the small cave’s interior for what feels likeages. Maryam’s words cut off mid-sentence, overpowered by the qunari’s deepvoice. Dorian visibly flinches, but Cassandra and Vivienne remain still, locked on to Maryam with eyes like fire. It’s finally time.

           "You’re a goddamn animal,” Ilana swears. The words feel like a slap in the face, but Maryam doesn’t flinch. She never does.

           "Why stop there?“ Maryam retorts, opening her arms wide. "Say it like you mean it.”

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