acerbic, acidulous, acrid, anti-alkaline, biting, bleaching, corroding, disintegrative, dissolvent, eating away, eroding, erosive, oxidizing, rusting, breaking down, breaking up, collapsing, crumbling, decomposing, deteriorating, disintegrating, eroding, falling to pieces, oxidizing, rusting, spoiling, wasting away, wearing away

Synonyms for abstract

adj conceptual, theoretical

  • abstrusestar
  • hypotheticalstar
  • philosophicalstar
  • unrealstar
  • complexstar
  • deepstar
  • idealstar
  • intellectualstar
  • indefinitestar
  • nonconcretestar
  • reconditestar
  • transcendentstar
  • transcendentalstar

Antonyms for abstract
real, ignorant, simple, actual, concrete, factual, material

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October 19, 2014 at 09:26AM

Business calendar Pioneer Oil Producers Society: Today’s offshore salvage and decommissioning systems limit human involvement and risk. International Trade Center: Bill Huff, business development partner, Adizes Institute, a business consultant specializing in change management, leadership development, solving difficult financing and operating situations. Representatives from Deepstar, FMC …

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