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Its a part of Ulv1s inspirational Christmas special.

Deepnes | Optic Wave

Optic Wave mp3 download


Deepnes album:

  • Artist - Optic Wave mp3
  • Album - Deepnes mp3
  • Year - 2010
  • Genre- Techno


  • Deeply Down - Long Mix
  • Deepnes - Original Mix
  • Lets Groove - Original Mix

Download Deepnes

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music Reflections On A Decade
Light The Skies song

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i feEL like a tired old lady

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RYT 200 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan Jan 31-Feb 14, 2015!

Kaohsiung, Taiwan Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga TTC -200 Hours
臺灣高雄阿斯坦加瑜伽師資訓練課程— 200 個小時

Jan 31st-Feb 14th, 2015 2015年1/31-2/14

Calling all the yogis in Taiwan. Do you wish to deepned your practice or learn to be a yoga teacher? It’s a mini and cozy Teacher Training you won’t see elsewhere.
This is the most comprehensible and affordable yoga teacher training in Taiwan that you don’t want to miss!

Learn the art of yoga instruction in tropical southern Taiwan!

Course Description 課程說明
The Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course is offered by Kaohsiung Yogi co-founders-Farrah Furtado and Mayna Chien who are experienced yoga instructors. This is a comprehensive Yoga Instructor training program, designed in accordance with the 200 hour requirement at Yoga Alliance. At the end of the course, you will be a Certified Yoga Instructor and qualified to teach yoga worldwide.
這個瑜伽課程是由Farrah Furtado & Mayna Chien教授。他們都有多年瑜伽教學經驗。這多元化的課程是配合Yoga Alliance 的200個小時要求。訓練結束後,你就會成為一位認證的瑜伽老師,並有資格在全世界各地教瑜伽。

Our comprehensive course schedule includes Asanas, Pranayama, Methodology (Adjustments, Alignment & Theory), Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Nidra, Anatomy mantra and more.
這訓練課程包括體位法, 呼吸法, 瑜伽教學方法(調整,正位和理論), 靜坐, 瑜伽哲學,瑜伽睡眠,解剖學, 梵唱等等。
The Pranayama classes cover various techniques such as Kapalbhati, Bhastrika, Sithali, Sithkari and Brahmari.
One year prior experience in Ashtanga or Hatha yoga is highly recommended.

Daily Yoga Teacher Training Schedule: ( subject to change)
每天師資訓練時間表 (可能臨時會有改變)
6-7am Meditation
早上6-7點 靜坐
7-9.30am Ashtanga Vinyasa class
早上7-9:30 阿斯坦加瑜伽課
9.30-10am Breakfast
早上9:30-10 點 早餐 Theory, Methodology, Philosophy
早上10-11:30 理論,方法,和哲學
11:30am-1:30 Lunch/ take a rest
早上11:30- 下午1:30 午餐休息
1:30-3:30 pm Yoga Nidra / Alignment Training
下午1:30-3:30 瑜伽的休息/正位法
3:30-4:00 pm: Tea time
下午3:30-4點 下午茶
4pm-6pm Anatomy & Physiology
下午4-6點 解剖學和生理學
6:30pm-7:30pm Mantras
Required Books for the 200 Hour Yoga Instructor Training 瑜伽師資訓練前必讀的書
Light on Yoga - BKS Iyengar.
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga the Practice Manual- David Swenson
Yoga Anatomy - Leslie Kaminoff
**Please purchase and read these books before the first day of TTC. These books can be ordered from Kaohsiung Yogi or
**請在師訓前讀完這些書。 全部的書可以從Kaoshiung Yogi 或者 購買,

Course Fees:學費 Before Dec 31st, 2014 $ 40,000 2014/12/31前 $40,000
After Jan 1st, 2015 $45,000 2015/1/1後 $45,000

Pls wire the tuition to 請將學費電匯到:
Name of the Bank: Bank of Kaohsiung 高雄銀行六合分行
Name of account: 戶名 FURTADO LISA ANNE A/C#: 217210418031
Bank of Kaohsiung Code# 016 #2173 Bank Address: Liu He Branch 1-2 F, 27 Liu He 1st Rd. *Please scan copy of transaction and send to: to confirm.

Please make your deposit to reserve space since there are only four spots left.


Course Fees include:
Training and Certification.
Food - Vegetarian (Breakfast, lunch & tea time snacks)
Course manual handouts
There are a few rooms available near and at the venue at a discounted rate please inquire with Kaohsiung Yogi.
Time Breakdown: :
100 hrs -Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Chanting, Bandas
100小時 體位法 呼吸法 靜坐 唱頌 瑣印
25 hrs-Teaching Methodologies/ Alignment
25小時 教學方式/ 正位
20 hrs- Physiology
30 hrs-Yoga Philosophy
30小時 瑜珈哲學
25小時 期末
Course Expectations: After successful completion students will be able to teach the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga for beginners as well as experienced students. Learn adjustments and alignments techniques. Learn the Art of teaching. Learn the Sanskrit for the asanas. Learn back bending and hip opening asanas. Learn more about Pranayamas, Patanjali Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, vedas, upanishads and Yoga Anatomy. Be proficient in Meditation.
課程結業期待:結業後,學生就能教授阿斯坦加ㄧ級初級和資深學生。學會調整和正位技巧。瑜珈教學技巧 體位法的梵文 學會後彎與開臀體位法 學會更多呼吸法 經典 吠陀經 瑜珈解剖學及精通靜坐技巧

If you have any questions please ask L. Farrah Furtado: Mobile# 1-886-9367-46663 See you soon at TTC 200 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan! In gratitude, Kaohsiung Yogi NAMASTE!

Tel: 0919193131
Line: Mayna007