Lunch 6/21/2014: Katsu Burger, 6538 4th Avenue S, Seattle

Me: Ohayou Gozaimasu burger (deep-fried beef patty, cheddar cheese, bacon, fried egg, Japanese mayo, and tonkatsu sauce).

The fiance: Godzilla burger (deep-fried beef patty, pepper jack cheese, 12 spice blend, jalapenos, spicy mayo, and tonkatsu sauce).

Shared: Nori fries.


First of all, they’re deep-fried burgers. Secondly, they’re gigantic (I tried to capture their height in the last pic). Thirdly, they just tasted awesome.

We particularly loved that deep-fried crunch in every bite. Our burgers were very different (his spicy, mine not), but we thoroughly enjoyed both. 

We were addicted to the nori fries (sprinkled generously with seaweed) after the first bite. They’ll leave you extremely thirsty by the end of your meal, but they’re so worth it. We dipped them in Japanese mayo. YUM. The meal definitely hit the spot after a nearly 7-mile-long hike!

Thursday: Teryaki Scotch Egg with tonkatsu sauce and English Breakfast Tea. Mine is Japanese inspired with teriyaki pork @fortnumandmason claims to have invented #ScotchEggs in 1738 and there single hen ones cannot be beat! 🐣#symmetrybreakfast #breakfast #thursday #teriyaki #tonkatsu #picnic #sunshine #tea #sausage #deepfried #delicious #panko #summer #london #eastlondon #hackney #londonfields